The Angel Of Lost Things

I’m doing some work that involves me transfiguring, for want of a better word, into the Angel of Lost Things.

This doesn’t mean I’m working with the Archangel Chamuel - it means I myself am becoming this. Yeah, I know how that sounds! :slight_smile:

Apparently I’ve got to lose myself in it for a while, and it’s not affecting my demonic and baneful links, I’ve checked and had strong confirmation there, it’s just another side of my personality expressed at angelic level.

Anyway, this seems to be spilling out all over my life, and the lives of people around me, so I’m posting because 1. I’ll be interested if anyone here has any coincidental stuff with lost items, lost people, or anything similar.

If you want to call on it/me, try using my avatar which is a valid link and use the name Angel Of Lost Things - if I get a name for this aspect alone, I’ll share it.

And 2. as important. if you’re doing something that relies upon, for example, some paperwork being lost, you might want to double-check with your spirits that it’s safely lost and remaining that way. Just in case.

I strongly doubt I have the ability to affect people in this way but I don’t want anyone’s hard work getting accidentally undone, and I’m not sure at this stage whether I have the ability to cause things to become lost, on the initiatory day I managed to get myself lost walking in a bit of the city I lived in for over seven years, and know like the back of my hand… it was freakish.

So I’m not assuming angel = positive all the time = things being found, I may be able to cause loss of things, but I’m not sure under what laws that will operate. Using the forumula of inverted pentagram and “Ban Angel of Lost Things” on anything your spirits say could be affected and which you want kept free of it should work. I know this sounds paranoid but if you saw my e-mail inbox, this is affecting a lot of people I know.

I’ll update on this bizarre new direction when possible but because several forum members from here have shown up in my dreams and been channels for me of life-altering events, I thought I’d share this right now, just in case. :slight_smile:

And I’ll share anything else useful along the path as soon as I can, of course - in this persona, I can hardly not!

Love and angelic blissfulness to y’all.


I’ve hopped over to here from another thread, so as not to take it off-topic:

After my experience with Ayahuasca and reading the " Tibetan Book of the Dead " ( a must read BTW )I’m convinced with are constantly being reborn until we live a pure life free of sin, and only then will we ascend to a higher level. This place is just pure ether.

Now don’t start thinking I’m a Bible basher , I have a fair idea I won’t be ascending any time soon but it gave me food for thought.[/quote]

It seems to me that we don’t have to “progress” in this manner unless we want to, although many people undoubtedly do.

I think what we call sin comes from pursuing personal desire at the possible expense of others, and yet this is a desire-based world - it was desired into being in some way according to almost every creation myth, and everything in it desires certain outcomes, crystals like to grow with their own type of chemical pairings, trees like to flourish in the sun, ducks like to swim, etc.

Desire comes from the possibility, one could say the polarity, of being denied those things when they’re wanted, so the world’s pain, which is enormous, is as a result of desires denied, be they natural and wholesome or otherwise - that makes no difference.

Without desire, there can be no suffering, and the pain of the victim of some crime still stems from their desire to have lived a life untroubled by the selfishness of others, and perhaps the loss of something important to them - peace of mind, valuable property, a loved one, or a basic sense of security.

So the only way out, which I did pursue for a long time, is to shed worldly desires as far as possible, and re-sacralise every aspect of life that can’t be shed, and then hope to leave the magnetic level that binds us by ceasing all desire, which in the final aspect has to include even the desire for liberation from this level.

Along the path of renouncing the world, it will begin to renounce you right back, and this is a natural process that can’t be bargained with or avoided, which is why most mystics are ascetics and hermits - something I don’t think is widely realised by western people who get sucked into yoga and hear terms like “non-attachment” bandied around lightly, as though this were somehow negotiable.

Having done that stuff, I’ve made the choice to remain in this world, so it doesn’t interest me to shed desire - basically I figure this world’s here and if there are things about it I dislike, I can just as easily stay and change them as run away from it all.

There are ways to avoid being a slave to attachments that are not the simplistic mystical admonition to do without, and to accept the loss and falling-away of those things, as well.

I’ve been working with this angelic energy recently which is like being bathed in a harmonic of complete love so strong that coming back and assuming the “Eva-identity” is like voluntarily giving up complete heavenly bliss to walk around in a cardboard doll composed of ideas and aspirations so limited that they feel confining.

