Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Thanks, I really appreciate any help you can give, I’ll be really glad to see what comes up from it. Hope your healing working goes well, if you’ve got a request then feel free to post it and I’ll see if I can help too.


I can contact Lucifer, what do you need from him?

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I drew cards from the “Daemon Tarot” (although they are more like oracle cards than Tarot cards. I had peculiar insights the last couple of days with these bad boys once I’ve got the hang of how to word my questions and prompts).

We have the Witchs Round accompanied by Shax and Berith. The Witchs Round is a card of community and the divination help for it is literally Focus on (…) creative routines with fellow professionals. This card literally flew into my face while shuffling so I think that its safe to assume that you should invest your time and knowledge into a group effort (Business partners? Coworkers? Fellow dudes with a similar profession you’re already working at?) rather than to try it on your own. Sharing ideas and putting them into motion comes up as an additional prompt for me. If something with the number 3 comes up in your future business efforts or ideas you should take a closer look, as well. (I am now realizing that we have three cards, which wasn’t my intention. Ha.)

Shax and Berith actually came together out of the shuffling process which is interesting, because the Shax card says “Beware of charmers and con artists” while Berith stands for “Focus on material gain but beware of greed that can turn to dangerous motivations”. If we consider the Witchs Round as the main card (joining efforts with fellow professionals) the whole reading wants you to know that in times of Influencer culture you should really really really keep your hands off ANY kind of pyramid schemes or MLM strategies, no matter how convincing the dude with his new sports car might look to you.

I’ve dressed a candle with a Road Opener oil (to dissolve blockages and to let you find your way to your own “Witchs Round”, haha) and with Cinnamon oil for you, I’ve sprinkled some fenugreek seeds on the bottom of the candle holder as well (cinnamon and fenugreek seeds are my personal favourite prosperity ingredients).

I am currently keeping an eye on the candle and I will let it burn down.


@Khayon How it currently goes:

It should be done in roughly 30 Minutes from now, so I guess the candle will be completely burned by the time you’re seeing this :slight_smile:


Thank you so much

Thank you so much, may you find success in your rightful desires

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Could someone do a ritual for me to burn off all astral and earthly parasites (including hackers especially)? Would be grateful for this, thank you :slight_smile:





Wow, this is amazing, it coincides with some movement in my current workplace for sure (recently-departed colleague wants to take me and others to his department at a higher-paying job shortly), along with a bit of perspective for the other projects I have going on. I’ll definitely look at collaborative efforts a lot more closely now, that’s given me some good ideas. Working with others who share my aims and interests is a big hope for me, especially to help create something that lets me give back to others while helping fund the life I want.

This echoes at least 2 separate readings I’ve had, both through different methods, it feels like a really important warning about avoiding being scammed while trying to advance my interests keeps making its way through to me. I’m wary of things that seem too good to be true (all the dropshipping dudes with sports cars lol) but this really helps underline some of the info I’ve been given before, thanks!

I might have felt a little extra spring in my step from leaving work on time lol but I definitely felt something uplifting earlier around the same time of your post, like being lighter, more confident and purposeful. Thanks for your help here, reaching my potential in this area means a lot to me, I’ll definitely let you know how everything goes.


Please do :slight_smile: I am wishing you the most of success for your endeavours! Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it :tulip:

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Could someone help me with the possibility of banishing some parasites? I think I have some one of them being the christian god. I hate him more than I ever hated anything.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I have done a petition to Opfaal.

Should no curse, binding, etc be present…I asked that you receive some appropriate blessing instead.

I was instructed to light a blue candle with the cauldron flame, and to let said candle burn down amidst the ashes of the petition.



Never seen a candle flame do that. It got very big and I could visibly see a lot of soot coming out of the flame (granted, there’s ash stuck to the wick…)


Hello, I try to improve my magickal ability so far. I ask if someone can help me improve my perception of beauty.

I want to learn from him. “He is a demon of transformation and awakening of the soul self. He can help one to find their truth and to walk the path that calls to their heart. For when he fell into darkness, he found himself and he rose as the Prince of Darkness and Lord of his own right, and he teaches those who are lost to find their purpose and reclaim their power in their life.” (S&S)
I want to be able to connect and learn.

Greetings & Salutations, I hope all is well.

For a long while now I have been searching for a possible way to obtain the ability to fluently acquire a new language. I have done my own research and spoken to different practitioners in the past as well, but I have not had any luck. Very appreciative to anyone willing to help me on this matter. Thank you.

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I’ve burned a petition to Ose and Cimejes for you.

(The camera failed to take a pic of the burning petition it seems…)


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it, thank you.

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Hi. Could some one please do a spell to remove all curses and parasites, blockages from me. Thank you.

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