The Book of Levi


Somewhere around 15-20 years ago, when I was a young lightbringer…


Droppin this here for safe keeping.

Hmm…this one too.

Thinking about the chakras patterns…


Droppin this one here for later reference as well.

Here’s a thought.
Science tells us that anywhere you are in the universe, you’re at its center.
In old-timey cosmology, Earth was the “center” of space (the solar system, before it was…solar). The planets, and the sun, were depicted as revolving around our planet. The spheres that encircled our world in this model were also referred to as “shells”. Like a many-layered egg.

The spheres of the Qlippoth are the “husks”, also translated as…“shells”. And of course those shells have planetary attributes, just like the Sephiroth.

It’s enough of a thought to make me go back and review ancient cosmology. Perhaps it’s all a matter of perspective.

You read this yet? It won’t onebox so I’ll put it inline:

Lots of good stuff to be had there, I’ve got a lot from that page. :+1:


Eeeexcellent. Thanks.
It occurs to me that I had the thought of wrapping the sephiroth and/or qlippoth around a sphere to see what, if any, revelations would arise. I should do that!

I like that they reference the Babylonian cosmology. This has been on my mind as well:


I’ve cobbled together a spherical representation of the Sephiroth. It occured to me that, when translated into a sphere, if we tilt the axis to mirror that of the planets and the galaxies and so on…Daath becomes true north. With the Earth, north points to Polaris. Which suddenly lends a fuckton of importance to that star, if we consider it the physical equivalent to Daath.

Not to derail my own topic but this is also interesting (@Lady_Eva) …

I was raised in Alaska, hilariously…


I’ve wondered before if anything interesting would result from making the Sephiroth/Qliphoth three-dimensional. For the spherical representation, what would happen if you made the Tree wrap back around to itself, merging Kether and Malkuth (or Nahemoth and Thaumiel)?


Yep, that is indeed what I wanted to do. And looking at the sphere, it feels like the points of the left and right columns might merge as well.
The Kether-Malkuth union is what inspired this to begin with. Check it out:


Alsooo…this might interest you:


Good show old sport, cheers!


Another one to log here…


When you stand in the heptagram, you form eight points because you’re in the center. :exploding_head:


The heptagram of the planets…

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I think, sometime this weekend or next, I’m going to start a little servitor army. I’ve never attempted to create one before but the concept certainly suits my range of skills.

I love creating things. I’m an artist, as many of you know. I’m also a writer, award-winning poet, and so on. Creation is fun and rewarding. And I really love creating characters. So the idea of building things from my own energy and breathing life into them is the perfect combination of my arts.

Dimsum - My protector and destroyer of enemies!
Papillon - The soothing butterfly who quells stressful situations
[name pending] - Gatherer of wealth and identifier of opportunity
Sassafrass - Coquettish agent of influence

I will utilize my art and writing abilities to define them as much as possible before conducting any kind of ritual. I’ll draw “concept art” of their forms. I’ll write full back stories. Once they’re my precious babies of creation, in my mind, then I’ll take the next step.

I’ll keep y’all posted.


Well done, young padawan.
If you look at the stuff I’ve been chasing in my last few entries in this here journal, you’ll see why that comment is significant indeed.


Why don’t more people gather together their own legions of spirits like the higher-ups do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
If we’re supposed to be gods, surely we can create our own armies. :smile_cat:

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I believe I have unlocked one of the secrets of the River.
Namely, RNA.


My quest is about evolution and transformation. RNA certainly has the look of a river, doesn’t it?
Meanwhile, it’s been discovered that some cephalopods can alter their RNA “on the fly”. But they aren’t the only creatures who do this. All species do but generally to a much smaller extent. So…in the interests of evolution, what if we could train ourselves to send messages via RNA and update our DNA, at will, like the octopus does?

It is possible that Azazel and Belial are encouraging actual, physical evolution alongside the spiritual. I think this is worth doing some meditations/trances around…



A drawing I did with Azazel: