Was This King Paimon?

So I was at work yesterday and a coworker was signing and I found it rather annoying. This person is older and old people can get fussy so I didn’t want to feel like I was wasting my time talking to her.

What I did was mentally call on Paimon. I haven’t bothered with spirituality in a long time so I figured Paimon came to mind since he can help with various different things in people’s lives since he can “help with the sciences.” I thought he can do some persuasion and it seemed like he pulled through.

I asked him “King Paimon, please make that coworker stop singing.” I have difficulty focusing while there’s distractions and voices going on at times but this one took the cake. And as the day passed she kept singing less and less. Sometimes one or two lines. It didn’t completely stop at first because when I first asked him she kept singing for a time after the request.

I was thinking things like “Was I wrong? Is his power not strong enough? Is this not his office? Or maybe it’s me and my inexperience?” Whatever the reason, slowly but surely she eventually sang less and less until she stopped as the day went on. I figured since I don’t have much experience with spirits maybe it’s more me than him.

Finally, I was quite adverse to calling any spirit “King” before this. I don’t want other people or spirits thinking they’re better than me, but since I was in a pretty helpless situation (I couldn’t move from where I was working on this day due to the task) I didn’t have much choice and went with it. Seems like it was the right choice. I’m still not crazy about calling him king so I’ll see if he would still help without saying that. I feel like trust should be earned and I don’t want to just go around calling any spirit king lightly. Well lightly for me I mean.

I’m still not really sure if it was Paimon or if the woman just got tired of singing but I figured it’s worth mentioning.

In return I said I’d thank him here. Even though I never felt like he told me to do so at any time (I can’t hear, see or feel spirits) I figured I’d do so anyway, so thanks Paimon.

Oddly, earlier that morning or the day before my roommate was also singing while making eggs for us. They almost overcooked the eggs because they were singing, seemingly not paying attention (I wasn’t looking at them while they were cooking so I thought maybe they were off in Lalaland, but maybe they were just really into it?).

Maybe Paimon was leading me to him…? Is this a sign he wants to talk to me or is this just a one time thing? If he wants to talk to me I’d appreciate more signs.

What are your experiences with Paimon? What brought you to him and how did he pull through?

Just got off the phone with my manager and they said someone had a doctor’s appointment and asked if I could cover the shift and I accepted! Maybe it’s Paimon again? If so then thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s his rank and title. It has nothing to do with being “above” the magician.

Think of it like being a doctor. You would never address your physician as, “Mister Peterson,” when going for treatment, for example, you would use his title, “Dr. Peterson.” Many demons are justifiably proud of their titles and it does no harm to use them. It shows respect.


Absolutely correct I totally agree with this :point_up_2: