Origin of the Daemons

@Velenos I love your comments!

So true…

But I tend to think that they are all pieces of the Demon’s histories…since they live forever they could be telling different parts to different people. There’s a lot to tell when you’ve lived for millions of years! Lol

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This comment is huge and I need days to study it.


I think that demons have an alien origin, that they come from other planets or from other dimensions. However, I think that they will tell different stories about the subject according to their particular agendas, and that they don’t really care about what theories we make about them.


I’m starting to believe this as well. Was just thinking about this the other day.


It’s just how I’ve come to see it, it’s always a “this demon was born from the nothingness” or “they’ve always existed” but beings like Beliel, Azazel, etc were once children, had parents, possibly siblings who are not in mythology or demonology books etc and grew up.


Interesting!! Very good perspective.

Just like Horus from Egyptian tradition as an example. He was a child once!

Exactly, Horus child of Aset and Osiris, who are children of Geb and Nuit, and even Geb and Nuit as they are primordial Gods have parents. To me the void produces the classic and nonclassic elements which are the primordials like Khaos is void, Tiamat, Abzu, Nun, etc are void primordials, they had children who embody solar energy, lunar, fire, water, earth, air, “time” darkness, light, these are the elemental forces of nature, and the parents of the Gods and creators of a multitude of races. However, due to these beings like Azazel and such never being mentioned to have family/parents, and such their past is often times speculated as being from the void and such.

However, even though they are partially immortal doesn’t mean they weren’t born from their demon or angel, or deity ancestors.

There are beings like God, demons, angels, and such who are capable of even making humans into other races so that’s also things to consider in the number of such.


Yes! All so true.

And we may never know their full ancestry, but yes…they all come from somewhere.

And it is also true…I think someone said something about them being manifested from source…I’ve found this all to be true.

In the myths… you have some who are manifestations of Source, some who have parents, aunts, uncles etc… and still others who are said to have brought themselves into being. It can get a bit complex. Lol

I enjoyed reading that message. It had alot for me to learn, although It takes a lot of time for me to finish since English is my second language.

Hail Lord Lucifer

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I’m glad it was helpful!

Yes I know it is long. A lot of folks here don’t have English as a first language so it’s ok! Read over it again if you need!

Hail Lucifer! And good luck!

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What are the names of those Gods created Demons and all?

Who is Lucifer’s father?

Any God you research has created a race or two in their long lifetime, Set created the Tesheru which are demigods but were also demons, Morpheus and his Oneiroi demons/daemons.

Depending on your belief Lucifer was a minor roman God or Enki the Sumerian God, The latter his parents would be Anu and Nammu. To me demons are a young race, they might be old as hell to humanity but they are also young as heck to Gods who predate them and so forth.


BTW Lucifer spoke about Source God who made him, Do u know who that Source God is?

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Source/God simply IS. There are many names that man has known Source by (in my tradition we call source by the name Olodumare). But none of these names, in my opinion is the “TRUE” name of God.

When I was speaking with Lucifer he did not give a name by which to call Source/God. I don’t think there IS a proper name. Understand that God is ALL…so as the ancient egyptians put it… all names are His (Or her’s or it’s) and no name is His. For God is All and has manifested as All.

It is hard to know, maybe even impossible, what the true name of SOURCE is. Titles seem to describe it/him/her best.

I do believe that God is a separate entity from but ALSO a unified entity with all of us. There is, to me, a distinct source and creator of all, who again, I call Olodumare… but I have also called him Amun, Ra, and other names through the years.

I think that you come to know the true God when you come to know yourself and how it has manifested in you. Also, when you get to truly know the various deities, demons, etc… you get to know God, because God is manifested as them as well. When you experience lessons, pains, joys, life in abundance, when you hear truth and feel it in your soul, when you experience love, and even when you have a deeper connection with an animal and watch how they interact…ALL of this and more acquaints you with the True God, with the SOURCE that Lucifer was speaking of.

There is an ancient text that says: (I’m paraphrasing these):

Do not say that we cannot see God, that he is invisible, for God is manifest all around us. He is manifest in all the things which he has created.

Also, there is a text from ancient Egypt that says that Ra (God/Source) came into being through the beings which he created…in a great multitude of forms (humans, animals, spirits, plants etc…)

God, as All, is loving, beautiful, empowering, life affirming etc… but also can be vengeful, terrifying, and destructive etc… as ALL, God encompasses the full spectrum of light and dark.

This is all just my knowledge though. Others may disagree.

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Wow, great answer.

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The provenance of demonic kind.

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R u close to Lucifer? If so is it possible for u to help me to meet him (no matter what it takes except murder etc)?

I’ll send you a private message sharing what I know to the best of my ability…that way it doesn’t derail your thread here.

I’m new also (only about 2 months) so I’m no expert but I will share what I have learned.

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