Everyday Witch Tarot (Mini)

Today I received this baby, and it’s really…a baby! It’s the Everyday Witch Tarot mini edition. A bit too…mini! Smaller than I expected, it’s approximately 1.7" x 3" or 38 x 64 x 27.94mm and weights just 3.2 ounces or 90.72g. I must admit that I was disappointed when I saw it in my mailbox. But maybe it’s because I never owned a mini deck.

But after I opened the box, I…kinda like it! I ordered it for the love readings (what most people irl ask me about) since I don’t like to bother using my other decks for that, and I already tested it and I’m pretty impressed with the accuracy.
I also checked it with a spiritual question and gave me some insights I wasn’t expecting. The card quality is equal with a full size tarot deck and it shuffles really well (not exactly good with riffle shuffle, but you can do it).
Lets not say its adorable and fits well even on small hands.

Here’s a size comparison with the classical Raider-Waite tarot deck (big bic lighter for scale)

A comparison of an individual card with RW

It doesn’t lack anything in thickness though

And I’ll finish with a small card presentation, perfect for a small deck!