Can gods dominate other gods?

:hushed: ‘The only thing more powerful than all Goddesses combined in this world is the Sexual Domination of a Goddess by a God’?

I’m not sure I understand this, could you explain please? For example, a powerfully dominant goddess like Hecate, does this mean that she could/would be dominated by a god?

Any more information on this would be gratefully received. (I’m new on here btw).


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Gods can be dominated by other gods and even people just as people can dominate other people or be dominated by gods and spirits. It is a matter of power nothing else. Gods are just beings viewed as gods due to a perception of the differences between them and other beings.


Thanks for the reply! But what about the gender element? It said that the most powerful thing was a God dominating a Goddess - so it made me think of a Goddess I think of as indomitable, like Hecate? Surely none could dominate her!

It is irrelevant except as analogy to an order of actions in which forces and powers are controlled. Polarity of energy and even Hecate can be dominated by one of sufficient power and skill. Gender is just a primitive term for the polarities of energy involved but regardless of this Hecate or any god or goddess or power can be dominated, guided, controlled, or directed by one of sufficient power over or with it as surely as you yourself could be dominated and likely without even knowing of it.


lol that’s just misogynistic. Some gods are stronger than some goddesses, likewise some goddesses are stronger and more powerful than some gods.


Interesting. I’m never aware of tales of this happening. I wonder what could dominate Hecate. :thinking:

Anything or anyone with sufficient power and knowledge. Most tales aren’t exactly historical but to illustrate points. Everything is information and energy the only thing separating a basic thoughtform from a supposed god or goddess or a person is the complexity and the ‘mass’ behind it.

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All this talk about Hecate getting dominated is really getting me worked up :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
Just kidding

No seriously

Some Gods are stronger than others and some Goddesses are stronger than others too.

As far as who could even theoretically dominate a Goddess like Hecate I wouldn’t have the slightest idea to be honest.


There Gods, Goddesses, Angels, and Demons more powerful then her of course but she and they don’t go around picking fights with each other. I heard she and Lilith aren’t supposed to get along though although this could be wrong.

I’m working on a series of stories where the gods of multiple different civilizations were conquered by the Abrahamic god and were forced to reincarnate as humans. They constantly reincarnate like in Avatar, but know who they are in each lifetime but lack their godly powers. It’s an odd kind of immortality. The body dies, but the spirit just gets a new one. Many of them are dedicated to projects that span centauries. Some are trying to reclaim divinity. Others accept their fate for whatever reason.

But to be serious, I have two answers to give you. The first is that the power of a god or goddess is based around the number of followers. Godhood is based on popularity. So, if one god gets more popular than another, or their worshippers have dominated those of a rival, it diminishes the power of the other god. The second is that a god or goddess’s power is independent from their followers. So, when a rival god gets more popular, or their followers become dominant, it doesn’t diminish the other god’s power. But they simply slip into obscurity.

Also, I chose to leave gender out of my argument.

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I agree, it is misogynistic. I’m very surprised nobody objected at the time tbh. :man_shrugging:

Hecate vs Lilith! I’ve not heard of that before but that’s interesting. I wonder why they wouldn’t get along? I think my money would be on Hecate but not certain. Sparks would fly that’s for sure!

There’s so much you could do with this, it’s a really good concept for a story. (I’m suprised I haven’t heard of it done before!)

There’s so much you could do with it, you could make it funny, philosophical, harrowing…

It has made me think of that scene in a Superman movie, haven’t seen it for years, but I remember Superman loses his powers for some reason. He goes into a cafe and this man starts picking on him and then beats him to a pulp.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Zeus smacked one tbh! :smile:

I can also imagine it being done it a kind of kitch Russ Meyer kind of way. You could have it so that a fiercesome Goddess like Hecate runs into some trouble with say, some biker chicks in a bar maybe? :scream:

Ok so now I’ve got the image in my head of Hecate on all fours in a blindfold licking Hermes’s boots. With a dog lead round her neck. :rofl::rofl::rofl: That’s your fault! Once I think it I can’t unthink it. :joy::drooling_face::wink:


@Pluckley :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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There is a reason why the gods have hierarchy in mythology, no?

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That’s a good point, and in the original mythology even Zeus is scared of Hecate, so that disproves the original god over goddess theory!