Spare Style Sigil Tips?

I don’t have any experience in working with sigil’s. I’ve come across a few different ways to make them but I’m really not sure which one to go with. Any advice or tips? And how do they work? Would also love to hear about any of your guys experiences with Spare Style Sigil’s!

I’ve been dabbling with sigil magick for a long time.
Trying so hard not to sound cliché or anything, for me, there is no wrong or right way to go about it.
The idea is to create a symbol that resonates with you and speaks your desire. That’s why there are many methods out there. You can use the simplest or the most complicated method and still get results, so long as you feel that the sigil you’ve made is an accurate representation of what you wish to put out to the universe and what you wish to attract.

In terms of making the sigil design , I’d say that the easiest and recommended method is the witch’s wheel ,used in chaos magick sigil generating. The practitioner literally puts little to no effort in making the sigil.
Then, you can go with the “traditional” method of starting from scratch , which I personally wouldn’t recommend for beginners in sigil magick, solely because it involves visualization and imagination in combining lines and curves into a symbol. I know my first attempts in sigil magick using this method were somewhat … embarassing.

So, concluding, in terms of results and charging, all methods grant the same. Thus, you go with the one that you feel confidence in.

Some tips for you would be:

  • After you’ve made a sigil concentrate and meditate on it for a little while. Do you feel its purpose? If not, no matter how much you like the design , discard it. I’ve found that sigils must radiate a strong energy of purpose in order to work (no matter if they’re charged or not).
  • Always state your desires in present tense. All methods I’m currently aware of , use a sentence and create a sigil out of it. This sentence must be in present tense. For example, don’t say " I want to be rich", or else you’ll spend a lifetime wanting to be rich and not actually getting more money.
  • Be very specific with what you ask. Don’t say “I am successful” in general. Instead, ask yourself. Successful in what?
  • After you’re done charging your sigil store it somewhere or burn it , but forget about its existence and your magick. Eliminate all lust for results.
  • I wouldn’t recommend a re-do of the ritual. For me, it messed with the first instead of strengthening the magick. Yet, again I’m speaking from my experience.

My latest success story with sigil magick:

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Chaos magick by Adam Blackthorne has a simple method of creating chaos sigils.

One great tip from that book is the use of a question instead of an affirmation when creating the sigil.
“I have an amazing car” would be “How did I get this amazing car?”.
I like this more than the affirmation.

If you want more tips, Norski (a member on this forum) had great success with sigils.


The problem with Blackthorne’s method is that a question requires a bigger sentence and furthermore more letters than an affirmation. This could complicate the design of the sigil even more, making it hard for a beginner in chaos magick to both make and concentrate on it. But, overall, this works ,too. Thanks for reminding me, I had almost forgotten about it. I didn’t use it much, probably one or two times, and it got erased from my short term memory. I had downloaded the book in pdf ,back then, but I switched phones and ,well. :joy::+1:t2: Need to get that book again btw. Internet here I come.


Yeah it’s true, the sentence is kinda long, that’s why Adam advises to use “automatic writing” where you feel the question and just scribble on the paper. Not really elegant but it’s your intent that matters I guess

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Practical Sigil Magick by Frater U.D. is specifically rooted in Spare’s methods.
Really, I’d recommend reading the works of Austin Osman Spare himself. Quite a lot there to go through, but it’s more or less all useable.

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