Join E.A. for ritual on May 10th

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Can’t go, unfortunately, but would LOVE to see it videotaped.

He’s talking about something we can all do at home, due to the alignment of Saturn.

Anyways, I’m so in on this!


OK. Didn’t realize that. Couldn’t listen to thing, so automatically assumed it was a get-together.

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I reviewed the podcast a couple times. EA didn’t mention what we should expect, right? Did anyone look up his reference to the mythology of the “Archons?” I have a feeling that our consciousness acts as an access point to a multidimensional universe. I think by performing the ritual and focusing our minds on the planet Saturn, our collective consciousness will act as a key to opening a gateway for the return of the Archons. That in itself may prove quite phenomenal.

Can’t wait I’m definitely in

can’t wait for may 10th, this is gonna be amazing!

Since it can be done at home, you can bet your ass I’m in!

I’ll pass out Blood Essence drinks. I need a head count, anyone got an idea?

I’ll open my personal sigil, take a acid and adimire Saturn untill I get the enough… Hell man, perfect!

Diazin, you have a personal sigil? Why? PM me so we don’t clutter this.

Its very simple Sevarn. Are you aware of who you are? More precisely, what kind of spirit you are? I started getting awareness of who I am as spirit when I received this name Diazin as the name of my soul some years ago, but only recently I received my sigil. I have a saturnian nature so this may 10th comes handy, Ill use it as a gateway to bring down more of my spirit and maybe start evoking myself later on. For now my divination shows no good outcome if I make my sigil known or I start evoking myself, so Ill work in some manners to actualize my spirit to our mundane plane first as to not distress my connection with it when I start the real working.


I will look more into this. Mind sharing how you got the name of your soul? I’d like to see what happens for mine.

I soul dived looking for that. I was sure that was the name of my soul cause I was told by the spirits who gave it to me that the name of my soul was “The name of Death”, and Diazin adds up to 13, thus The Death in the Gematry system I was using at the time.

Down, I am just in my Saturn Return now. I think I can gain a lot from this.