Discussing The Nature Of Light & Dark, Do Science & Magick Crossover?

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@C.Kendall and @Myrddin So in my view just to, blunder in, If we are to take as a comparison this one tiny, TINY universe, we would note that everything measurable in (that pertains to light) is limited to the speed of 300,000 km/s. NOTHING can exceed that speed besides the void itself which is part of space expanding.

Now even though Dark Matter and Dark Energy are an important aspect of the scientific universe they are but children in comparison to space itself.

I always say “go to the base of things” so in this universe the base is space. Space is black by nature. Nothingness is infinity.

So if you were to take light again, it is made out of photons which if you zoom in close enough with an atomic microscope you can actually see them. Whereas if you zoom in to empty space, Well… Zoom in mate! Go on… Zoom in and zoom in some more! -1000 years later- Ok you can stop now… See my meaning?

If you froze time the atoms and energy that makes up everything will just stop from moving.
If you stop time you will see nothing, not even light because it requires time to move at the speed of 300.000 km/s. So you would find yourself in darkness and even without your body as opposed to the fiction movies about time and space manipulation. So henceforth the limitation in everything light.

This universe is not infinite but it is incredibly vast. What is infinite is the Multiverse, The 5th dimension above the Multiverse the 6th dimension above that and so on.

Also I see things from the perspective of the demonic realm now so i tend to refer to this as the “Paradoxical nature of the void” This one does not respect time, space, or any law of physics because they are onto themselves limited and not primal like nothingness.

So the paradoxical nature of the void states that there are negative and positive infinities. there are infinities that are bigger than others and smaller then others.

In the void the demonic brethren counts in infinities instead of in 1’s and 2’s and 3’s and so on… We count 1, 2, 3, 4. A demon of the void counts 1 infinity 2 infinities minus diagonal infinity to the power of nothing divided by X multiplied with 666 plus before the idea of infinity was spawned :exploding_head:.

Paradoxes of this magnitude CAN’T happen in light.
Go to the base of things. Nothing! So no video you can show me on this internet or in this tiny and young universe can prove to me that light is is some valuable force at all in comparison to absolute nonexistence. It all starts in nothing and expands out with laws of physics and etc… :upside_down_face:

So contemplate on this instead of fighting the fall to the void. @Myrddin You already took the plunge why fight it with reason? That is another limited law that comes into play after nothingness. And i don’t even believe in the source as for what i see there is always another you piloting the vessel that is piloting the vessel that is piloting the vessel that is piloting the vessel that is piloting the vessel you are in now. Just like you would be piloting a vessel in a game world that i that game there would be other game that your character can play and so on…

There are infinite levels of source if you want to put it this way. :exploding_head:


Since Light is an electromagnetic wave form limited only by the medium its moving through, This medium being Aether.

Electricity(which causes photons to emit through the ionization of gases i.e plasma like the sun) is faster than light which is why when two particles that have contact and exchange electron they will always have contact this is why curses work with people’s private possessions or hair ect.

Its so fast an instantaneous if you had two particles of gold and separate them, One on earth the other at the farthest end of the Andromeda Galaxy, Then take an electron gun and zapped the gold particle on earth the 2nd particle would respond instantaneously to the stimuli as if it was the one being zapped.

That’s not the power of space its the power of electromagnetic energy of which your consciousness is a byproduct of. You know theta alpha beta brainwaves.

Our instruments have advanced to the point where we have been shown that space is far from nothingness and in fact is teeming with countless numbers of charged particles namely plasma it’s everywhere.

space only appears black because we are incapable of seeing Electromagnetic fields with our physical eyes. when viewed in the higher spectrums it is anything but dark and it is not void in the traditional sense of the word

These are the macrocosmic magnetic fields are what Walter Russell called
“The undivided white light of mind” some have called this the universal mind, the all, ect. Research his book on the matter if you’d like to know more.

This is string theory.

You can’t freeze time. time is a concept used as a tool for measurements. Depending where you are on earth the periodic oscillation of a quartz crystal will change. let alone depending where your are in the universe. Its anything but a constants one way or the other and it’s not a thing you can bottle and show me.

Paradoxes in and of themselves can’t happen by their very definitions. It would destroy the universe if it did.

There is nothing paradoxical about the positive and negative terminals of a batterie. Nor is there anything paradoxical about the positive and negatives of the magnetic field. And it’s not “void” that has this quality, its electricity space merely just facilitates the conductive medium of aether and other noble gases.

