The Challenge Of Darkness - LET'S SEE IF YOU'VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES

Okay let’s see if you’ve got what it takes not only will this challenge be on working with the powers of darkness, but embodying working, invoking and consuming darkness into self.

I will be giving you exercises and rites for working with darkness eternal and absolute.


Calling on the darkness - Start of by creating a black thick inverted pentagram on paper, hang this on a wall in the north, simply sit there meditate and scry into the inverted pentagram.

While vibrating the mantra ’ THIL ', this is a mantra which brings forth the darkness, to gain a critical mass around you and within you, then recite this simple incantation.

" Darkness come, i knock upon the ancient door of the shadows, to immerse my self
in Darkness eternal, to call upon Darkness absolute, Darkness come into my life,
Powers of darkness which are powers unlimited, i summon, i conjure you, before me now ".

This is the first challenge now onto the second.


Turning away from the false light - Blasphemy.

Start of by drawing sigils but of the christian cross, then the next paper draw the star of david, then on the next piece of paper draw the cresent moon and star which has been used to symbolize islam.

Then with a black candle stand before the inverted pentagram in the north, scry into the pentagram, visualize darkness flood from the symbol into the black candle and say

" May the powers of darkness rise through the candle before me, in the name of the ancient dark gods, solidify and empower the flame before me to burn away the false light upon this wicked night "

Now visualize the darkness enter the flame, creating a blackened flame before you, then scry into the cross releasing the power of its false christian light and say.

" This symbol does not belong to the god that has taken it, may the christian god of false light and may his prophet burn in darkness eternal i renounce thee and your light shall be consumed in darkness ".

Then burn the paper and then see the light be consumed in the blackened flame.

Then take the symbol of islam and scry into it releasing the power of its false islamic light and say

" This symbol does not belong to allah the muslims have taken it, may the islamic god allah and may his 99 prophets burn in darkness eternal i renounce thee and your light shall be consumed in darkness ".

Then burn the paper and then see the light be consumed in the blackened flame.

Then take the symbol of Judaism and scry into it releasing the power of its false light and say

" This symbol does not belong to the god of the jews the jews have taken it, may the hebrew Judaic God and his prophets burn in darkness eternal i renounce thee and your light shall be consumed in darkness ".

Then take the paper and burn it then see the light be consumed in the blackened flame.

Now take your hair and burn it in the flame before you do say

" I renounce Ahura Mazda and his angels of limitation, i burn the hair in flame which is the sin and renunciation of Ahura mazda ".

CHALLENGE THREE - Invoking Darkness

Face the north, sit in a meditative position, draw on your left hand a inverted pentagram, now with that hand in front of you extended, scry into the symbol until it opens on your flesh.
and say …

" May the powers of darkness enter me, May darkness eternal come to my calling,
The driving force that is darkness come to my calling, i call down darkness absolute,
I invoke the Darkness, enter your temple, enter my hand, enter my flesh, enter my blood, enter my heart, enter my mind, enter my soul, i invoke darkness, i invoke darkness ".

Then visualize a huge mass of darkness enter through the symbol of your left hand then squeeze that hand into a fist, then visualize the darkness spreading through your entire being with your breath.

CHALLENGE FOUR - Litany Of Darkness

I was going to go with a ahrimanic dark staot, but instead i used this litany of calling Darkness as it calls darkness without form or without a current influence which is the totality of darkness itself.

Cut out a small paper circle and create a inverted pentagram on it, then give blood on it then scry into it, then place the candle on the circle and light the flame, focus there should be a building of dark mass, accumulating at a critical mass then say.

" Darkness eternal and absolute, rise and spread throughout time and space,
Darkness the force of absolute power and unlimited possibility rise and come and spread
Darkness the one that the Zanda’s call Ahriman, Darkness the ones the followers
of Ahura Mazda call Angra Mainyu, Darkness the one egypt call Kek,
Darkness the one the greek call Erebus, Darkness the one the romans called Scotus
Darkness come in all your power and glory, tare through the veil, crown me as your prophet
Ignite the darkness of my soul, possess me, enter me, empower me, so i may become
the microcosmic representation of the macro cosmic primordial darkness ".

By this time the darkness that is before you, will have reached the peak of its critical mass in manifestation, stand there accept the power of darkness, allow it to enter you, simply open yourself up and consume the darkness before you, allow it to enter you, this will have a alchemical process were these powers slowly spread through your whole being.

CHALLENGE FIVE - Initiation into Darkness and the realm of Darkness.

This is a meditation, simply enter meditation, allow yourself to become relaxed and enter the TGS, now rock back and forth. Simply repeat in a whisper or internally

" Darkness descend upon me now ", say this over and over, rocking back and forth entering a state of pure mayhem, while visualizing darkness entering from the roof, visualize this dark matter eating away at all of existence until, all matter, life and existence is consumed in darkness.

