Sigil Making

Hello everyone i found this youtube video while looking around on youtube and was wondering if this was a decent way to go about making sigils, i do something like this but have always had minimal success. also while typing this i am not sure why my third eye has started twitching.

How to use Sigils and do Sigil Magic for Beginners #shorts - YouTube


This method works very well, IMO. The video was more of a general outline, but the technique is sound.

What method of generation are you using now, and what method of charging?

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I use something like that actually its mostly like that but I charge and destroy before I forget


I used to do it like that, and I also had very minimal success. The forgetting is super important in manifestation through chaos sigils for most people I have spoken with. May I offer something from a different thread I just shared which addresses exactly that problem?


that would be amazing thank you

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Pre-charge is my chosen method. This is not really going to work in situations where time or desperation is a factor, but if you plan on incorporating sigil magick into your practice on a regular basis I have found none better. When I generate a sigil, I burn it into my subconscious at a separate time from when I empower it.

When you burn something into your subconscious, it is there whether your conscious mind is aware of this or not. This leaves you free to forget about it for however long you need to do so. When you are ready to actually activate the sigil, you sink into your state and charge the sigil as normal, and release according to personal preference.

What is most important is that you wrap your head around the fact that burning the intent associated with the sigil into your head and the empowering of that intent can be mutually exclusive, if you train yourself to work that way. It absolutely does not need to be part of the same action.

For this I make sigils that are something I will, but something that I would also will a year from now, potentially. In other words, nothing too specific. If it is something specific, I try not to make it too personal or negative. Otherwise, I could end up fucking something up after a change of heart without realizing it :wink: I generate and ‘pre-charge’ sigils into my subconscious while in state, stopping just prior to full empowerment. Then I stick them in a folder. Every so often I go through the folder. If I cannot remember what a particular sigil means, I take it out and put it in a separate “ready to charge” folder.

This is a sample from my current ‘ready to charge’. I have cool shit lined up for myself for months and I don’t even remember what it is to expect. Which is why it works.

Now, you still need a way to know what it is you are doing to keep track of results. So, as you generate them, take a pic an send it to a file along with the intent. As you release them, take pics. Put each grouping on a six month stagger. Six months has proven for me to be a reasonable time to allow for manifestation without tripping over intents. Then check groupings every six months and note results, shoal, etc.


how do you go about burning into your subconcious? do you just meditate on it or do you just open it?

also i heard its incredibly usefull to create sigil after sigil so that as you make the new one you forget about the last

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During the process of creation and the pre-charge I do a few things. First, when I create a sigil, I am visualizing the intent while designing it. I also like to chant the intent while doing so. It creates association in your mind through multiple forms of sensory input. When I am happy with the design, I ‘open it’ and commit it to memory. Then I destroy it. I then make a final, cleaned up version of the sigil from memory. During this I am still doing visualization and chanting. I then ‘open it’ again in a nice passive trance, kind of like the one that happens when you watch television. I have found that getting into the proper state kind of automatically let’s it get burned into your subconscious, so once you get there, just hold it for a good 10-15 minutes. It’s basically the same methodology that allows advertising/marketing campaigns through electronic media to be so effective. If it did not work, businesses would not spend billions doing it.

Just stop prior to the point when you would try to energize it.

It definitely can be. This carries over to non-sigil magick, too. Forgetting, or at the least not having excessive lust for results is a huge make or break factor. That’s why daily practice is such a good habit (among other reasons). After a while you lose track of what you have done, and that is often the point when manifestation is possible. I do 1-2/ week, and release the same number. It flows nicely. Like water. I like water :slight_smile:


while you were tyoing I have gone mad with sigils lol i have made… 11 i think. im pretty sure my third eye just rolled itself at me.

but thank you you have been incredibly helpful.