Magick is real and it can help you immensely (Proof of my experience)

I keep reading posts by people questioning if magick is real or not and expressing disappointment and disbelief at every “failure” they may have during their journey. Some people quit just because their magick “doesn’t bring results”.
Listen to me when I tell you this IT’S A SHAME TO QUIT JUST BECAUSE YOU FAILED.
You mean to tell me that if you failed a job interview you’d quit searching for a job? Failure is a part of everyday life, a necessary evil and crucial to one’s ascend, no matter how stupid it may sound.

Magick is real.
I will use my personal example, since no matter how much I tell you that it is an actual thing that could give you immense power over your life, at the end of the day ,my words are just theory.

A little while ago, I did some sigil magick to augment my creativity and get better at art. I burned the two sigils I made and gave it time. I forgot about it.
Today, I was sitting in my room wondering what I should do to pass the time. I was in no mood for meditation , so I decided to draw something.
I decided to draw a female figure from a dream I had a couple of days ago.
The results were shocking.

This is what my drawings looked like before the magick.

And this is the drawing I did today.

And, no, I’m not saying that I suddenly draw perfectly, but in a short span of 4 months ( during which I practised , but not extensively) the results were impressive and the difference ,well , obvious. Those results couldn’t be achieved in this short period of time without magick. At least not for me. I’ve never been a good artist.

Not trying to promote anything here, just give you a little proof that magick is real and can help you. So don’t give up! Keep practicing and you’ll get better and more open!

Infernal blessings brothers and sisters :black_heart::metal:t2:


aggressively points at second pic

All jokes aside ,you’ve really improved! This is definitely proof of what a pencil , a piece of paper and intention can achieve!
Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t2:

P.s the spider tho… :heart:


The second pic doesn’t count , it was after I had done the sigil magick! :joy:

You’re welcome.

Haha yeah, I was surprised it turned out as fabulous as this (not to brag or anything lol)


It really is a shame that people quit just because they had one failure and faced one obstacle… I wish they understood it’s all part of the process…


I know… Even though I usually mind my own business and don’t get involved in matters that are not my own, the new occultists that get discouraged by failure hit my sensitive spots. Because I’ve been there. And I know how hard it is to read about all those experiences that others claim to have while being stuck at not being able to meditate. And I know it fucking sucks.


It really does. The sad part is that even when given proof that magic works perfectly fine, they still get discouraged when they can’t do it for themselves and then there are the many posts “i need someone to contact a demon/cast a spell for me” ect.


I mean, I don’t blame them for that. Yes, it’s kind of annoying at times to see very interesting posts get mixed up with “can someone contact my succubus for me?” ones, but I still get it, don’t you?
But we tend to forget how tiring it was for us, too , when we started practicing.


Okay yeah, you got a point there. :sweat_smile:
I do forget how it was diving in this hole with absolutely no experience.


Everyones progress in their journey is different: Some are fast learners and will pick things up easy, some are in the middle and some need more time to research, develop senses, etc. People need not get discouraged, though I know it may be hard not to.


I actually tend to think that overcoming the obstacle of discouragement is the most important and difficult step for a beginner. That and the so-called “lust for results”.


And of course impatience plays an important role.


I’ve always wondered what that means? Is it being positive that a spell will work or wanting it too work too much? I’ve always assumed the latter


Yeah, it sure does.

Are you talking about “lust for results”? It is basically when people keep thinking about the magick, f.e a spell they just cast and expecting to see results from the first day, then the day after and so on. They don’t understand that this lust interferes with the magick and either cancels the spell or further delays the results. So basically the latter, yeah.


Nice! Keep up the progress!
I had my fair share of failures and successes with magick myself… it gets on my nerves when people give up… you don’t need to believe in magick for it to work! You just have to pass the intent to your subconscious successfully! Everyone needs to search and understand the 7 hermetic principles so they understand how to work magick better!


Very well said! :slightly_smiling_face:


Magic isnt working for me, thats why I made the account, I hope I get as many successes as this.

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Sorry i just did

Thank you. I’m sure you’ll eventually start seeing results and witness success if you keep practising and not get discouraged. I’ve had to watch myself fail one too many times to get where I am , and even now I keep practicing and researching and spread my wings to other aspects of magick. It’s lifelong journey, but that’s partly why it’s so appealing ,is it not? :slightly_smiling_face:


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