Until all your surroundings are darkness, now focus inward, you are alone but in this darkness, you will face all your fears, see them and confront them once all fears have been faced and they have dissipated.

Say " Imperium tenebris ", which is latin for power and darkness.

See before you, a dark figure this is darkness, taking a anthropomorphic form, this is a mistake but still see it because you must realize darkness is unlimited power and potential so by it taking form it becomes limited, so allow the darkness to resort to what ever form it may be, now in this meditation accept the darkness, but use all your desire and will, for it is you who must jump and immerse yourself in the abyss before entering a state of total becoming.

Then simply end the meditation. This may seem simple, but you are casting out your desire, your focus and will with intent to allow the darkness to not only enter you but also your life, this is necessary if you want to achieve complete immersion with the primordial force of darkness.

CHALLENGE SIX - Blackening the chakra’s

This isn’t the total blackening for it needs to be done numerous of times, blackening the chakra’s is a powerful technique, but not only does it reunite aspects of consciousness, but it is a rite of becoming darkness incarnate.

Focus on your crown chakra in meditation, use the black candle you used in the litany as this candle is filled with the essence of darkness from that rite now as i said focus on your crown chakra.

Simply vibrate the mantra ’ MO ', this is the mantra of that chakra but in reverse which is a power called backwards understanding not only that, but instead of using the original mantra to emanate the light of the chakras the mantra in reverse will do the opposite, it will revert the light.

This will eventually blacken the chakra totally, by doing this you are left with the crown chakra loosing its light then you must calling darkness into it by simply saying.

" Darkness descend upon my crown and bind the darkness within it ".

As you do this visualize a black mass descend into the chakra, this fills with abysmal darkness.

Then inhale deeply feeling the energy ’ sink in’ if you will, then exhale and feel the darkness solidify.
Then focus on the third eye and vibrate the mantra, " MUA ", the inverse mantra perform it while visualizing the light revert and drain.

Then visualize the mass of darkness enter the chakra inhale deeply, to allow the darkness to ’ sink in ', then exhale and feel the darkness solidify.

Then focus on the throat chakra now vibrate the mantra, " MAH " the inverse mantra perform it while visualizing the light revert and drain.

Then visualize the mass of darkness enter the chakra inhale deeply, to allow the darkness to ’ sink in ', then exhale and feel the darkness solidify. Then focus on your heart chakra then vibrate the mantra, " MAY ", the inverse mantra perform it while visualizing the light revert and drain.

Then visualize the mass of darkness enter the heart chakra, inhale deeply, to allow the darkness to ‘sink in’, then exhale and feel the darkness solidify. Then focus on the solar plexus then vibrate the mantra " MAR ", the inverse mantra perform it while visualizing the light revert and drain.

Next visualize the mass of darkness enter the chakra, inhale deeply, to allow the darkness to ‘sink in’. then exhale and feel the darkness solidify. Then focus on your Sacral chakra, then vibrate the mantra " MAV ", the inverse mantra perform it while visualizing the light revert and drain.

Next visualize the mass of darkness enter the chakra, inhale deeply, to allow the darkness to ‘sink in’. then exhale and feel the darkness solidify. Then focus on your root chakra then vibrate the mantra " MAL ", the inverse mantra perform it while visualizing the light revert and drain.

Next visualize the mass of darkness enter the chakra, inhale deeply, to allow the darkness to ‘sink in’. then exhale and feel the darkness solidify.

Now visualize a pillar of black energy, from the root chakra to the crown, uniting the darkness, then perform the Dark Inverse mantra’s starting from the root this time to the crown in this order.

" MAL, MAV, MAR, MAY MAH, MUA, MO ", this ground the darkness within you, allow the darkness to merge with the chakras, until you can see internally seven flaming dark spheres, or disks.

This is extremely powerful and does work more than i expected it would.

CHALLENGE SEVEN - Merging With Darkness

Face the north place a inverted pentagram on a circular paper, open the symbol like a sigil allowing the darkness to rise from it, place a glass of water on it for its conductive properties or dark red wine.

Then behind you light a black candle focus on it, feeling the dark energy, rise into the flame, then say

" I call forth the powers of darkness, i welcome thee to the temple, manifest around me, within me, above me and below me, i summon the powers of darkness to come, i conjure the primordial force which is darkness eternal and darkness absolute come to my calling and manifest, darkness come, darkness come ".

Visualize the temple filled with complete dark mass, now extend you arm and hand towards the glass upon the inverted pentagram, visualize the darkness enter the glass into the liquid and say

" I bind the darkness into the liquid before me, upon the wicked inverted pentagram, i bind the powers of darkness absolute and eternal, may the powers flow within the water/ the wine, may the darkness, charge, empower, possess, enchant and bind so i may partake of the liquid darkness ".

