The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick

I haven’t seen it actually but I’ll take a look see. Thanks for showing me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can the success story be posted directly here ? Or a new thread has to be created to get it linked here

You should create a separate thread

I posted on member successes and giving thanks , but like you said I’ll create a separate thread

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I so needed the encouragement today.

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Thank you for compiling all this.. .

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Welcome @candarzop It is a rule here for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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Happy its of use to you. :+1: What’s your favorite success story?

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Haven’t updated this thread since last year :open_mouth: Added 4 new stories to the list.


Seems like a good recent addition:


Another fresh addition and an example of what happens when endurance and spirits mix :slight_smile:

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I just loove rituals. The more complicated and more moving parts, the more I put my hands together. I didn’t have a scary ritual yet. :thinking:


I would like the idea of beginner Magick spells or rituals that allows the caster to keep adding more things that enhance the effects.

Although I don’t currently know of any spells or rituals like that.

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I want to share somewhat of a success story on here

I am currently mastering a form of Kung Fu and Wing Chun

When I went to my Dojo, my trainer wasn’t there so he was replaced by a trained student, this individual was so full of pride and arrogance literally backed up by nothing, in fact I could say it wouldn’t be any different than flexing to the point of being a bully, I noticed during my training this person was specifically going harder on me, hitting me harder than others mainly due to the fact this person was most definitely someone that demonized masculinity and tried to dominate others through toxic femininity.

I felt very angry, both myself and the very objective spirits in my temple, the watchers around me knew what this person was doing not okay because I was just being a used as punching bag for this persons ego and trauma.

My pure anger and annoyance towards this individual, through my integrations with 72 challenge naturally allowed me to get this individual to receive the misery they deserved, within the same week this person got injured was told that he could not fight or compete for at least 6 weeks which is a big deal if you’re disciplined in martial arts and have an inflated ego to maintain

I’ve noticed that working with such spirits and integrating with them, even spirits beyond challenge in a way left an imprint of their power and energy in my system which I could use and develop.

My simple emotion and my desire for Justice alone delivered exactly what I wanted

I’ve had this similar experience with other people as well, whether it be in school or other situations, when the mind of god within me makes a decision, the spirits actually effect things in the macrocosm by simply making that decision in the microcosm, which is in essence guiding the force in whatever way it was decided to actualize

I’ve also used this in settings where I’ve been in groups of people that excluded me for simply being into the occult, whether it be slander and social pressure, and by using the power of these integrated legions within me, I’ve been able to get them to get those legions within crowds to have peoples thoughts, emotions, opinions revolve around my own mental decisions and self perception to the point where they would start fighting each other due to lack of introspection, it’s as if I am the light that’s painting the darkness and they just submit to the will of the one that is me.

This has worked for me in such a way where now I can simply create reality directly from my Godhead to the point of instant quantum manifestation and alter any situation as a master of chaos energy that oversees creation and destruction

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I want to thank Shemyaza, King Belial, Suhn’tal’ock, King Vine & The Anakim in my most recent personal ritual involving two major things in my life and already their profound power has paid off, it’s a success. Needless to say I swore to keep the actual situation secret irregardless of its already being manifested, needless to say this team was a beast of powerful influence.


I just ordered Deification Magick and Wealth Magick books from the BALG store. :sunglasses:


Needed a quick moderate amount of cash yesterday.

Drew out the Abramelin Square for Money(I’m currently experimenting with all of them atm).

Opened the sigil, spoke each name 3 times and imagined the amount.

Ten minutes later I logged onto my banking apps to do some book balancing and I see I’ve received just slightly above the amount I requested, just arrived into my account.

Easy, quick and efficient. I’ll be testing it out again with a slightly higher amount today to compare results.


So recently, I was pulled over by a police officer after having a decent amount of wine in my system. I had an unsealed bottle of wine in my backseat. As soon as I was pulled over, I called on ZAGAN. This entity has helped me in the past with concealing myself when I wanted to. And, I use this entity during a time when I was doing private investigative work. (my ex was committing fraud, and had a been caught. I would’ve gone to jail for at least eight years. Followed her around for 56 days, and filed a motion. So, it’s not stalking. Result was her complete humiliation, exposure of fraud, and ending alimony.) officer left me alone, did not ask for a breathalyzer or any additional information. Thank you ZAGAN!


Dude that’s why I love demons. They don’t care whether you’re right or wrong or whether what you want is ethical. They are with you no matter what.