Help I need help [parasite removal]

Please moderator please dont remove this post.
I need anyone to help me with a problem that I have and dont have the experience to solve. I dont seek the tangible but the intangable. I keep asking but no one responds and I am at my whits end about it. Can anyone help me

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What’s the issue?

We have a thread for help requests:

And please remember, no one is obligated to help you. It is completely voluntary if someone chooses to do so. No one is entitled to the time and effort of the members of this forum.


I believe they already have a request on that thread…

Unless this topic is for something else…

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I think I have attracted a parasite that I cant get rid of and I think it wants to harm me. (I am scared this will get taken down) I reached out to it thinking it could help me over emotional problems and it did the opposite.

Can this thread help?


I don’t think you need to worry about that as long as you’re clear about what’s going on.

That’s where you gave it a foot in the door.

You must revoke any and all permissions or concessions you’ve given it.


Have you done any banishings?

What have you tried?