Then visualize the darkness bound to it, push your will and influence towards the liquid, to seal and bind the forces of darkness into it.

Now lift the glass and scry into the water, you shall have a sign that the darkness have been bound. Then whisper like a hiss of a serpent into the liquid.

" I shall now drink and accept the powers and spirit of darkness into my own soul and being ".

Then drink and feel the powers enter you, then place the glass down feel visualize the darkness flood through you, with your breath accumulate the darkness, into your chakras, your aura and your subtle bodies.

Meditate on this and perform the inverse mantra’s of darkness to ground the darkness within the physical and spiritual self.

" " MAL, MAV, MAR, MAY MAH, MUA, MO ", then feel this power take over you, blow out the candle stand up with your body in a cross like fashion arms and fingers extended, feel and see the darkness of self, every part of you is obsidian darkness.

Stand there and say

" I stand here in this darkness, as the embodiment of darkness, i am darkness and darkness is I ".

Visualize blackened flames ignite all within and around you, feel this black fire, burn through your physical and spiritual being, visualize it burn and enter your cells and atoms.

Then say

" I am Darkness eternal, i am Darkness absolute, i am Darkness incarnate this is my will and my will be done ".

What does this challenge do, it takes you through a state and path of becoming darkness incarnate, through all these challenges you become darkness and it becomes you.

For those who work through this i will be posting a separate thread, once your done to teach you how The Gods of Darkness, taught me Umbrakinesis.

This is a challenge for the faint of heart, let’s see how you all get on good luck …

You’ll need it :wink:


Conner Kendall


What kind of changes will I begin to see if I complete all of these challenges?


Oh and quick question who is Ahura Mazda?
He’s the god of light right?
I’m familiar with Ahriman but no Ahura Mazda

Spirits and demons and gods of darkness will not only see the dramatic change in power but so will you.

You will blacken the chakra’s which doesn’t only drain the influence of slavery, it boosts your power, your energy, your senses, the darkness will always be there with you and within you,

New doors will open in your path of ascent and expansion, your consciousness will become heightened, the darkness will be behind you, you shall be able to command legions of dark powers at will, you will be able to perform umbrakinesis, the ability to control and mold dark energy at will more than ever.

And much much more, by the way Ahura Mazda is the god of light stasis and limitation, he is total weakness, the enemy of ahriman, the being who is the enemy of the Zanda ( priest/sorcerer of ahriman ).

This challenge is well worth it but challenges will soon be a foot, since the path of dark ascension and expansion is needed for this.


Looks like I got a set of challenges to complete :ok_hand:


Ehhh this is a little too edgy for me and I’m not sure if I can get behind the philosophy that light is the great evil of the cosmos and vise versa for darkness. But to all who try it I hope it works out.



No your miss understanding light is basically a field of colors in white light.

Darkness is actually unlimited possibility, as you know the universe is composed of 73% dark energy which is the void, it is also composed of 23% Dark matter, there is only 4% light visible matter.

So to access most of the void’s power and to truly to become the incarnation of the all void, which is the gist of becoming a living god, then darkness is more of a must.

Light is known as weakness and limitation compared to darkness, because if you take the seven colors of the chakra system you’ll understanding that the colour black, ( Darkness ), absorbs all the other colors and field of light usurping the weak light.

Using that as the fuel of darkness, in occult and magickal and spiritual sciences many agree that light is stasis and has limitations, the darkness however is unlimited potential everything came form the void, the primordial darkness, so in actuality darkness is more potent, more efficient and more powerful than light.

We can even break light a part and understand, but this cannot be done with darkness even with our scientific advancements, dark energy and dark matter is a mystery and if it can be harnessed for fuel it could be the greatest source of power and energy our planet needs.

I am not going on the bandwagon with evil is better than good, because evil and good are human made things, when we are dealing with the primordial darkness, that transcends good and evil, for darkness is a power source never ending and without weakness, so it isn’t just philosophy, it’s also logic and practice and experience.

But i understand what you were referring to, don’t worry this isn’t that over exaggerated Hollywood darkness theme i hate that shit.



Well from my understanding light is apart of the Electromagnetic spectrum of energy that makes up the universe. It’s an EM wave form that propagates/moves through space using the medium of Aether.

And by “move” like a waveform i’mean its has a vibration and frequency that we can measure, Which is far from a “stasis”.

My years of research has led me to the inevitable conclusion that the universe is Electric this means no Big Bang, no Black Holes and no Dark Energy or Dark Matter.

To save my self a quite lengthy typing session I’ll direct you to several videos that illustrate this point that I and many others have come to.

This should suffice for now, As there are many more I could post. These factored in with the Cosmological Red Shift that has proven to be an issue when considering this.