Thats fine it’s not like everyday people wake up in the morning saying "You know what I’m gonna go get my self proved wrong today :smile: "

Yeah, but you see I can prove all of these things I’ve discussed with the laws of physics, I can demonstrate them in a plasma laboratory repeatability, Magic as well as the role consciousness plays in it.

If by this you mean that our brains are sophisticated fractal antennas receiving consciousness (an electromagnetic energy) the same way T.V antennas do instead of creating it I agree if not then I disagree.

“All is mind– The universe is mental.”-Kybalion Mental being consciousness, Consciousness being electromagnetic, Electromagnetic like your brain waves. Magnetic being the fields around every atom and body (aura) electric being the “chi” or bioelectricity flowing through your flesh and fire through your neurons. This is the divine spark the gnostic speak of, It is the secret fire of the alchemists.

And it is fractal or infinite in scope (as above, so below) from the Atom-microcosmically, Human-Midgard, Cosmos-Microcosmically. the universe is electric and has no need for these mathematical unprovable constructs such as dark matter dark energy or black holes.

All of which you need in order for this “expanding” space-time universe theory. And until validated in the lab with repeatable predictive proof will always be theory and not fact.

Hence I am called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world
That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished & ended.”-The Emerald Tablets


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yup. sorry about that. Did not noticed how far from the topic the thread wen’t cause i was just reading through it and totally got derailed. But thanks @Lady_Eva


Everything you are writing here i already know, sorcerer.

Yes you can, and there are uncounted amount of black magic spells that can help you with that.
Are you a sorcerer or a scientist? It is truly frustrating to see that you limit yourself so much on these ephemeral laws that will end with this universe and the parasite god altogether .

I simply cannot understand how you so comfortably and naturally limit yourself to such a limited view of all. Is it fear? How can you even speak about the universe like that when that is the goal here! This is a fake universe built as a farm of souls! Paradoxes are the most primal forces that gave birth to the logic you so desperately grasp on! Why are you doing this? You seem very keen on supporting the fake Law of Keteron the demiurge god.

And this is just insulting. You seem to imply that you know all and that i’m just a beginner at the beginning of the road. “Prove myself wrong” What do you mean by that?
I have been at this since way before this universe was even made, spark of light!
I can remember EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of my past existences if i’m willing to. I don’t need you to lecture me or other sorcerers here about the infinity we all know is our home and true power.

And the rest of what you have written is quotes from other sorcerers that have nothing to do with the depth of demonic essence i am immersed into.
You need to relinquish you terror young spark of light. You will not be able to resist the forces of darkness for much longer. You have stared into the void and the void is grasping for you now!
You have been completely ignoring and insulting my pointing with your conviction and fear against infinity.

Go to the base! Look beyond your need for proof in a laboratory and beyond the laws of physics you so desperately cling to. These logical explanations you try to throw at me i have been dealing with them in Nadharkis way before Earth was formed. We consider them jokes and powerless thoughts that limit your being from manipulating EVERY SINGLE IDEA! If you even want true power then you would have at least considered a thing of what i just said with an unbiased attitude towards your concepts.

On the other hand i do respect your position because in this life i have found myself in that same fearful, convinced and desperate to reaffirm my beliefs on others because i did not knew what would have become of me if i would have just let go and plunged into the abyss with all my being.
I eventually took the plunge and surrendered to infinity and Master E.A. plus this forum and the outer Gods have been taking my hand and dragging me even deeper into the primal forces of true power.

If it is power that you seek then you have to sacrifice what you believe in that limits your being.
Nothing of what you stated above is powerful. You were just supporting systems of ideas that make this universe and HEAVILY limit you but have not been looking deeper than that.



I’m sorry but every time you mentioned theory it pissed me off. Theory in the scientific community is completely different from theory in normie speech. Someone who claims to know so much about science should know this.

If you dont believe in something due to it being called a theory, then you wouldn’t believe in evolution or gravity.

A theory is something that is accepted as true due to repeated trial and error showing it as such.

That is my two cents as @anon72351403 and @C.Kendall have said my side of the argument far better than I could.


Sorry but I don’t have a fancy explanation only a brief one.
Do science and Magick crossover my answer is a definite yes we as a species just don’t have the technology or the Elite(u know who I’m talking about) don’t want the people to know or at least have a disbelief In Magick.
I mean think about why are the mainstream religions calling “Magick” evil?
They obviously don’t want walking gods on earth.
And i can see why the scientific community would wanna keep this stuff secret.


Theory:a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.-Thats how I meant it.

I actually don’t believe in gravity in regards to the standard model. I follow Wal Thornhill’s model of Electric dipole’s( considering Electromagnetism - the force we know best - is 10 to the 36th power stronger than Gravity) research that more if you wish.

