That Moment When 8: Strange days stranger nights

Thank you! :smiley: I will definitely add that to the energy work I’m doing to give it oomph.

She’s a cat’s cat! Always been a fighter. Bane of mice and eater of snakes. lol

In the last hour the swelling has reduced! … and In the interests of setting the right energy I cancelled the euthanasia appointment, and instead will get jaw xrays. I’ll have to cleanse her of the crappy energy xrays infuse you with (the last time I had one I walked back to my car feeling like a slug trailing slime), but that should be easier, as it will be new energy not embedded.

I think the astral level is looking good, and the healing on the physical and keeping the astral level healed is helping. Yay!

Thanks you again :slight_smile:


I’ll send some her way in a few minutes.


Thank you thank you :pray: :smiley:


You are so welcome. I can usually look at animals and tell time is near. I don’t see that kind of energy in her. I would hold off until she tells you if that’s the path that is happening. Maybe X-rays will find something that will be helpful in her healing.

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Tmw, though you’re not a practicing druid…

If you were, you’ve suddenly realized you already have a few trees in your “grove”…:open_mouth:


Should probably start that "journal of green Magic"


Probably an idea already had, but recently it occurred me that a magician may learn origami and use it for in/evocation. On the basis of an advice sometimes suggested, the figure would be behind incense smoke (…or also simply in front of the summoner) and of course represent an angel, devil, gnome etc.

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Yoh what’s this thread about?

Anything and everything. It’s our chat thread.

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TMW random cats:



TMW can someone clever please check this?! :laughing:


We need more complicated numbers, like 5% of 277. :thinking:

I made ~13.5, doing it lazy old-school (10% halved).

Well shit:

2.77 divided by 5 = 13.85.

277 x 5 = 1385 then you just logic out where the dot goes.

What dark sorcery is this?! :eyes:


Brain not in math mode :joy:. Pharmacology took over in college for me. Getting medical doses still prevail for me and can be pain. One slip up could be major. (Do not miss that part at all of the years I did medical)

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folks, check this out if you are struggling.

-literal loss of magic

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reading threw this thread i began to try n find connection again…while doing so I also got some answers to why I felt (he gets everything I want…) in reflection of this and continued reading the thread I began to find my answers that I allowed him to take my wants because of dissolution’s/ mistakes. He’s with my spirit guide, my spirits helps me get my want’s, “i get these things for YOu” my bf tells me.

I don’t like hearing him say “your not strong enough to get your wants” interpretation powerful/knowledgeable to talk in truth and logic to live out fantasies …be it a bike ride or dinner on the lake with son.

I’ve truly grown much in self awareness and explored my sexuality some, but so much more to explore and discover.

much application to you all for being you

Oh, needed that. Thanks!


I am getting my new glasses Tuesday…finally

TMW the radiologist was shocked and had never seen a person with fully formed cervical ribs

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Quick update and massive thanks to all who helpde.

Blanche is doing much better, is booked in to see an oral surgeon and though we still don’t know if it’s cancer yet, she’s got a lot of quality of life back.

@DarkestKnight Ariel is awesome and your mantra really helps boots the healing energy. Just have to keep it going. I use the mantra in threes several times a day. :slight_smile:


Excellent! Glad to hear your kitty is improving :heart_eyes_cat: