Siconyte speaks

What am I getting myself into?

Just a couple of months ago, I was perfectly content to laze about, and call Spirits out of boredom, or in random case, necessity. Now, I find myself entering into a group working involving most of The Gatekeepers, a few other beings, quite a few Gods from different traditions and Pantheon’s, necromancer’s, Voodoo practitioners, and even one or two angelic Summoners.

Not sure where this is all leading to, not sure why I was chosen to carry whatever weird torch this is, but I’m going to carry it Faithfully.

Although, I have to be careful, I don’t want people to think that I’ve lost my fucking mind.

I know somebody’s going to read this and try to reassure me that my mental facilities are most likely still fully intact, but it’s very strange. Whatever these being want to talk to me, they contact me by basically taking away my equilibrium, and overloading my mind to the point where I have to stop and talk to them. Kind of like a astral doorbell, but if you don’t immediately answer, that like the insisted neighbor that will sit there and continue, which only serves to make the sensation all the more intense.

So far, I’ve been contacted, just today, Belial, Abaddon, Azazel, and Amaymon, each with a different message.

Belial told me about the upcoming initiatory right, and which himself, and three other Gatekeepers are to be called, offered a drop of blood, and then they will perform the initiatory Rite of the Unveiling.

Abaddon told me that I was to continue my work, even if i am the only one doing it.

Amaymon confirmed the words of the others, but told me that he would not be joining, as “the black Sun must shine elsewhere.” However, he said he would be observing, and he also told me to start keeping a journal, this entry will be the first part of it.

Azazel told me that I am to be his Living Sacrifice for the Grande Rite, and how I’m to prepare myself for his possession of me, and that I will be working with him for an undisclosed amount of time after the Rite.

I swear, this is almost too much, but rather than being nervous or apprehensive, I’m genuinely excited. The chance to work with some of the most powerful beings ever known in this universe, as well as taking part in a ritual of such immense scope has me sitting on the edge of my seat. Not to mention the fact that saturnalia is approaching, I can only imagine what that’s going to mean whenever those days arrive during the Initiatory Rite.


Im checking your mental facilities… But only because I know the mental illness is being foisted on Siconyte. One, do not let Azazel make you the scapegoat (symbolic source of you being cursed). Kick his ass out. Two, have a strong purpose and choose only 1 spirit that matches. Third, make sure you are actually talking to the real spirit and not just one of the practitioners wearing it as a mask. Because this is exactly what it sounds like.


I’ve been putting off working with that dude for a while now, Azazel and I are getting to know each other pretty well at this point.

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Explain, please.

You yourself said you were being Overloaded by these entities and then went on to say that you were to be a sacrifice by Azazel. In other words, you accepted a cursed position even though you were aware of it. This in itself can be thought of as a form of Mental-illness, because you are accepting conditions that would make you Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and Psychically ill.


I don’t think that you’re following fully what I’m trying to explain, regardless, thank you very much for the concern. I’ve been planning on working with Azazel for quite a while now, I been putting it off.

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Was watching one of EA’s videos where he invoked Abaddon, the hand movements he use were mirror to the ones I used, even though I’d never seen that video.

Very interesting, tiny bit of synchronicity can sometimes cement an entire path working in front of you.


here ya go good buddy:

Mircea Eliade writes:

The future shaman sometimes takes the risk of being mistaken for a “madman”. . .but his “madness” fulfills a mystic function; it reveals certain aspects of reality to him that are inaccessible to other mortals, and it is only after having experienced and entered into these hidden dimensions of reality that the “madman” becomes a shaman. (Mircea Eliade. Myths, Dreams, and Mysteries. New York: Harper and Row, 1960. Page 80-81)


Yeah, my upcoming Rite has upset a lot of people, and a very big birdie told me that there are several occultists who have gotten wind of my intentions are extremly upsst about my actions.

Lucky, i have a countermeasure to their negativity. The Rite is gonna happen, I’ve sworn to myself, to a number of Gatekeepers, and to my Godself that this will happen.

I love how people who claim to be White Light have a secret affinity for throwing curses.


Well I will send some positivity your way. This place is for those who want to push the boundaries of magick. I for one appreciate you and your insight.


I’m going to have to look into path working with Abaddon, as well as Lucifuge Rofocale. My invocation of them tonight, while successful, left me with more questions. Although, whenever I talked with Abaddon about EA’s upcoming work with him, the big guy almost chuckled, and stated that he was looking forward to it. I also asked what I could expect if I began a path working with him, and his answer was very underwhelming, he gave the answer that anybody would expect from a Abaddon, talking about getting the strength to smash through any obstacle.
What’s the point of that? There’s dozens of spirits that are capable of that, and it left me with more questions, I’m going to have to do an in-depth sigil gazing ceremony and see how far down his signal actually go. There’s no way that Abaddon is truly that one-dimensional.

