Spirit of the day, reflections, meditations, and thoughts

This will serve as my new day to day working journal. I’m doing this to further strengthen my practice by adding a layer of accountability to it.


Spirit of the day: Marax

Teaches astronomy and liberal science and knows the virtues of precious stones and herbs. Gives good familiars.

This is a spirit I’d like to actually work with for my jewelry making business. I think in a couple months before Christmas I’ll evoke him and Prince Stolas for some continuing education on the properties of the stones I work with.

He represents the page of pentacles according to this particular deck.

Financial stability and increase are two things that come to mind with this card.

Today I’ll rest and watch some good movies I think. Perhaps I’ll do some spirit work with Prince Orobas for the sense of touch today also.

I just got done giving honors to Duke Dantalion for his part in a recent successful evocation project.

That’s all for now.


Spirit of the day:. Duke Amduscias

Causes any manner of music to be played. Causes trees to bend at will. Brings excellent familiars.

My personal experience with him is very limited. I do know from experience he’s unpredictable and very strong.

I had an order mate evoke him and that night after the ceremony he reported walking by a mirror in his home and for a moment there was someone else’s reflection leering at him, then it vanished. You’ll have that in some of your bigger jobs :laughing::laughing:.

I don’t know I’ll be evoking him anytime in the near future. He is interesting though. Vk jehennum calls him the standard bearer of sitrah ahra. I think that’s pretty cool.

Today I djinn work to do.


I’m going to do a spirit/tarot reading using a new method I’ve been developing using the occult tarot deck by Travis McHenry. This is inspired by his instructions but ive taken the liberty of modifying this to suit my needs and taste.

Using this method I can identify individual spirits at key points and then interact with them to make changes to what I’m seeing.

Let’s do an example of my forcast for the next 4-6 weeks.


Honor Prince Orobas and call on him for an accurate reading.

Shuffle the deck X3, cut into 3 piles, tap three times and cut once and draw.

Card one:. This denotes my general energies surrounding me and my query. It also shows me what spirit will act as my guide for this matter.

Glaysa labolas: 7 of wands
I interpret this as “faith overcomes my obstacles and my goals are within reach. First consider the consequences of my actions and swiftly act to seize the moment”

Card two
This card shows me what spirit is in opposition to my agenda and what obstacles I can expect to see during this time.

Bathin : the knight of wands

Beware of acting on impatience, and beware the falsehoods and white lies of others.

Card three my near future

Aim: 5 of cups

Beware things may not be as they seem, guard against deception. Handle unfinished business promptly.

Card four

What I need to do to advance my agenda.

Vual: three of wands

Use my talents to thier best effect and combine my work with that of friends to advance my cause.

Card five

Energies leaving my life

Bael: the emperor

This is interesting because I just finished a period of close mentorship working with King Bael. Additional divinitory meanings include: a period of planning and allocating resources to a specific cause has ended.

Card six

A spirit ally willing to assist me in my agenda and the results he can bring me.

Phenex: the queen of cups

I absolutely adore marquis Phenex. I’m super glad she/he is willing to be my ally here. I should also be on the look out for a strong, matronly woman that has my interests in mind.

Card 7

A representative of myself and the heart of my agenda.

Queen Beleth: knight of cups

Joyful times, a break from responsibility, relaxation, pleasurable pursuits.

Card 8

A spirit on the periphery that may be willing to assist me.

Marax: page of pentacles

This could indicate Abit of luck with finances I’m the near future. Most excellent. I was just talking about Marax yesterday too.

Card 9

The best or worst I can hope for

Asmoday: King of wands

Success with navigating complex situations. A personal warning not to excessively indulge in intoxication.

Card 10

The spirit that I must honor to have the best possible outcome.

Ronove:8 wands

All of my plans have a green light. Move forward.

Ok this reading is overall quite positive. I’ve noted there are quite a few wands present. Five exactly and three cups. This indicates to me there may be a slight bit of friction moving forward but these are small minutiae issues easily resolvable.

The next step after the reading is finished is I honor the spirits in opposition ( card 2 Bathin) card six my ally Phenex and card 10 ronove.

To do this I take out thier seals and light a piece of incense for them and thank them for thier assistance and ask that they not oppress my agenda with opposition.

