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I second this! From my limited understanding I take it that the Merkabah is an earlier tradition than the Kabbalah, but it’s harder to find good sources of info on it that aren’t awash in New Age fluffery.

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Merkaba prep:
First, be familiar with chakras cycling techniques. You can use the Cycling the Wheels from this very thread.

Getting into the zone via self-hypnosis:

Let’s Get Deep
Picture yourself laying down on the ground.
Breathe in, breathe out. Good, deliberate breaths.

We’re going to count down. With each number, feel yourself sink deeper than the prior number. As for how many numbers you count down from, that’s up to you and dependent on how easily you can get into the deep state.

Let’s say, for the sake of brevity, we’re counting down from 6. I’d recommend the old tried and true countdown from 10 for actual practice.

6 - see the number behind your eyes. Breathe, and feel yourself sink into the ground.
5 - see the number, sink deeper
4 - see the number, deeper still, deep into the earth
3 - see the number, feel yourself sink twice as far as last time
2 - see the number, feel yourself sink past anything that has any physical form
1 - see the number, plummet into total darkness

You are now in a place with no distractions where you can perform your work or meditation.


If you do it well, yes. I have no idea what would be the outcome if you tried to photograph that.
I’ve used my invisibility technique in the real world and I’ve seen it work, many times. In my misspent youth, while trespassing on private property with a friend, the property owner came looking for us. We both went invisible and the dude (and his dog) came within 4 feet of us. They did not see us. That was pretty hard proof in my opinion.
I think it’s easy enough to accomplish because it only requires one’s own energy and concentration. No outer forces, no words or symbols. Clean.


Great stuff, Levi! Thank you for the knowledge.

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Because it keeps coming up, and in the interest of having something bookmarked for the next time it comes up…

Mercury retrograde is the bane of many a new-age pseudo-spiritualist as well as the uninformed Magician. Here, your Papa Levi will pass along a few notes that will allow you to reclaim control during this celestial event.

The trick to Mercury retrograde is that Mercury is a trickster. During a retrograde, the planet appears to be moving in reverse. When in reality, it has slowed down. Rather than look at this as a reversal of Mercurial energies, understand that is a concentration of said energies.

Merc retro tends to fuck the most with very Mercurial things - Science, technology, travel, and Magick.

A lot of widdle witchy-witches and lightworkers will tell you not to perform any magickal or spiritual acts during this time but, well, they’re wrong and I’m right. This is actually a very potent time for magick and you absolutely should take advantage of it.

  • Works of introspection are great. Self-empowerment, communing with your patron dieties or higher self, “godforms” and the like.

  • Planning and setting intentions and goals. You can do a series of work to this end during the retrograde and then, on the day the planet goes out of retrograde, enact and unleash that energy, firing off your great Works with an added turbo boost.

  • Baneful works are easy as pie during this time, taking advantage of the “reverse” perception and all the negative connotations that carries with it.

  • Likewise, you can perform ordinary magickal procedures with a simple rephrasing of your intentions. Rather than “I want a bunch of the monies”, it becomes “I do not want to be fucking poor”. And so on.

  • Banishments and wards are particularly effective during this time as well.

So. Bear all this in mind the next time our dear trickster casts his illusion of reversal!


My theme song:


How do you pull energy from the heavens? How do you push it through your chakras?

How can you be aware that the energy flow is mirroring the tree of life and death? What are you sensing that tells you that?

Pull from above, using your Crown as a sort of funnel.
Let it flow down, through you, and try to be aware of it passing through each chakras point.

I’m being a bit illustrative there. Be aware of the feeling of the energy pouring down into you from above and be aware of it flowing out, below. When you can feel it cycling through you, you’re good.

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Do you use your arms and just imagine it puling down celestial energy using the magickal imagination?

Do the chakras have to be cycled before this or can you do it on your own?

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You don’t need to use arms for this. I usually stand with my arms to the sides, palms out.

That’s one way to look at it. For me, I can feel it. So it’s not really “imagination”. But I get what you mean and, yes, if you want to envision the energy pouring from the cosmos, that absolutely works.

Not immediately before but it helps to go into any magickal work with clean energy. Not required.

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With time travel coming back up as a hot topic, I figured I’d go ahead and log this method in the Book of Levi…

The Butterfly Effect
You ever see the movie Butterfly Effect? This exercise is sort of like that and you get to be Ashton Kutcher!

Time is not linear nor is it a circle. If anything, it’s a dot. It simply IS. There is a current hypothesis which postulates that all Time is actually occuring right now. Every moment that has ever occurred or ever will, including all variations (or “timelines”), is happening simultaneously.

The thing we commonly think of when we refer to “Time” is really just a unit of measurement based on the rotation of the Earth and its revolutions around the sun. This measurement is unique to our planet and its specific gravity, mass and so forth. Go to another planet, and the days are different lengths. It’s completely relative to the environment.

So, knowing that all of time is occurring concurrently, all you need to do is move to the moment that you wish to be in.
I have found that doing this within my own lifetime is easiest to accomplish (hence the Butterfly Effect reference).

