Success On Music Career

Hello. Any good ideas how I can use magick or which deity I could work with to increase my luck so I would be able to make my music career happen? Of course everybody knows the old “sell your soul to the devil” but I am not interested in selling my soul but want to increase the chance of my likelihood to be at the right place at the right time to be able to at some point make music. Thanks for all help and of course if you have tried to do magick to get to your music goals I’d like to know how it went. :slight_smile:


King paimon and a few others can help you with your goals of that I’ve actually tried and got cold feet lol but they can help as long as you stay in it


If you’re really dedicated and willing to work hard for you goal, King Paimon can help you.
And you can keep your soul.


I make music myself so I’ll tell you what worked for me in the beginning.
The spirits who helped me the most with creating opportunities to make a living with my music are Bune, Marax and Nikita.
For inspiration, Lucifer, Lilith and Aphrodite are my go-to.


It depends on what your doing in the musical field. If you can elaborate would be better. There are many goatia that help with musical abilities. I have worked successfully with a couple of them in the music industry.

Thank you! I already work with Lilith but the others sound very interesting too. :blush: What kind of music do you make? :slight_smile:


I sing and write lyrics. Mainly my music get’s inspiration from challenging the norm, taboos, horror, mental health, politics etc. Mainly my stuff is Norvana type grunge and mildly aggressive rap music. :grin:

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Bro it’s my dream too lived from music it’s my hobby my mission i love it
do you think duchess bune can help me make a big money through music ?