I’ve tried this method several times and I’m having excellent success with it. I expect the method will change and evolve over time but so far so good.

@sailing this is the hybrid reading method I mentioned I was developing when we had that occult tarot thread a couple months ago.

I’m definitely aware the method is unorthodox but I’m going to continue experimenting with it. I think it has potential.


I like it. Kind of what I was doing with random draws of a major, a court, and a minor; the minors having two Shem and two Goets

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I should be more specific. Since my method of deriving Goets was through a minor card, your deck and your intent is innovative, and I like that.
Luckily you have more developed senses than I do, so I see you having success with this :slight_smile:

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@Fuego the occult tarot decks attributes the spirits differently than say the golden dawn tarot or tarot of ceremonial magick would. It’s definitely unique. I’m not exactly sure how Travis McHenry came with the actual placements but it is interesting and it works if you chose to allow it to.

I like the method and the deck because I can pinpoint specific spirits acting on certain inflection points of my life and if they’re in opposition I can honor that spirit to mitigate some of the opposition and give my agenda a better chance of manifesting how I want it to.


@Fuego at times too I’m not certain it’s the spirit itself acting on the pressure points of my life or it’s a personified set of energies that I’m actually seeing and interacting with. More experimentation and study are going to be needed for me to decide what I think of that.


Right on. I really do think your idea has a lot of promise. Keep on it bro.

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Spirit of the day

Duchess Vepar is a powerful and frightening spirit ( to me)

I have a real fear of something I can’t see pulling me under the water and drowning. I like Vepar because she is able to make ones life calm and peaceful and guide someone through stormy waters.

Very interesting spirit. I suspect this was an undine Goddess that fell. That’s just Upg though.

I have Djinn work to do today also.


Interesting. The first thought that came to mind seeing the full figure is Starbucks logo.
It is interesting the way you interpret these positively. For example, in my meditation, my major was Empress, followed by Ace of Swords and then 6 of Coins, which is assigned Marbas and Focalor, Nememiah and Yeyelel. Marbas I can see me calling. Focalor not so much. Will have to go back and read your evocation book on these two and try to see them differently.

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Marbas is a great spirit. He really doesn’t have a “demonic” energy in my experience. Very friendly and genuinely cares about the health of his patients. He was real good to me.

Focalor…if I was under attack magickally or was cursed. I’d call him in for a hex breaking action. He’s cool @Fuego.


Done. Called them both. Interesting, while the new moon is in Libra, this would also be great for reducing curses or hexes. The 6 of Coins is Luna in Taurus, where currently Uranus is sitting in taurus as well.

Vepars description paraphrased by you is quite interesting, as Lilith is said to do the same thing per Karlsson. I wonder if they work together.

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I don’t think they work in tandem I think they’re from different pantheons but I could be wrong too.

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You know what deck you’d like @Fuego the tarot of ceremonial magick by duquette that’s a great deck bud.


Funny, I used to have one before my chistian freakout, but loved that deck. Would love to get that one, the magicians tarot, and the tarot deck you use. Also the celtic tarot and celtic dragon tarot.

There is at least 4-5 at 50 a pop. Gonna be a while.

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God I love living in Asia. My occult tarot deck cost me 5$ brand-new in the box. Maybe 6$ with shipping. @Fuego


Btw we’ve pretty much all had a Christian freakout.( Well most occultists I know have anyway) I’ve had two in 21 years lol. Waste of Time lol


I’m going to do something with this ring and I think it will be djinn related.

I’m not 100% sure yet what I’m doing but when I figure it out it’ll be cool I’m sure.


Dream journal

God I just had the weirdest dream. I was getting followed around by these people I didn’t like and finally I found a dude I friends with in elementary school. This dude was a “bad dude” always getting in fights and being billy badass but in my dream he was all grown up. I asked him to help me with the people pursuing me and he beat thier asses really bad. His name was Bryan. Anyway then things go dark and I wake up in bed with two prostitutes who apparently rocked my world. The only problem was my credit card was damaged and I couldn’t pay them so they took my rings. My black ring and my.gold ring featured above. Wtf 🤷🤷🤷🤷. Atleast they were hot.