The possible dictionary for demonic enns

So uh, based on the enns and stuff what would this one be:

Linan tasa Lirach qui oln qa tishrei

The OP’s account is suspended, but I like these kinds of puzzles…

I think the phrase would be: Linan Tasa Lirach Qui On/ Oln Ca Tishrei

Qui and Tishrei are not mentioned above, but a quick search says that Tishrei is hebrew for “the beginning” and I guessed that Qui is a latin pronoun, meaning “Who, what or which etc.”

My best guess is that this enn/ phrase means:
The First Power Governs The Song That Creates The Beginning

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I see, it’s an enn I got from my higher self during a meditation, so I wonder what it means. I wonder if your right

In that case only you would know for certain.

I like the idea of a song that creates…
Since in some theories everything is vibration, it kinda makes sense and it’s a beautiful view to consider it a song.

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I’ll meditate more on it

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If you can and want to share any insights while meditating. I’d be curious to hear them.