Enormous Changes since my last post (positive venting.)

Well, it has been a REALLY long time since I posted here. I had posted a prosperity ritual at some point last year, I think around June/July when I also began serious work with Lord Belial and Sorath in changing my life from the really shitty circumstances I was in.

I’m over due to talk about it, but I’m doing that tonight. For some back story: I was working a miserable fucking job that left me mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted/stressed to the point I was having panic attacks on my way to work. I was busting my ass trying to find the work I needed IN the field I wanted to be in, but every avenue seemed to be a dead end. I mean this went on (as I’m sure hundreds of you have experienced) for months, and months. Where you’re so tired on your days off you lay there, staring at the ceiling, knowing that you get one day to rest, before you work 5-6 days again-- nothing mattered to me, but escaping.

Well, I took to working with Belial to understand what the fuck was going on. What was preventing me from finding any fucking solace, or a break. Then, it happened: in September, I was fired after two weeks of back-to-back issues with some very “strangely” aggressive customers who seemed to seek me out specifically. After I was fired, I really felt no remorse: I felt a literal cramp letting go, and just before this I had done a big, 2 hour ritual at midnight that took so much energy out of me I was basically a zombie afterwards.

Well, after I lost my job, I invested a lot of time into Twitch Streaming. I was busy working with Sorath as well, Lucifer, everyone I normally communicated with. And after a month, the break finally came. I met someone in one of my streams who was really drawn to the persona, who I befriended, and they HAPPENED to mention that the remote IT company they worked for needed some new people.

And it felt so seamless: his reference was immediately answered. The managers were drawn to me, I made a great impression, and was hired immediately. It just fell into my lap, so to speak-- almost 3-5 years of struggling, and it just finally came together. Belial’s biggest lesson was this endurance against obstacles, and the sheer power that is within any one individual to overcome them. I’ve felt 0 fear since I began working with him, every challenge I’ve faced I’ve overcome: he also taught me the priority of protection magic and how much I really fucked around with not doing it correctly.

All in all, to anyone out there still struggling to make the changes you want-- keep at it. Belial, Lucifer, Sorath, King Mammon, King Paimon, Lucifuge, Belphegore, and Lord Clauneck had me endure very difficult lessons in very difficult, obscure ways. All of it was worth it, and I know I made it this far because they believed in me, and showed me how to believe in my-self. You know, all that sappy stuff :wink:

You can find the ritual I posted here and I genuinely hope it helps you the way it helped me.

Infernal Blessings to all of you. I will become a LOT more active here now.


I’ll also discuss my experience working with Belial and how everything came together for anyone who would find the read interesting. I always found that reading an in-depth “biography” of someone else’s situation really helped me with my journey.


Thank you. :] This was really inspiring and nails down a couple concepts I was worried about, length of time and how seemingly bad things that seem to turn us away can lead us to a better door. I would love to hear about your experience with Belial! :]

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Fuck ya!

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I’m actually about to start!

Glad the post helped you with any worries, feel free to shoot me questions or anything. I didn’t want to make this post SUPER long so I didn’t include every possible thing.

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