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Spirit of the day president Marbas

This is an absolutely fantastic spirit to work with he gets gets very high marks in my book.

No practice today I need to go have a tooth pulled this morning. :tooth::toolbox::confused:


God guys sometimes I’m really dense. I have a dentist appointment this morning for a broken tooth extraction . The spirit of the day was Marbas. Maybe I should try putting 2+2 together , obviously president Marbas is reaching out to me. I decided to meet him halfway and ask he make the dental trip more bearable.

Hail President Marbas


Dental trip a success. Turns out two teeth were broken and causing me great suffering.
Only part that hurt was the anesthesia the needles. That was like 2 minutes. I just had to be a man. Now I feel fine. Thanks Dr. Marbas.


Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Ok so it’s 1230 a.m. I just had a weird Dream. I think I was In Goetic hell again. This has been frequently happening to me in my trance and dreams since completing the 72 project.

I was in a stadium under the stars. There were several boxing rings under different canopies. In the boxing rings were men and women sparring, dancing, wrestling and having sex. It was like a cross between mad max and a renaissance festival.

Then this man came in that was strapped to this wheelchair contraption that looked like a wheelchair shaped like a big alligator.

When arrived he had a sword and red leather armor and a crown. All the festivities stopped and everyone bowed to him. Then he gave a signal and the party ensued.

I think this was Duke Sallos. I have a friend who mentioned him in conversation today but even more telling I agreed to assist a young woman in a love related matter. I’ll need to do some divination but I may need to include duke Sallos in the line up if he’s asking to be part of the project. Interesting. I’m going back to sleep maybe there will be more dreams that reveal the truth of the matter.


Spirit of the day


This guy is real cool. :grin:

The first time I evoked him during the 72 challenge he flat the fuck out slammed the door in my face.

I waited a few weeks and tried again. The first thing he said to me when he arrived was “I don’t like you,I don’t like your face”. I sent him away pissed.

The third time I’d had enough of his shit. He was always very slow to respond to my calls too. This time he showed up and before he could say anything I said " I don’t like you either but can we work together in the future?". I heard laughter and he said yes we can. After that he and I were cool. A sort of uneasy understanding was reached.

This guy is great to have on your team. I consider him the spiritual punisher.

Not alot going on today. I’m going to relax and rest. Tomorrow I’ll do some spirit training.


Oh my.


Yeah he wasn’t Mr. Friendly when we met. Not everyone is going to like me I’ve realized. Only thing I can do is continue courting him until we have friendlier relations…or just not work with him unless I HAVE too. Probably option B. :grin:


Well I’ve changed my mind about today. I’m going to be performing a djinn ritual on my djinn altar.

I will be calling on
Mighty King, Al-Ahmar Abbu Muhrez
To assist me with determination and will power and to address a procrastination issue.

God I love the Djinn. 🧞‍♂️


This thread is a delight, please keep going :nerd_face::nerd_face:

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I recommend this book for your procrastination problem, it’s very simple yet effective. To put it briefly, say 1.5-page affirmations during trance and get instant results.

Instant self-hypnosis: how to hypnotize yourself with your eyes open

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Speaking of procrastinating Ive needed a haircut for two weeks…🤷

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Spirit of the day


Again…wow…I can’t make this shit up. That’s twice in one week.

He’s definitely reaching out to me. I’ll need to evoke him this weekend and find out what’s going on. See what he wants.

Dream journal

I dreamed I was a powerful magician. The seas rose and fell at my command. Cool dream.

Today I have business in Manila. I’ll be back before lunch time. I plan to work in clairvoyance with Prince Orobas today.


I have a major project that will start Friday. I can’t talk much about it as it’s pending. It’s about a woman in love trying to save her marriage.

So I’m going to put it together and make this real for her.

Prince Orobas - Team leader : reconciliation and return of the lost relationship.

Duke Sallos - For love

Haures - to destroy opposition

Duke Agares - to return a runaway

Queen Beleth -. To restore thier loving union.

Andromalius - to punish the thief of hearts and cause return to the rightfully married relationship.

Duchess Gremory - to bring out desire and passion.

This will be a demonstration of my spirits power in this world


I talked to Prince Orobas about this ring.

It looks like me and a few Goetic spirits are going to enchant it or imbue it with certain qualities.

Prince Orobas - for the friendship of all people I encounter, and for divination.

King Paimon - for clairaudience.

King Asmoday for clairvoyance.

King Purson - to see that which is hidden.

King Balam for psychometry… divination by touch

King Bael -. To protect me by clouding the eyesight of my enemies.

King Vine -.to throw down all walls and obstacles in my way.

This will be a fantastic project.


Spirit of the day

King Asmoday

I certainly love seeing king Asmoday. I think he may have picked up on a discussion I was having here on Balg last night. Perhaps he wanted to see what was going on with me. Or perhaps he came yesterday and today and helped me fulfill my ambitions.

In any case it’s always a good think to see sucha great spirit around.

Hail King Asmoday.

Today I have a channelling scheduled with Prince Orobas. Always exciting.


Well I changed my mind about my Goetic super ring. I think I’m going to keep it simple. I did some research on the specific kind of opal this is (moonstone) and I’ve decided to make this ring assist me in seeing things clearly. To see things clearly was a lesson my third teacher drove into me many times. His point was many things we encounter in our lives, people, places, situations, spirits are not as they appear to be on the surface. This stone sharpens the sight and also is used for clairvoyance.

I’m going to wear it 7 days straight to attune it to me and then evoke this Prince Orobas to bless the ring with his divination gifts.

This will be a simple and direct annointing and charging of the ring with my energy and if he’s willing his also.

That’s what I’m going with.


Spirit of the day

Glaysa labolas

This is a very interesting spirit. It can for tell things of the future, cause the love of friends or enemies, make you invisible, and cause bloodshed, injury and death.

This is a very wide array of powers and offices. Some seemingly contradictory on the surface. How do we reconcile the bloodshed and mayhem with also causing love and invisibility? Quite a mystery, and I love a good mystery.

I’ve encountered GL in the dream world a few times, I’ve never worked with her before but I have worked with Andras, another heavy hitter in the Goetic league.

If anyone out there has worked with GL for non hostile reasons I’d be very interested in hearing your experience.

Today I have the Evocation of Prince Orobas planned for a new project I’m embarking on with an order mate.


I evoked Prince Orobas this morning. He came very quickly and strongly, you could say he was in excellent spirits…

We had a bit of pleasant banter, he actually asked me how I was doing…as if he doesn’t know how I’m doing :grin:, he was quite friendly and polite. I gave him some brandy and oats as a gift which he seemed pleased about.

I finished my new ring project and it turned out fantastically. I think I’ll keep and use this charmed ring for many many years.

All in All a very productive and good morning.

Hail Prince Orobas 55th spirit of the Goetia!


Spirit of the day

The marquis Sabnock

I really like this guy. If you read my last journal several months ago I was taken In dream to a huge country house on what looked like a forested hill on the US east coast. When I went inside this house I heard a voice say “you are in the house of Sabnock”.

The place was incredible beyond dreams. Treasures displayed from countless conquests throughout history. There looked to be several human souls I encountered tending to the grounds desperate to escape but unable to…as if they were possessions of Sabnock…

Fucking unreal. Fascinating.

One of his most awesome abilities is to wear down his enemies by infesting them with parasites that make them have repetitive negative thoughts continually. He’s amazing.

This morning I’ll be using non traditional methods of evocation to work with Duke Agares.

I’m very excited about the prospect of forging stronger ties to this powerful entity.

I have no other major plans for today.