Shaman's Oracle

Lately I’ve turn back to oracle decks as they suit me better. Not only I’m more familiar with them as the first ever deck I purchased myself was an oracle (which I still have btw 18 years later) but also they feel more like…freedom to me. As always, in order to buy a deck it has to attract me deeply, I’m not hoarding decks just because. So my latest purchase is the Shaman’s Oracle which I’ll introduce you here.

~ 52 cards based on original cave art which are used as a shamanic window into the world of our ancestors

From the booklet:


“Before spoken language evolved, our ancestors communicated through images, drawn onto the walls of caves.”

“The Idea that these images were the representation of the inner visionary states is something we become aware of when we study the practices if a group of a hugely important people - the shamans.”

“Shamans then, as now, underwent trance-like journeys during which they travelled out of ordinary, daily reality into a place where they could communicate directly with Spirit in its manifest forms, seeking answers to age-old questions as presented to them by individuals or groups. To this day, the role of the shaman continues to encompass guide, mediator, interpreter, listener and speaker for the realm of Spirit.
When they undertook out-of-body journeys, the shamans saw, or otherwise experienced, many remarkable things, which they replicated on the walls of caves - as reminders for themselves, or as spiritual signpost for those who came after them.”

~ The cards divide into 2 main sections:
The interactive cards the “Journeyer” and “Companion


The Tribes which divide into 5 groups.

The Spirits

The Ancestors

The Shamans

The Hunters

And the Dancers

Lastly, each Tribe is linked with a Cave (points of entry into the Spirit world) as well with the five elements so that helps with the interpretation of the oracle you receive from the Spirits.


The artwork is gorgeous.

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Oops I kinda placed the Shamans instead of Dancers, so I fixed it now lol

I know, with the first look it might seem rather indifferent but if you study each card by it self and try to understand the meaning that has personally for you and as a collective its just…woa!

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The Hunters really speak to me

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:heart_eyes: I love these cards

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Thank you for sharing with us

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My pleasure :smiley:

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The energy i got from those cards is mysterious, symbolic, with a primordial character with deep meanings- don’t know if I am correct.
I feel more connected tho, with the dancers
( Alimono) :joy:

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