Scanning the godform

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Is this thread still active?

If it is can someone scan me and tell me my god or goddess form whichever it is please?

I’m curious to know.

I have a suspicion but am not gonna share it unless a scan confirms it.

Shoot I’d like to know my God form. Always have known something unique about me that isn’t the same as everyone else.


Those of you who can accurately perceive the Shape of those on here are truly impressive. I require a little more of an energy link than online type to be able to focus my senses of clairvoyance and psychometry on a subject. I couldn’t hazard a guess on anyone’s Godform, and no one is going to be able to accurately perceive the Shape and mechanics of mine accurately, just expressing amazement at the skills of some of you. I’m truly honored for such esteemed company here!

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anyone want to trade ?

I am interested if anyone want to try me :slight_smile:

Hey if someone’s willing to scan my god form I’d be interested to know what you see when you scan me, just tell me the info you need, I’m very interested im New

Before asking members for scans, @Lucas_Miron, please do as I previously asked you to, and properly introduce yourself. It is a requirement here, so CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick, like what you practice, how long you have practiced, etc:


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anyone want to do a trade and scan today ?

Hello I been away for a while tending to IRL. I am looking for a scan because I am interested in what is actually in hiding. Thank you in advanced.

Hey there,

So I tried to scan for your godform, (which I think is more Goddess) and got images a massive crystalline wormlike thing in a hellish sorta landscape. It came out of this black void, almost sucked me in. Might have underwold or void associations, not sure. So, did I get it right?

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Someone want to try scanning me?

Oh this is so interesting can someone scan me and explain some more about it I’m so curious


When scanning you I got an image of something white and expansive, like bright ripples in a lake. A entity rippled in black and white appeared as well, it may have had alot of arms, perhaps a hindu association. I also kept getting thoughts related to guns. Not sure what that could mean

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Not sure I don’t think so. I’ve had a germ since last week and it’s gone to my chest (negative rapid tests so not that one) maybe you were getting it’s god form?

Perhaps, kinda new to scanning, so I’m not sure either. A germ, not serious I hope?

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Not serious I don’t think

It started like flu and went and became a chest cold but I’ve done multiple rapid tests all negative so it’s not the C thing thankfully. Think I do think though part of the cough is asthma cuz colds often make my asthma flare up.

Missed a week of work so far but am somewhat better then before fevers gone :slight_smile: the worst part is no working = norm getting paid well that and the cough are the worst things.

I am better than last week when I had a 101 fever. No fever for last couple days. Like I said though, still coughing so work doesn’t me in (I work in a good dept. t Walmart. Long and short is not working my shifts cuz of the cough means literally no money coming in for as long as I have to stay gone.

So I hope I get better soon.

Add: I’m gonna say if anyone’s like me with no paid sick days and asthma or other health issues there’s a nasty germ going around that isn’t C so you might wanna go back to masking. Just a suggestion. I know I’m gonna mask when I get back to work. I doubt I’d have caught it if I’d been wearing a mask :mask:.

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Sounds good (except the money part, that sounds painful), I bet you’ll make a full recovery. Maybe you can use this illness as a chance to try some healing magic

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Also, wanna scan me :man_bowing:t6:?