Since “dark matter” and "Dark Energy are needed in order to have expanding space-time which this above video puts into obvious question.

But maybe that’s just me.


Yeah i understand your entitled to your opinion but from my understanding if dark energy and dark matter are needed to have expansion then this is one huge reason we should embody it, i have seen those theories but i don’t really put my belief in theories but like i said everyone deserves a opinion.

I believe that darkness is unlimited possibility, so to incarnate darkness is to embody unlimited possibility and forever expanding in power and knowledge, as EA Koetting put it we are becoming living gods, this state of becoming continuously just like the expansion of the universe, as we know its a fact that the universe is still expanding.


This is great @C.kendall:black_heart:


Thanks baby :black_heart:


Welcome sweetie :black_heart: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s actually not a fact that the universe is expanding ( as demonstrated in videos above) because that theory requires the ingredients of Dark matter and Dark energy. It’s just a theory with ad hoc Assumptions to help their math stick.

Which so far have not been found and as of now are only mathematical constructs.

The only facts are those we can demonstrate and measured with consistency. And at this point it stops being opinion and drifts into the realm of facts.

The expanding universe was based on the idea that redshifted galaxies observed through stronger telescope and to explain them they devised that space-time is expanding in all directions causing the light to stretch to the red spectrum.

Halton Arp and the Electric Universe | Space News - YouTube

They then had to figure out a driving force for this to occur and they decided on dark matter and dark energy. which has never been seen or tested unlike the aether and electric/plasma theories.

I’m only saying this because I find it dubious to reference scientific theory as being a type of “proof” for a spiritual path or power without being able to validate those powers in the cosmos.

You may be accessing a type of spiritual energy like a “dark energy” of the astral plane but certainly that’s the only place this Dark energy or matter could exist.

“THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion.


Lol ive did every challenge unknowingly except the Last one. Jumping on that last one now!
I was asking the darkness what else do i do to advance…took a few weeks but here it is!


i agree that science can’t validate magick or spiritual path workings but the logic of the expansion of the universe to me makes a lot of sense for example.

" Astronomers measure the movement of objects relative to us using Doppler shift. When you hear a train coming, its whistle is heard at a different frequency compared to when it is receding, right? In the same way, light also has a Doppler shift, whereby its frequency is shifted depending on the motion of the emitting object.

Astronomers observed that light from distant objects in the universe is redshifted (shift in the frequency of light towards red color), which tells us that the objects are all receding away from us. This is true in whatever direction you look at: all the distant galaxies are going away from us. This can only be due to the fact that the Universe is expanding.

Further, by measuring the distance to the galaxies, one finds that the velocity of recession is proportional to the distance of the galaxy from us. This is called Hubble law after Edwin Hubble who was the first to discover it. "

If we’re taking it to a magickal understanding then we understand that spirits for example are power and consciousness embodied, if there’s one thing power does, that’s to act and energy and power when gaining critical mass by being called or observed grows and expands.

For example the astral realm is constantly expanding i have witnessed it, not only that but the astral realm can be built upon by the collective consciousness, which when we create astral temples, explore hidden worlds.

Also as any experienced soul traveler will tell you, the soul planes are planes that expand and expand, there are countless hells, heavens, planes, dimensions etc.

Also if we take into consideration of everything coming from the void and the source, void is infinite possibility, so there are infinite emanations of the void then, so the spiritual planes are constantly expanding with the infinite possibilities of the void, this isn’t 100% fact, because nothing really is in a spiritual stand point.

As observers of creation we are the creators, so in my world my universe is constantly expanding because i am the observer, and in yours it maybe stagnant and finite or what ever your may belief maybe.

So there can never really be finite fact or proof as everything is constantly changing when we dictate and change everything, in a matter of speaking.


Glad i was your synchronicity haha.


Anyway like i said reality, is down to the creator and observer therefore your entitled to how your world works as this physical world is merely the canvas and testing field for our will.


That video I linked talks about the doppler shift you should watch it.

I can respect that.

I absolutely agree. from my research The universe is infinite both microcosmically and microcosmically, A fractal if you will. so I don’t find it finite at all. But I still don’t see how you can make infinite bigger…Because it’s its already infinity.

I actually disagree here I Believe you can absolutely prove magic with science, Using things like Parapsychology, Telekinesis, EEG machines, Zener cards and it seems to all point to consciousness.

Which is and Electromagnetic phenomena caused by Faraday’s law of induction. which produces the magnetic field around human body.

Watch the videos I linked I think you’ll find them interesting.

I think we agree for the most part and just differ on how it happens. I follow the Electric plasma universe theory and you believe in the standard theories. at least from what I can tell and that’s cool.


looks interesting :slight_smile: I just have a question about the formating. is it suppose to be a do all 7 exercises in one go? or split up into one exercise a day for a week?

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This is up to the individual.