I’m going to figure out what Abaddon is hiding, Abaddon is hiding something unexpected beneath that 35 foot tall facade, there’s something else there, and it’s not simply the hulking monster that can destroy anything and guards the abyss.

Lucifuge rofocale is an intriguing being, I’m not incredibly sure what to make of the guy, but I do know that I trust the way I feel around her, his dark energy is very comforting, but just like a Abaddon, there’s something beneath the surface that I’m just not seeing.

But, lucifuge is known for being the darker side, so maybe it’s just hidden away. The only question is, how well did he hide it away

This seems like it’s going to be a puzzle, wrapped up inside of an enigma, buried in a mystery, it ought to be interesting.


There is no puzzle. All spirits when brought into this world by an individual need a Vehicle of Power. As he said the power to smash.

Two different people can summon Abaddon, but each is creating their own vehicle to House the spirit, thus their experience with said spirit may be different as well as access to spirit. This is the reason ypur version of Abbadon is low powered and you hear stories of others achieving powerful feats with said spirit. It all comes down to YOU and how much power you raise for your own project.

I believe you’ve got me wrong, I’ve not heard any other stories of what people have accomplished through evoking Abaddon, my personal thoughts is that there is something that lies just below the surface. I honestly have no other body of experience to work off of on this.

But, I did learn something very interesting about sigils, any sigil that you either draw out yourself, or print out from a computer, or buy from EA’s web store has multiple layers to it, simply evoking the spirit is but stage 1, this whole thing is so multi-faceted, it can go so deep, my mind is honestly having trouble wrapping around it, and after the unveiling, I’m going to take a step back from spirituality in order to bring myself back to Center so I don’t get too far out in left field.

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Ive got nothing wrong whether you heard about others evokations or not, this is pretty common knowledge actually. I am anything but a newbie on such occult matters. I was merely giving advice on the matter you could not figure out yourself.


Well, I’m used to people trying to rip on me, so I might be not reading what you’re writing in the most objective sense. But I highly appreciate you trying to give me some advice on this.

Either way, I found myself obsessing on the Paranormal as of late, that’s my own small red flag saying that I need to take a step back. So, I’ll be doing a 30-day spiritual Detox After the unveiling.


Thats ok. Its part of my Dharma to see certain things in a certain way.

A Spiritual Detox is needed. However even a spiritual detox or what I call “unwinding” certain elements is a Paranormal Act in itself so can be its own Obsession in reverse. When seen from a Bigger Perspective they feed into each other…because the goal is temporarily removing ones self from a System so that one can better Re-integrate back in in a Configuration more fitting to ones desires. Ive been doing that for quite awhile now as its a very big project.

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Well, I’ve seen what staying totally immersed in either side does. If you stay completely obsessed within the Paranormal, you can lose all track of reality, not being able to distinguish between the physical and the immaterial can be pretty interesting to watch.

On the flip side of that coin, if you allow yourself to fall out of practice, your spiritual life stagnates, you begin to lose ability.

There is a careful balancing act that has to be carried out, but before one side touches the ground, you have to be able to pull yourself back from that edge, the only question is. How far are you willing to pitch to one side or the other?

Either way, I see the Balancing Act getting kind of low on one side, so I’m going to pull back, and put everything back to zero before I start venturing back out. It’s true that whenever you start doing magick, indeed, higher-level stuff like evocations, invocation, or different schools of magick such as necromancy, it can be very easy to lose one’s mind.

I’ve seen what happens when certain people don’t pull themselves out of the occult in time, I’ve seen the effects firsthand, and I’ve heard the reports of magicians and Sorcerers who have wound up puff starting pistols, or else wound up getting institutionalized because they got too deep.

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Im one of the people that likes going very deep.

But Im also very Hyper-Aware so take my time even at greater depth. I liken this to getting Drunk (going deep lol), because some people who drink enough lose control, but Ive never had that problem even in my more deeper drunk states =p. No im not a drunkard. Just highly controlled.


Wow, and here I am still trying to get down meditation.

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Breathe in, count to four, breathe out, count to four, repeat as often as necessary.

Had The Misfortune of having to go to a Walmart on Black Friday. It isn’t the people, as I can tune the insects out easily enough. It’s the chaotic energy that’s in those places. I started thinking, how am I supposed to achieve ascent, if I can’t even walk into a Walmart without vomiting. I read everything that there is to read regarding shielding, and keeping my energy as a low profile, I’ve tried making my energetic body a closed-loop, I’ve even attempted to do a meditation session before walking in, but I’m missing something. I got to figure out what this is, I may not like people, I may despise most of the ones I meet, but I still have to interact with the fucking things.

That’s got to be one of my biggest Hang Ups.

After these 30 days, I’ll probably have to talk to one of those beings that specializes in dealing with people, because that’s something that’s really outside my level of expertise.

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