That said, I like, respect, and love myself in a new way now, and I feel the same about everyone in my life who I’ve contemplated so far whilst in this state - it only breaks my heart how so many people feel not good enough… if only you could see yourself as angels see you, I don’t think you’d ever stop smiling.

But that’s another topic. :slight_smile:

That’s the state I reached before as a result of my hard work on the RHP and although I’m not sure how much of what I’m doing is transferable and replicable by anyone else, it might be worth asking an angel if they can show you this state of being so you can make a choice about what you want.

I am truly fallen - I was offered heaven as a human aspirant years ago, complete merger back to Parasiva, and I refused it, and turned my back intentionally to acquire power on earth and (I very much intend) my own kindgom.

This time I’m experiencing the same but as an aspect, a quality (and therefore not of the unquantifiable and quality-free Parasiva) and it’s a different experience and more suffused with bliss (a quality in itself, since it has an opposite) - the absolute beyond-flow bliss of transfiguration into the angelic, a state of being where all of your thoughts and values align to a single purpose lit by white-hot underlying love for every single aspect of the universe.

I know it’s affecting my mental state anyway so apologies if I seem a bit strange, the conventional human thing of saying “aw shucks, I think it might be angelic but hey who knows” seems, in this state of bliss, like an almost fraudulent denial of my lived self-evident truth.

So yeah, sorry if that stuff gets a bit annoying, I’ll try and keep a rein on it all! :smiley:

Anyway yeah, sin, desire, suffering, and the world, versus unconditional love and dissolution of ego - choose wisely, but they all exist, and so therefore on some level they’re all pleasing to the Source.


Edit to add - my wider point here is that a falling-away of desires such as you often see in elderly people and which is implied in many beliefs about the nature of an “old soul” has, maybe incorrectly, been interpreted to mean that such a thing is “evolution,” superior, and also inevitable, and I disagree.

I’m just watching the debate E.A. did with Astrid and the stuff he mentioned about becoming a singularity, that he also covered in a recent Q&A, to me that and then retaining individuation is true evolution.

I think a lot of mainstream religions mistake the path of becoming disenchanted with the world (which often comes from lack of tools to change it, or even lack of awareness that it can be changed) with a ripening of the soul, when in fact it’s a tactic to avoid suffering - often an understandable one given the circumstances of many people’s lives in the developing world.

But I don’t think it’s superior or the only correct progression for a person, which is why I turned my back on that and chose to, well, do the stuff I’m doing now.

Not any less verbose as an angel, am I…? :o)


I don’t think there are enough words to describe the metaphisical experiences we have, but you do give it justice.

In terms of the desire , I feel there are two main driving systems, the id ,which makes us seek out pleasurable experiences and then there’s the soul or spirit who just wants to do good, help others and so on.I read of a University study on why people feel the need to be “good” and it turns out to relate to the same reward/pleasure paths in our brains .They came to the theory that as we evolved , those who were better able to abide by the tribes rules and contribute to a cohesive environment , were more likely to propagate their genes.

So in conclusion , being “good” could all be just an evolutionary hang up and not based in morality as some would like to believe ,though I would still like to believe there is more to it.

Is it possible to go down the LHP and still be honorable to your fellow human being?

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LHP is about self improvement, making yourself stronger and getting what you want, no reason you can’t use that to help other people. Actually it makes you better able to help others, you can’t do shit if ypu’re weak, broke, and have no knowledge, skills, or confidence.

I believe so - I don’t have time for a long answer but the critical question to ask is, does the history of the world indicate that RHP beliefs, seriously held, are a guarantee of honourable behaviour?

I would say the 1500+ year experiment we’ve had in the west, with Xianity and now Islam, says not, and that the caste and gender-based violence of India suggests that even a non-monotheistic adherence to externally-dictated moral laws is no guarantee of people being decent to each other.

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I’m still contemplating which path to take, Crowley wrote of " The Law of Cause and Effect ,so what we send out , picks up momentum and returns three fold " , if that’s true then even when we curse our enemy’s , we will eventually pay for it in the end.

The more I learn about Necromancy , the more I want to do it, I’m just wondering , at. hat price I will pay if any.

This is the definition I use when I talk about LHP - it’s from the book Lords Of the Left-Hand Path by Stephen Flowers:

Essentially, the left-hand path is the path of non-union with the objective universe.

It is the way of isolating consciousness within the subjective universe and, in a state of self-imposed psychic solitude, refining the soul or psyche to ever more perfect levels. The objective universe is then made to harmonize itself with the will of the individual psyche rather than the other way around.

