Share experiences with demons

Hello all. I was interested in hearing your first experiences with any type of evocation of a demon or entity (goetia or any other). Did you use the LBRP? Was there ever any danger you experienced? Did the results happen right away? If religious did you pray to a god beforehand? thank you in advance.


This gets asked a lot, I recommend the search for answers from those who already contributed and may not want to repeat themselves.


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Oh god :joy: my first experience with someone? I will be honest despite some be salty about only because of who it is. Warning it is long lol

My first ever true experience (one on one) with a Goëtia being was around I think November (I can be wrong). I was doing my research and decided to practice drawing his sigil. I did not really do any evocation to him or really planned on evoking him yet. (And before I continue I know he doesn’t mind me sharing this for educational purposes and to share for others in case they experience something similar.) So after a while I decided to go out to the upstairs living area to hang out with my then friend. It became around 9pm when all the sudden I felt this HUGE rush of basically being turned on. Like EXTREMELY. To the point I had to excuse my self for the night to take care of business. I was going to evoke him that night but after being so turned on, out of respect, I decided to postpone. I have read he was very business like and do not like anything of that nature. So after I was done and cleaned myself I got into my bed for sleep. But before I went to bed I decided to draw his sigil one last time, mind you not fully. After that I laid down and try to go to sleep.

It wasn’t to long from then that I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned but couldn’t. I then felt this presence behind me. I knew it was a male but that’s it. All the sudden I became extremely relaxed and basically a cat on cat nip. I became turned on again and tried to relive myself but it just kept going. I found my self just rolling around and basically became a complete mess. I then went into the odd state of not being completely asleep but not exactly conscious. I saw myself walking around somewhere and well it’s honestly a blur now. But when I woke up, instead of finding the room empty, he was still there. But this time I had an idea on how he was laying. He was laying on his side, facing me. I still was in this cat nip high and just felt sooooooo gooood. I went back in and out of this state. When I came out the third time I believe that’s when something interesting happened. My left side of my body started to just move on it’s own. It felt weird but I had zero absolute fucks. Then all the sudden my body literally shot up by it self as if electricity shot through me. But instead of freaking out I just smiled like some drugged up maniac. :joy: I fell back into my pillows and and just laid there on my side. I felt him behind me and held me but not tightly with one hand on his cheek, propping himself up. I was about to fall asleep when I saw two guys.

Both of them wore matching long sleeve, dark grey pin striped button up shirts, dressy black slacks and shoes. One looked to be Asian while the other Northern European with blond hair and blue eyes. Both how ever looked forward with strait faces. At the moment I thought they were starring at me but then I remembered the guy behind me. I then realized they were starring straight behind me. The one with the blond hair looked at him and the two words that came out of his mouth sent me flying ten feet into the air. “King Paimon” he said as if he was called. My face became beet red at my state (not just my pillows every where but also I was in my most skimpy of undies…wet) I gathered up the covers around me, my brain not able to handle the fact that the very person that I was going to Evoke the next night was right behind me. I couldn’t sleep at all. I looked at my phone and it was 4am. I laid there only to some how fall asleep. I got up 8am for work and did not know how to even begin to explain to anyone my experience let alone how I was able to work on just a few hours of sleep.

That was my first experience. To this day I know many be salty but it is what it is and I to this day still feel honored having this experience with him.


If you’re referring to me, I’m certainly not salty.

So you’re convinced it was Him after you yourself said:

But if you feel it was Him, and He has actually confirmed it, that’s great. The only thing I pointed out is the fact that He doesn’t try to get into someone’s pants like that, right off the bat without any former communication. It’s not enough to research Him and boom, He’ll join you in bed. That’s just not His ”modus operandi“, at least not according to those who speak from a lot of experience. Especially concerning the other two guys/ spirits who were present. Trust me when I say (or don’t) that it’s highly improbable King Paimon would let others watch Him while He’s, um, getting it on with someone.

Sorry, but this seemed odd to me and it had nothing to do with me being ”salty“. But everyone experiences spirits differently, and it’s entirely possible that a spirit who’s usually businesslike will approach someone on the sexual level for whatever reason, even if that’s very unusual. I am no authority on what is or is not possible, nor is anyone else here.

You also mentioned repeatedly that it was a one-off experience, and this, too, honestly seems like your own subconscious attraction to Him got heavily into the mix, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I, personally, am not salty when someone has a beautiful experience with the spirit I love. He is here for all of us, in many ways, who call on Him. I’m only one of many wives, although He doesn’t have nearly as many as other spirits, and I don’t claim to be more special or better than anyone else. I could write about numerous experiences I had, but it’s my choice not to, and I know He does not approve of me sharing intimate stuff. Another of His wives on this forum @SoliMar has confirmed this to me btw. But that’s my agreement with Him, what others discuss with Him is their business.

Edit to add: It’s also entirely possible for a spirit to send one of their servitors, and for inexperienced practitioners who can’t tell the difference to think it was the spirit proper. Not suggesting this happened, just putting it out there.


Oh I have plenty but I’ll share my most recent.

