The Arcana of Astrology

Last night another new Oracle was added in my collection. This time, is The Arcana of Astrology with 54 oracle cards and 96 page coloured guidebook.

And as you can imagine, its a celestial themed oracle deck, perfect for aspired astrologers (but not only), with a simple and clear artwork. I had another similar deck in mind, with more high-end artwork like oracles usually are, but to be honest all these fancy art is actually nothing new and maybe even complicate things some times, when the point is to focus on your intuition.

In short, you don’t need a painting to inspire you based on the creators emotions and eyes. You can tap into your intuition at any time, anywhere, even if what you’re looking is a blank page. And at this point, its what I missed doing.

You can use this deck by itself, or as a support with your other decks. The guidebook explains quite a few things about astrology, in a very simple and comprehended way so even a total beginner can use the cards.

And of course, what i like the most, is that it includes informations that they weren’t included in the other (fancy) astrology deck. Each card is explained for both astrology and readings and also has a few key points such as element, House, Ruler and symbols. Bellow you can see an example:

And finally enjoy the cards themselves, which are divided in:

Zodiac signs

Planets (including sun, moon and the moon phases)


And Asteroids


Beautiful, how many decks do you have? Just curious cuz I can never justify buying more, though I have a saved for later list… a mile and a half long.

I’m certain you have more than my big 3, so I can probably use your answer to justify getting another deck…

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Not as many as you might think! I have currently 5 oracles:

And 4 tarot decks:

Also I have 2 different player card decks that i use exclusively for readings.

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That doesn’t seem like as many as I expected, ya right lol. I have two tarots I use, one I don’t like and an oracle deck so that’s 4 total and you have… 9 so that means I can definitely justify just ONE more. Lmao

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My only justification to get “one more” is that I like it enough to spend my money on it! So go for it!

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