Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Hi there can someone here please help, my husband Tom, started a new job as general manager for 3 units at a company, I want to ensure that he succeed phenomenally and pass his probation. The company owners and directors must see his full worth and benefit to the company and completely embrace it. The jealous people that are trying to sabotage his success must be exposed and brought to book for their actions. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, he must pass his probation 100%, be 100% successful. We truly need this. Thank you so much in advance to each and everyone willing to assist, I am really grateful. If I need to do something to assist please advise. Thank you!!

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Hi guys. Congratulations.

Please forgive my English, it is not my native language.

I think it’s great that you help others. I have a request for who can help me.

I have been in love with the same person for at least 5 years. In those years I have tried everything.
I tried to get close to her, I did spells, I tried to hire people who scammed me, I tried to contact Amon, Belial, Dantalion, every time without success.

Many times I have consulted tarot readers, and most of the time, they tell me that she is my soul mate, and that we are destined to be together, but the years go by and I see her further and further away.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me, apparently there is no way I can achieve it just as hard as I try.

Again, thank you very much. for me and for the other people you are helping.

I spoke to Persephone, she should cleanse you

She’s hugging you


Hello,can someone speak with entity around me?

Hey there, @Herr I see you joined us back in 2018, but have not properly introduced yourself as per our rules. PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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I would like to make a request for help about something that’s kind of been bothering for a while now but at the same time I can probably see it to help with my advances in magic. I know this is something that is still talked about today and is questioned by many professionals today but I do believe that a photographic memory is a real thing and I have such a gift. I can recall anything that I’ve watched such as tv shows, anime’s, listened to like music and choir’s, video games that I’ve played, events that have happened in my past. When I say I can remember it clearly, I mean very clearly from the music to the voices, the pictures, etc. What makes it annoying at times though is that certain things just come on when they do and there are times that I just can’t get them out of my head. Like right now I can’t get the song, Crossing Road from Food Wars out of my head.

I’ve had other magicians tell me that I could use this to apply very powerful visions in visual magic and other things but not sure how to. If anyone out there that has a similar memory type like mine that has gone through this and is willing to give me some guidance or perform a ritual for me, (will participate as well if need be but can’t do anything outside right now due to living conditions), I’d greatly appreciate this. Thank you!

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Can you elaborate?

Okay, I have made petitions to a few love/lust demons but I have had no results so far with my petitions. Maybe, it’s because my senses are not developed yet?

This is the method I employed and I have done it a few times.

So now I need a help from a fellow practicioner who is willing to perform a love/lust spell on my behalf. I don’t care what method the practitioner adopts, either a written petition or a formal request to a spirit. All I want is for the girl to fall in love and lust after me, and I want the relationship to last a few months…

(Edit: aaaayyyy, I got the 111th post! Good sign right!?)

I got you fam. @Muggie

I was feeling a tug (presumably from Astarte) and was getting images about what to do.

I’m getting tingles as I type…

What I did:

I set up my triangle, lighting three candles on the corners each with a single match.

In the cauldron, a lil bit of my blood, a capful of rum, and was lead to put three crepe Myrtle seed pods I’d grabbed on an outing.

Alcohol, lit cauldron with a match.

I called astarte, and recited her conjuration while staring at her sigil.

When she came, I lit her RED candle inscribed with her name and dressed (also some blood).

I also lit three sticks of rose incense.

I then burned a petition in the cauldron (bit of a formality, but also a physical/tangible artifact of the request), letting the ashes fall into the cauldron and around (adding the petition to the flames spiritually).

I then lit the two PINK candles that were dressed and inscribed with “muggie”, and “love interest” (with “future lover” on the other side).

These I placed to either side, and I placed a red string on the two plates to “link” the candles.

On the back of the petition I had drawn a large heart :heart:, and within the top two lobes I had placed a ♂ (with “muggie” inside), and a♀️(with “love interest/future lover” inside).