I went back into the book of azazel and I called on a certain nether Lord but ended up whispering the name of frohg’latash automatically so I called on him the next day I didn’t even realize I was doing it; the whispering of his name so I ended up evoking him, even my mental calling of him and speaking to him out loud.
the second time I called him I found myself in silence for a minute or two without realizing it later that what I was trying to say to him was being known without me speaking it out loud ( I tend to just speak vocally my requests).
It’s a kind of unusual activity or response for trying to evoke and speak a request to a nether Lord when he assumingly already knew the reason for my calling.

I still don’t know for certain if what I asked of him will happen.

I also found that through observation the house that I am in right now has a certain feel to it that I cannot shake off of me.

I don’t know what the reasons for these feelings are of the house or my behaviour with the nether Lord in reflection of the events.

But I don’t know what will happen honestly. Or what was accepted or what any of it means to be completely honest

The first time I evoked King Paimon I had someone shouting in my ear for a minute.
That was all.


Have you worked with king paimon

Has he shared wisdoms of science and philosophy (as he says he can) and taught you the mind sciences of influencing the actions of others? If you’d like to discuss in pms that’s also fine, feel free to pm me.

Yes, but this is something you should work on with Him personally. He is great at teaching you many things about the mind, especially when it comes to controlling and empowering your own.

I see. Can you share

I was told not to spoon-feed knowledge. I have learned a lot from Him pertaining to my own path that I doubt is of much use to most people, but I have shared a lot of more generally applicable insights in this thread:

If you scroll through it, I think you’ll find a few things that may be interesting. Other than that, He is all for working with Him directly, so don’t be shy about approaching Him.


I think someone already shared a mind control spell they got from from Him, I’m pretty sure I saw a thread about that recently. Just use the search function.

No I was not. I honestly respect you and you have valid points :+1:

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I’m simply sharing my first time meeting a being from the Goetia and in particularly this one. It is one of my favorite moments and to simply share a personal experience in a different view point.

Everyone has different experiences from beings for a reason. I know most of mine are unorthodox compared to some, but I know there is going to be others who may face similar situation of having a being come to them in a non traditional way. I think the main reason for myself at least is because they know I honestly try and not confine them to much. I feel we simply can’t put them in a shoe box and say that this one is this size and will be like this. It’s good for a base but outside that, especially the Goetia, they are to complex and as I like to say fluid like.


Thanks for clarifying, as I could think of no reason why you should have thrown shade like that, because I never tried to discredit your experiences. I’m just generally wary of people who claim that their first meeting with Him is strictly sexual, because I know from King Paimon Himself that while He is not asexual, He is generally interested in people’s minds, not their nether regions. He has also told me that He does have spirits in His legions who are very sexual, and sometimes He sends those to someone. Sexual experiences can help someone open up or simply shut off a part of their mind that would otherwise stand in their way, but it’s a slippery slope (no cringy pun intended), because many people can get caught up in this aspect. I think this is an important point especially for newbies who might be tempted to try something and then possibly get an impostor or be deluded into thinking something happened that never happened.

I really appreciate the fact that you’ve pointed out the importance of not limiting these beings to “just that”, as I have seen others do. I find it extremely cringe-worthy to read someone’s account of how this or that supposedly happened, while I can almost see their overblown ego spill out of every word they write (“look at me, XYZ banged me, I’m so special!”), but you never actually hear anything of substance regarding spiritual work. This is, in my opinion, almost an insult to the spirits who have so many facets to them (although I doubt they really care tbh), some of them may certainly be sexual, but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

I’m happy for everyone who has positive experiences, especially with King Paimon who has my love and respect. My own experiences have also been pretty atypical in some ways, and I’m sure if I started sharing them, some smartass would immediately come at me saying “that’s not how it works lol”. :laughing:

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All my experiences with demons were through etheric projection. The most memorable one was when walking in on a meeting between the 72 goetia because of Baal, albeit I didn’t get in trouble, but I did stay during it. I met a few of the infernal councils, the goetia being one, and a few that were in higher standing than the goetia one had 8 members consisting of Abaddon, Lilith, Belial, Leviathan, and four more than ones higher than them consisting of these four dark draconic beings that called themselves Lucifer’s siblings (not in the way magicians call each other brothers and sisters but like they explained their lineage a bit).

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He is already in Goetia, so, is it safe to say he also is in another group of higher chain of command?

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I don’t believe Belial is strictly goetia, in the sense that goetia is a title for say a general in the infernal like archangel is to the judeo pantheon. Belial is primarily a higher ranking official along with Asmodeus. In my experience he’s a goetia second and one of the higher ranking officials first. Of course, not all the goetia file into this, some are just goetia rank(Kings, Queens, princes, etc) even Sitri as of my last experience with him stated he was no longer a prince and elevated to a king of his province.

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Wow I see. Did they teach you any knowledge about the mind sciences

No I don’t go to them for knowledge, I go to them simply for the experiences. For knowledge I go to the Gods I have past life links to, the goetia are in some cases friends and acquaintances.