That Moment When 8: Strange days stranger nights

Are you far sighted?

TMW its sitll the same month, and you work runes to save the SECOND person from suicide…

im not saying its getting old, im just pointing out this “if i got a dollar for everytime that happened -i would have two, and its strange already”
(or however that quote goes)


I mean my rape led to me being submissive when I want to and a CNC kink. It’s about having control over what you weren’t in control of at one time.


OH MY GODS… she already had that before:flushed:
shit what monster did this pot-smokin thug create???

edit: also …why am i impressed and aroused?

edit: rhetorical question

Not always. I am not saying she has that kink she does. That’s how I coped with my abuse of that nature. Lots and lots of therapy too.

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Tmw Lilith and Beelzebub have your back despite your worst mistakes…

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Tmw you’re sick as fuck

those who are with me keep saying stuff like
“we dont want your apologies or excuses, what we do want, is to see you do the work”

i also find it quite amazing, sometimes i -very suddly, find myself trapped in desperation and frustration, long angry rants -followed by the realization of what i actually have to do. And afterwards i realize that this was planned to some degree. ~Like act of vomiting out the spiritual and mental crap, only to see things mroe clearly.

i also heard multiple times, that they dont abandon us,
but we abandon ourselves. And once we stop being stupid, we will be able to hear them again.

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no i mean…she told me.

Other than that, im currently trying to not baet herself up or view herself as a used sex-toy.

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It’s a lot what she really needs is therapy and support. Then go from there.

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Thanks, I keep sneezing and coughing and my head is clogged, I hate it

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Tmw, you must once again ask yourself…

"Why am I like this?.."


Near sighted…i got my appointment friday and I redneck my glasses so I can see

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Tmw watching Jujutsu Kaisen teaches you that one thing you needed to know to improve your technique…

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TMW… My cat Blanche has something like a tumor in her mouth, it’s growing and bleeding, and she might have to be put down next week. I’m doing healing work all the time and it pushes it back a little then I go do some work and it comes back. Ebuhuel and Raphael are aware. There’s just so little time.

If anyone had a minute, I’d so appreciate any good thoughts and healing energy sent her way. :pray: :heart:


Call on Ariel too. She really covers all animals not just wild one. Do you have clear quartz? You can use that to trap some of it too. I have had clear go completely foggy when using it on my animals.

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I’ll try Ariel tonight. :slight_smile: I have lots of clear quartz, I’ll but bits all around her sleeping spots.

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I do some workings for her too. Is it possible to get a 2nd opinion of the week? I just feel like she still has a bit of life left. You can see that in her eyes and energy.

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I posted a mantra from Ariel that may be of use for your kitty: