Siconyte speaks


Well to them I ask, “Come into me, please.”
As they wish to do so


snorts tea from out of her nose while reading and almost dies


hands you a napkin



“Born in sin, Come on in”. I was.
Anyway, I will let the spirits decide. It is actually more of, they plant ideas into me, I sense a presence around me, sometimes bumping into my 3rd eye, touching my right hand, moving in front of me, especially the last few days. So, got to wait and see


Yeah, yeah…of course you should. I mean, who wants control over things like that? Pfffttt


Don’t start. Stop instigating.


Channelled something in his books gets my vote,the artistic mind open for inspiration is on a similar frequency to the mind of a medium open for passing spirit signals.

Also the concept of an ancient watery entity, god, sentient being of some kind that was tamed for the benefit of mankind goes way back, as does primordial chaos.

Whether you choose to see that as the pre-birth human mind, awake and aware of beiung the only thing in all creation (no pain, no checks, no concept of things that are not iteslf) or whether you believe such a thing literally existed spiritually or even physically, it’s found (like the concept of an axis mundi as a gateway to spirit worlds) in so many cultures that denying it just because “fiction” seems a bit strange.

What works, works: we have chaos magick to thank for shaking magick out of its dogmatic slumber there.

I thought it was a bit reckless too but if you check his posts, he’s been doing this for a while and seems to be thriving… maybe letting people innovate as they will, without literal descriptions of derision would be cool, or, shall we all just pick a dogma and mock people until they leave or comply… :thinking:

How does childhood trauma shape someone’s life if not through being programmed to believe a certain thing?

We step onto thin ice getting too certain about what’s “real” and what’s not: Is the spirit world real?


Just didn’t expect that and thought it was hilarious. Bitte vielmals um Verzeihung, won’t happen ever again.


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I am at work now. Is there anything to do energy working wise to assist the gatekeepers ?
10 minutes to midnight here.


Best to keep that info. at the ritual website.


So, I find that as I try to live a lifestyle based around the words of Lucifer, “When you are calm, the world becomes calm around you.” I find that my movements are more deliberate, less unconscious, less reflexive unless the need arises. Whenever I have to move quickly, though, I moved extremely fast. We’re not talkin super naturally fast, but my reflex speed has really kicked through the roof.

I’m really beginning to like the new me.


Abaddon, as the destroyer, can destroy much bigger things compared to other beings. He could be destroying an entire civilisation or bigger.

However, I feel that when Abaddon was talking to you about getting the strength to smash through any obstacle; He might be referring to your “old self”. Whomever you think you are, imagine that being smashed completely, you die to be reborned from the lake of fires to become the real new, and yet authentic you. That process can be quite painful, and you need the strength, mentally and physically, to go through with it.


One of the first versions had with working Archaelous was being having his black sword going down my throat while the white went down my spine.

I became a black dragon that came up from the swords finally being brought together for the first time in eons beyond counting.

I ran through each of the gatekeepers realms claiming my eggs back. When I had all of them back in my nest. I turned into a black blind snake. I pushed them all of the gatekeepers back at the same time when they came to get them back. Their my eggs. I fell asleep.

Later vision was of Hel being torn apart. Her dark and light side were separated. One side was a skeleton and the other side was pure black cloud. Then her light body was fully human and the other side was pure light.

It was whispered into my ear she will spread her legs to give birth for her kings…


Interesting, very fucking interesting, send me a PM, Me, you, and Hel need to talk…


You can send me one first. I haven’t earned the right to yet


I tried and it said I couldn’t. I’m pretty new around here. We have to somehow ‘earn’ to send pms. I think people can send us newbies one first?


We’ll talk soon.


I agree with the Daily Shielding. Daily shielding helps you hold your shield longer. I used to be able to hold one for days at a time. I’m not a master though.