Around these I drew a :infinity: with the intention that it represented a drawing in of the two as they come closer and closer together.

When dressing the candles I spoke to them, telling them “you will draw in love muggie :two_hearts:” and to the other “you draw closer and closer to muggie…with love…with passion…lust”, etc

Finally at the bottom of the heart, I drew in the sigil of Astarte. The intention being her oversight and guidance.

Around the large heart, I drew an invoking circle :o:, and around that four hearts :heart: at the corners.

Having done all this, I spoke to the candles while projecting energy with my hands into the flames and wafting the incense around, with Astartes candle directly in front of me as if I was her looking at the two pink candles willing them closer together imagining how I tugged them closer by the red string until I felt it was enough.

I then moved the plates together so they touch and declared it done.


So mote it be.

My will be done.

Your will is done.

Hail Astarte!

Hail Lilith!


All Hail Astarte!!!

Thanks a bunch Crooked :slightly_smiling_face:

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May I dm if you don’t mind

If it’s related to the thread/working I’m afraid it’d be against the rules of this thread…

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Okay not a biggie…I was just thinking now that you made a petition to Astartes, which one of my targets would she be working towards? Did you make a specific one? And also muggie is not my real name but I’m guessing it wouldn’t matter right?

Shouldn’t matter. It’s a sympathetic link regardless.

I was under the impression you had just one.

But I was getting lil nudges to leave it a bit open ended.

Which was probably her guidance.

That evocation kinda took it outta me. Lol

Heads hurts a bit.


Thanks again lol!

Get you some rest :innocent:

Can anyone channel a spirit on advice for me?

@Pamelq_Taylor Please don’t offer compensation. That is against forum rules, so I edited your request.


@anon29949371 I gave him everything i lost myself on the transition i been trying to gain him back with magick i did 100 spells call every single demon for mind changing paid a lot of money for spells. Please i really need him back in my life is the only thing i wver asked for even after all the shit i had in my life, pleqse can someone help me i did everything and i dont know what else to do. Please can someone just tell me if Lucifer has listen to me or to help me change his mind i am out of ideas i did everything under the sun and had pacience and not lust for results but i want him back now before i have to leave the country. Please


Thank you for this work , I’ll tell you what has happened so far. I broke up with my girlfriend I’ve been with for 7 years, it was coming I haven’t been interested for years sex is horrible now , but interesting to see that manifest Ethier because of my work or because of just the natural order of things. It makes things extremely complicated but it makes room for a new relationship with her because I do love her but it’s time to move on and now we can go into business with each other. Second a lot of my work goes into because a complete man whore it is what it is and I got to fulfill some of that this weekend idk just happened maybe because of the chaos that has been created idk. The real heart of the matter is I’ve done things to people in the past and even if they’re a “muggle” so to speak I fully believe people can project emotions, influence, and intent and “cast” a spell without even knowing it, I’ve done it. That’s what put me down this path. I realized it. So when I started thinking about what wanted to accomplish you know , money, women, health ect… then I thought wait that’s all good and nice but what about the ability to preform the magical activities that I would need to do that, so instead I started focusing on what would advance my natural magical power, then I thought what’s stopping my power , and realized I need to start there and build up from the foundation. So your ritual looks promising and I’m sure it will help to those ends by clearing and " karma" curses as such and blockage and unwanted entities sent on me or even I send on myself. Thank you very much and when I’m confident I can cast an abundance ritual for you I most certainly will. Thanks friend.

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I wonder why Lucifer would be sad? I had just contacted him some weeks ago apologizing for some things I had done. I made the changes to right the things I did that may have offended. But as far as intuition is concerned, now I feel as though maybe someone contacted Lucifer to fuck me over , or again my own stupidity and naive greenness at my earliest works and “screams” at the moon moments and now things or different and there is a clarity in what I’m doing ( sort of). Idk can you ask him why he was sad?