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There is still so much we don’t know about either side, light, darkness, the void, whatever you wish to call it.

Who is to really say wich side is greater. Without the proper equipment, how can we really say. Technically everything stated is jut a speculation. For all we know they could be completely equal, and this too is a speculation.


Does it matter? If darkness is greater than light so you don’t work with the light: you have limited yourself. If it’s the other way around: you again have limited yourself.

That’s just the way that I see it.


Well first of all this conversation was me not buying into to the whole “false light” vs the whole “blackest black Ad infinitum” idea of the cosmos, And was disputing the using of dark matter and dark energy as references to validate that idea. Because those things haven’t been found and there countless contradictions from what we have been observing in the cosmos.

You can be both, I find that you think there is a choice between the two is limiting in and of itself. Magicians and sorcerers experiment with consciousness and conscious power all the time.

I’ve actually only been advocating for how infinite and fractal the universe is. Only just challenging the idea that it’s all extremely polarized twordards “The bad guys are the good guys, And the good guys are the bad guys” mentality. As a practicing druid i tend to find balance in all forces positive + or negative -

And if you think I’m advocating for some desert god of abrahamic religions I’m not.

Again, only advocating for infinity of depth of the cosmos and human consciousness as it relates.

No I don’t believe in the whole idea of soul stealing and or harvesting i think there’s a thread about that on the forum.

No i’m supporting the idea of a all pervasive mind of the cosmos that we as sentient beings are a part of. This universal mind isn’t something that can be assigned a name or persona is just is and we are result of its evolution in consciousness people say sometimes “we are the universe experiencing itself”.

And that it can be proven through experimenting with parapsychology, telekinesis, electromagnetism, and brain waves.

I apologize I meant nothing by it, it was just a playful remark on how people (me included) are not dispositioned to accepting new ideas readly without proof, I’m confident you’re a very capable sorcerer.

I’ve only quoted 2 sources Hermes and the Kybalion
Hermes: because I explained how the sun works in essence through electromagnetism and plasma, and found the quote amusing.

Kybalion: Because it reveals the nature of reality as being metal or consciousness based(mind over matter and what not). Consciousness being a form of electromagnetic energy with its brain wave function and its electric neural circuitry.

As many here know the significance of the Theta Gamma sync and how the mind is the only tool the magician or sorcerer needs.

I’m not in terror of electricity and its photons
I’m experienced in the darker side of things I’m not resisting any thing. I’m just acknowledging that light and darkness are like “yin” and “yang” held in balance by the “Dao” if you will.

I’m not on some “unholy” crusade of darkness

Well thanks for the respect but I’m not trying to reaffirm my belief. That was done with evidence of the occult long ago when I was young, I just like knowing how things work.

Just challenging dark matter/energy existence in regards to the occult and over arching universe.

No I’m supporting my observations of paranormal/supernatural phenomena with science and occultism and other various disciplines and getting results.

As a water sign I’m constantly swimming in the Abyss I’ve heard its whispers and it’s not all doom and gloom Army of darkness style its just polarity and non paradoxical

Voids are made to be filled. With the spark of mind.


Light can only exist with an emitter and an observer.

It’s meaningless to large numbers of living things on our world alone, that live in the deep ocean or exist in caves, and many beings use sound (which also requires emitter and observer) in its place, as effectively as we use visible light.

Darkness can exist as the absence of perception of external things, a being can live in constant darkness of perception provided it can find food and avoid predation long enough to reproduce.

In human terms, transcending both is the self, which observes whether there is light or dark, perception or ignorance, above both polarities.

This is my current take on the metaphysical side of things.


@Lady_Eva @JezebelleMoon I agree

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I get ya… I do hate the god of light but i’m not focused on utter destruction of everything. my goals for this life at least is to discover a way to build a physical gateway to the World Nadharkis.

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That’s what I’m saying.


I’ll just throw in my two cents, this idea of Void as the true God and of the idea of just falling back into the Void and annihilating all of creation is just Right-Hand-Path dogmatism dressed up with “anti-light” sentiments.


oh well… i’m learning still… But the fact of the matter is i don’t really see a point of returning physically to the void only with my mind and i don’t see the void as the true god since i don’t really believe in things like that even if i may be displaying them like this here…

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To clarify: void: centre of all creation and destruction. Place of life death and rebirth. 3 VERY important factors in the path to enlightenment and power (may that be whatever you follow.)
The idea isn’t to annihilate everything. The idea is to destroy your limitations and give birth to a new you. To embody the golden ratio, the unification of left and right. Light and dark. Both exist within another. Part of the key to power is balance.