Siconyte speaks


I can actually better feel what the entities have been doing to me. I’m bolder, I feel stronger, in my willpower starting to return. I’m not mad about the petty things, but if somebody approaches me an adversarial manner, instead of trying to be the nice guy, I’ve started lashing out at these people, showing them why you don’t mess with somebody that you don’t know.

It’s not me trying to say I’m a tough guy, but it feels good to know that I’m able to be that tough guy again if I need to be, and for the past seven or eight months, notwithstanding recent occurrences with my ex-wife, I felt powerless, cowed into a corner, but now my bold nature is finally taking over again. It feels good, it feels good to return to being bold enough to tell people in no uncertain terms that I’m not interested, and to back the fuck off.

I think I’m going to like this.


Hold the fucking phone! So, apparently Cthulhu is real. I’m not sure if I’m dealing with extremely Advanced chaos magic, or if HP Lovecraft actually did Channel something in his books and then hit it as a pretty fun story, but I was listening to that chanting, and that shit nearly threw me for a loop.

I have so much to look forward to whenever I finish my current works.

I’m putting this in my journal, number one, because I haven’t been able to go out and buy one yet, and number two, after everything goes through, this is something I’m going to have to look into.


So not only is the lovecraftian path a real thing, but Cthulhu chant is now stuck in my head. I didn’t even realize I had memorized it it. It’s just there… Out of nowhere. I can’t even look at the words without having the chant go through my head.

I have so much to look forward to. Now, I have to consider whether or not Cthulhu would play a part in the upcoming ritual.

Chaos magick at its finest.


Are you looking at a particular book or website for the lovecraftian beings?


I heard an episode of deeper down the rabbit hole where they discussed this working within the Lovecraftian mythos. Here is a link if you’re interested in listening to it. I have never experimented with it myself but may some time in the future.




Yep, we’re all going to die.


  • That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    And with strange aeons, even death may die.

  • When the stars are right.


Some piss ant, lower level, entity thought it was hardcore, snuck in riding the energy wave from my last ritual.

Thought that feeding on my sick mother was a great idea.

I handled that in a pretty harsh manner, but ive decided to move all darker magick off site. Full on self styled exorcism of her room, person, and drew up magickal barriers. I slept 7 hours.

Using my old spiritual muscles exhausted me, but i was completly successful in every way, the house is cleansed, barriers were drawn, and my mother is no longer a snack.

The spirit that was bothering her was taken into myself and was utterly destroyed. The screams were delicious. The being that lives within me said that the being was “crunchy, but enjoyable.” And that the spritual carcass was left as a metaphysical warning.

Ive got an idea for my new ritual space. The house will be for ths “lighter” beings and healing/money/prosperity type rituals.
All actual “dark” work will be carried out off site at another location.

The joys of being a black magician.


Bloop from 2012 shown to be Ice calving in Antarctica. 2018…shown to be underwater volcanic activity.

Sorry Cthuhlu, Geology stole your thunder, yet again.


Hey, if people are getting results, then

Keep Calm
Call Cthulhu

All joking aside, I thought they said that that was suspected to have been the case, never confirmed. Simply following the Occam’s razor school of thought.


That’s just what they want you to think…Though this thing that supposedly lives in the Baltic sea looks oddly familiar…


If one digs into actual research far enough, you’ll find several links. Especially on the latest event.

That’s okay. I prefer to call on gods, not thought-forms.


How can you tell the difference? @anon451302




Thoughtforms are beings that have not yet evolved to be a higher-self. They are not conscious like humans or the Gods. We can call them half conscious, like bugs or some animals. They can, however, be programmed to do ones bidding, a computer program/virus if you will, an attack dog.
Higher beings use these lesser beings by programming and sending them out to do their work when its necessary. A thought-form is not necessarily harmful but in the right hands, can be extremely destructive. It all depends on it’s programming. 99% of humans will not be able to differentiate between a real being and a thought-form since most of them don’t know how to feel and differentiate energies. This is why most, if not all the physic attacks are coming from these beings. They generally have much higher energies than humans, solely because most humans do not practice meditation and have less than average auras. They do what they are programmed to do, much like a dog fetching a ball or whatever.

Humans can create thought-forms too (as thoughts have energy), we have seen this in history. If enough people believe in something, it will gain its half-consciousness. A thought-form is created if enough energy is sent to it, and eventually it will believe whatever it is programmed to believe.

They’re not conscious beings like you and me, they believe and act what they have been taught.


One person doesn’t believe.


Can we use the energy of the attacking parasites to fuel the ritual, and our own lives, in a positive way ?


Oh yeah! I fully endorse taking parasites into yourself for lunch and fueling. lolz. oh Lawd and Baby Jebus!


LHP side spirits will always back you up as long as you strife for godhood/spiritual evolution.
You’re not a sheep anymore.