The Akkadian

One fine evening, I was working with Belial.
When I thought the communion was complete, and just about ready to wrap things up, Belial told me to wait, and that he had a visitor for me to speak with.
He introduced me to a spirit that he referred to as “the Akkadian” and took his leave.

The Akkadian’s speech shuffled between gibberish and comprehensible words. One word that made it through sounded like “Markus” or “melkis”. His appearance, in my mind’s eye, was very much like this guy:


Another bit that I caught was “You are a scholar. Who seeks to rend my bones?”. Although alternate words for “rend” came to me; betrays or defiles.

The image above is Sargon of Akkad. The word “melku” means “King”. Which seemed to fit. This didn’t feel like a demon or an agent of one. It felt like a thing that was once a man. But certainly powerful in his time, and almost certainly a ruler.

Markus, as it turns out, means “of Mars”, or March. This whole thing happened in March. Furthermore, “of Mars” would certainly fit Sargon. He was an unstoppable warrior who created the Akkadian empire.

If anyone has other ideas on who this dude might be, let me know.
Also, I’m still kind of rolling his riddle over in my brain. I’m not sure of the purpose of solving the riddle. Or, maybe this is one of those weird things Belial does where he gives the magician a stupid task, hoping to see pushback?



Thoughts?? You are doing some great work!!! Keep it up. I myself am working to understand as many of the Pan mespotamian languages as possible as I am going to try an go total submergence into those Pantheons. Problem is that Sumer is the child of Aratta- which kills all of the “Sumer is the first…” hyperbole.
but i hope to have such an event as yours!!! Keep kicking ass!!!


It’s not uncommon for spirits to lead the Sorcerer to other spirits. I’ve experienced that myself.
As for the image, he’s got one eye like my pops Odin.


I think I figured out the answer to the riddle, if the spirit is indeed Sargon.
The answer is “Carl Benjamin”.

I’ll more than likely be meeting Belial again this weekend. Let’s see if we can close the loop on this one.

From my own studies of antiquity I remember that the infamous King Nimrod was also said to have lost an eye. Coincidentally the one eye reminds me of the Guedes from Voodoo. It was said Nimrod founded Akkad. Some speculate Nimrod may be the same as Sargon I and Gilgamesh. One account suggested ‘Nimrod’ taken to mean One Who Rebels might incorporate several warrior kings from Sumer, Akkad and surrounding regions. There is a lot of diverging scholarship and conspiracy theory woven around the subject. The fact that Nimrod was also called Baal or Lord could be significant when considering the spread of his cult throughout different languages. Through the lens of Euhemerism he was said to be also the same as Osiris, among others.

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you are correct in identifying the Semitic root mlk in the name. Another derivation from this root word is Moloch. Which would link to the Carthaginian Baal Haamon and thence to Saturn (and in EA’s recent work to the demon Amaymon; the dark manifestation of Lucifer). And from the above; to the Demiurge itself. This being the case, and considering the results to your ritual praxis, perhaps Sargon of Akkad can be identified as a physical instantiation of the Demiurge in much the same way that Alexander the Great was considered as such?

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Sorry, I somehow missed the reference to Carl Benjamin above & if my comments are now extraneous. It’s an interesting subject though.

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@Visionaire @Warlock - all fantastic feedback. Thanks guys!

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