I grew up and spent 34+ years of my life believing and following a lie. The christian lie. Not sure if that’s because I needed to for my own growth or because I simply didn’t know better. I thank Lilith, Azazel, Lucifer, Leviathan and E.A. Koetting for guiding my here. I feel like a kid ready to learn and grow.

I’ll be 36 soon.

One of my main goals with my chosen path is to master the skill of healing. Healing my own self as well as others. My nephew has seizures along with autism and something degenerative that is keeping his mind around 4 or 5 years old while his body is on it’s way to pre teens. Self mastery is another focus of mine as I’ve struggled with certain things my entire life.

I name my self via suggestion from E.A. Koetting as he helped me realize that my previous name was unworthy of who I am. I agree with this name as I’ve always believed that I am the reason for other people’s success. I’ve always wanted to be the rising tide rising all others with me. Now I know it is true.

Message me for any questions or to discuss something you feel is important to you.

Be blessed.