Where the right-hand path is theocentric (or certainly alleocentric: “other centred”), the left-hand path is psychecentric, or soul/self-centred. Those within the left-hand path may argue over the nature of this self/ego/soul, but the idea that the individual is the epicentre of the path itself seems undisputed.

An eternal seperation of the individual intelligence from the objective universe is sought in the left-hand path. This amounts to an immortality of the independent self-consciousness moving within the objective universe, and interacting with it at will.

So I’m talking about the desired destination of the soul, rather than the moral choices a person makes.

IMO anyone who decides being LHP means they get to act like a jerk is as badly flawed and ignorant as people who act like jerks in the name of Jesus or Allah. There’s literally no difference.

Spirits, afterlives, karma etc are all well and good, but people who act like assholes long enough usually create their own living hell of isolation and low self-respect, or toxic grandiosity that creates immense problems of a different kind.

The more I learn about Necromancy , the more I want to do it, I'm just wondering , at. hat price I will pay if any.

Necromancy doesn’t have to hurt the dead - or you.

I speak frequently to deceased people and I consider it mutually beneficial.

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I'm still contemplating which path to take, Crowley wrote of " The Law of Cause and Effect ,so what we send out , picks up momentum and returns three fold " , if that's true then even when we curse our enemy's , we will eventually pay for it in the end.

Personally i think that “3 fold rule” is misinterpreted as a warning against baneful acts. If your curse is an equal reaction you’re merely applying one of Newton’s laws (every action has anequal and opposite reaction). And also it would apply more to how you feel about your work, if you think you’re gonna get slapped for doing something you “shouldn’t” be doing, you’ll feel bad, attract bad things, the few times i’ve ever felt the need to take that kind of action i’ve had no problems with any “price” because i was balancing the equation, or prevnting an unbalancing from occuring in the first place.

Pretty much this^.

Here’s my take. If you want to do shitty things to people just because you can, I believe there’s a price to be paid. Call it Karma, cause and effect, or whatever you choose, but there is a balancing of the scales.

OTOH, if someone does something to you, unprovoked (just because they can and want to for shits and grins), I believe the Multiverse gives you carte blanche to balance the scales free of penalty. Self defense, it seems to me, is a universal law. At least (as Lady Eva would say) that’s what my UPG tells me.

Like TieguaiLi said, I believe Crowley was warning people to make damn sure you’re justified before unleashing baneful magic. My current belief system finds no validity in the “Law of Threes”. It seems to me you’re maybe viewing things through the filter of religion. You need to stop doing that and realize religion, and all it’s trappings, like morality, sin, damnation, etc., are man made and only exist in the manifest universe. There is no good and evil in the universe, only immutable law that comes from divinity, to paraphrase Bardon.

Like TieguaiLi said, I believe Crowley was warning people to make damn sure you’re justified before unleashing baneful magic. My current belief system finds no validity in the “Law of Threes”. It seems to me you’re maybe viewing things through the filter of religion. You need to stop doing that and realize religion, and all it’s trappings, like morality, sin, damnation, etc., are man made and only exist in the manifest universe. There is no good and evil in the universe, only immutable law that comes from divinity, to paraphrase Bardon.[/quote]

Easier said than done, I grew up in a staunch Catholic country and was dragged to mass every Sunday .

On removing the religion filter, in the Book of Abraham the Mage, he says it’s better to have grew up in a faith based environment when practicing Magick than one who denounced his faith or were atheist. I sort of get what he means, as being open to the impossible ,like Christ’s miracles , make it easier for the magician to accept the unbelievable .

I understand completely, but it can be done, and it needs to be done if you wish to progress down this road. Using religion as a litmus test for all of the new knowledge you’re exposing yourself to will cause you to second guess yourself and your choices. Obviously, that creates issues, and in some cases, sends the would-be practitioner running back to the loving arms of religion.

You need to put religion in it’s proper perspective and free your mind of it’s control. It’s normal to feel conflicted at first, after all, you’re shedding years or decades of programming, and it doesn’t want to go without a fight. The fact that you’re here on BALG shows that you’ve started the process. Keep pushing, it’ll get easier.

I salute you for being an angel, friend!

Thanks Chef, im halfway through Galdorbok( I’m going to really study this) , Satan , Jesus and Thor sitting in Valhalla lol, and Eric’s lecture, I’m pissed as hell now at the religious idiots in this country.