Ground yourself. Use whatever method you prefer in order to achieve a deep meditation state.

Remember that time. That place. The thing you want to change. Concentrate on it until it becomes firmament around you. You are projecting yourself, via your memory, into another place that is equally valid as the present moment as this moment is.

You can act as something of a “spirit guide” to your Self in that moment. You will both be there although your self from that moment will not see you. They will, however, hear you subconsciously.

So you know, do your thing to encourage yourself to act differently in the situation. When you’re ready, you’ll “rubber band” back to this moment. Getting back is super simple so long as you tethered yourself to the present.

I have not attempted to influence anyone other than my “past” self with this method. Give it a try!

A lot of folks on this forum have posted about the desire to go back to a point in their lives and start over from that point. I don’t think it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility.


What is the difference between advanced grounding and traditional means of gaining authority such as the circle, invocation of omnipotence, summoning of all magick powers, knowing your will, etc.?

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I would (and do) use the advanced grounding in combination with authority. You could certainly use it along with a circle, invocation, summoning, etc.

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Wait a minute, If I’m not careful, could I accidentally energize the seven lower chakras beneath the body?

Can I sit down or lie down after this to put myself into trance?

When I unground myself, do I simply let it go and forget about it or do I pull the energy back out?

I don’t think this is a concern.


That will work.

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The Circuit: An energy exercise for two
The two participants sit across from each other. Extend your arms as though you are going to hold each others’ hands. Left palm down, right palm up. Leave a space between your hands (don’t make physical contact with your partner’s palms).

Pull in energy from your partner with the left hand, cycle it through your chest, push energy out to your partner with the right hand. Both participants do this.

You will become attuned to the flow of energy between you. Often, it will build to a rather intense sensation.

When y’all have had enough, press your palms together to break the Circuit.


Sometimes when I meditate and cycle through my chakras, an interesting thing happens when I’ve engaged my Crown. It connects to the Root, completing the cycle. It’s occurred to me that this could explain why the emotion of Love is often considered pink in color, even though the Heart chakra is green.

Correlating the chakras to the Sephiroth, it also explains the concept of Malkuth and Kether as being the sort of alpha and omega, beginning and end, while both serve the function of beginning and end alike.

When this happens in meditation, I’ve occasionally felt my physical body disappear from my awareness completely. It’s like I become a sphere of spirit. That’s the closest description that I can think of at the moment.

I wonder what revelations might spring forth if one were to wrap the Tree of Life around a 3-dimensional sphere? Or the Qlippoth, for that matter.

Anyhow. I had understood that there was a syncopation, a pairing between those chakras points for a while. Recently, I discovered more…

I had noticed, some time ago, that there were additional chakras points not covered in the normal 7-chakras system. I did some research and found that, yes, others have noticed this as well. The 12-chakras system seems to be the most popular outline that attempts to describe the additional points. This makes sense to me considering the Zodiac and everything else that follows the rule of twelve.

I can’t say that I necessarily agree with the labels that have been attributed to these untraditional chakras. Some examples…


I concur that there is a chakra well below the Root, under the feet. I’ve been aware of this when grounding.

The first point up from the Crown is indeed related to the spirit essence. I think “Astral” would be the best definition for it.

The second point up from the Crown is, in my opinion, related to the “God Self”. The top image there shows it as a golden color…and I can agree on that. It explodes with golden light, in my experience.

So, the other day, I’m meditating and focused on the Manipura, the Solar Plexus. Which has always seemed more “gold” than “yellow” to me (unless I’m envisioning it as a sun). Suddenly, I realize that the Manipura is directly related to the God Self chakra. I believe the symbiosis allows us to channel the power of our highest self into our physical bodies.

Just as the Crown connects to the Root, the Sacral connects to the Astral. And the Solar Plexus to the God Self. You see what I’m getting at here? There is another layer to the chakras system; a looping circuit series that emanates from us.

Here’s an illustration I whipped up:

Note the interesting pattern that forms. This is very similar to a critical part of the design of the Universe, the double spiral that appears in all things in nature.


I plan on delving into all this a bit more and seeing what there is to see…


Let’s play along with sing-song!
Rhymes and lyrics have been coming to me lately. First up, a little ryhme to Bune. I am in need of a large sum of money, in order to facilitate my wife’s move from CA to TX. So I was focusing on Bune’s sigil and this happened…

Bune, Bune, grant me a boon
Do this well and I’ll draw a cartoon for you
Here the thing, I need it soon
Something to this tune:

[Sum redacted] dollars for-tune

No loss of job, nor ill of luck
No debts accrued, trying to make a buck
Need [monies] or it’s gonna suck
Please help, sweet Bune, or I’m fucked

And if I see the cash materialize, I will certainly draw a sweet-ass image for Bune. Which I will post here!

Going to the grocery store, this sang itself in my mind…

When the spirits are sent to me
A certain type of entropy, of polarity;
Specifically an epiphany
That’s meant to be
Seen exactly as it seems

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