Difference between entity sigils, making your own, and using something like sigilscribe

Honestly it’s something that I am wondering about I understand that sigils for entities are to communicate with them. But sigils that you make vs using something like sigilscribe is there a difference?


I, personally, think the ones you make are more powerful.

But to each their own, at the and of the day you’re pouring energy into it anyways


I’d never heard of sigilscribe. But a quick online search yielded a fun discovery so thanks lol. I reckon the more personal the sigil design and construction, the more powerful; as @KingOfHearts616 said.

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Shouldn’t make too much of a difference imo.


I like older sigils personally because they’ve been used by others for a long time and that gives them power but if I can’t find a sigil I’ll channel one or draw my own. Good question!


I still use them occasionally but it’s better to just use the name.

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