Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

thank you.

Can anyone do spell to make me calm

You need to be more specific than that. If someone cast a working that left you feeling outside of yourself, that isn’t really helpful.

What is the issue and what have you done abput it? Spells don’t last forever.

I have anxiety issue

Hi all,

I was hoping to ask anyone who has a close relationship with any of the following spirits and communicates with them to help me get answers to some questions that I have. A reading, divination or channeled messages would be greatly appreciated.

I recently made a petition to King Belial to destroy the defences/limitations of a particular person and to make them see me as supreme/having no equals. I also tasked him with overseeing and being the team leader of an extensive layered spell and was hoping to get a progress report of some kind as well as a clear timeframe.

I would also like to communicate with Duke Dantalion for a petition regarding implanting specific thoughts and feelings into this person so that the odds are in my favour. I know that he is well-known for giving clear advice, updates and specific timeframes so I would highly appreciate this!

Thank you!


Simple if anyone is wanting to do me a solid or test their abilities in being able to twist reality to make me sleep around with more black women I’d welcome the help. Seriously. Ive done some of my work and that is secret, but you never know what could happen if someone else adds some spice to so , here it is, by whatever means ritual/spell/ or servitior

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Moms hurting real bad again tonight. Can somebody give us some help? :cry:

All my prior commitments have been addressed now.

I’ll need more details so I can think about how to tackle your request.

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Ok :blush: so basically 2 years ago I met this guy on a dating app and we immediately clicked, we were truly in sync on everything and so he asked me out but I wasn’t ready as I had just gone out of a very toxic damaging relationship. Over the past 2 years I didn’t forget him because he literally seemed perfect so I would message him here and there but he’d always ask me out and I felt overwhelmed (I also have anxiety and I take medication for it).

Since the beginning of this year I feel much better mentally so I messaged this guy and he was great (for a couple weeks). He said I was one of the best things that happened to him during this pandemic, he said he liked me very much and while he was saying these things he kept replying to me less and less, sometimes he’d take a week to reply. This is ridiculous and these mixed up signals are so childish. He still kept telling me to out and I decided to say yes in March and guess what… once I said yes he kept ignoring me more. He would take 3 weeks to reply for example or he’d only reply if I double text or triple text. One day we had everything planned to go to the cinema and he canceled a couple hours prior.

I’m beyond annoyed. Sadder than I want to admit. My ego is hurt. But most of all I’m angry. This guy is making me look like a fool and a beggar. I want him crying at my feet, blowing up my phone and thinking of me 24/7.

@DragonsBlood if you’re comfortable, you can pm me more specific target information about this guy.

If not, or you feel that it might be too identifying for you, I can proceed without.

I’ve already had a flash or two that came from Astarte I’m pretty sure.

Is there anyone who may be able to answer this particular question that I’ve had for a very long time?

I’ve been trying to figure out what spirit/s follow me and how to connect with them…if anyone could do a reading, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!!

Hi @crookedpathfinder hope you are well and wish all others from the forum who’ve requested for help on this thread have success soon if not already.

Thought I’d share an update on how things have been over the last 6 months…well it’s not gone down as hoped…but somthing tells me it’s not over with either…let me explain.

So after the confirmation on the work done above…i waited a few days just to test the climate around my stepdad and a voice inside said he’s not going to agree…so I kinda left it there and started focusing on the debt clearance that id originally mentioned I was working on, in my request message…

So what’s changed since .
1)A substantial portion of my debts are almost done clearing (still have about 40% of the total debt to clear)…
2)i can confidently sense there has been an improvement in stepdad n my relationship…well i wouldn’t say we are this happy father-son duo that people envy abt or wish they had, like in the movies…but somthing is quite different n i can sense it…now I donno if this is like a precursor to he agreeing to help with the money needed to pay of the builder or where this is leading-to. Which brings me to the next point.
3) some representative from the builders side had said they’ll b able to return the money to the bank (after deducting 20% of what the bank had paid them) as soon as they get another buyer. Was around Feb this yr. Earlier this month late last month (can’t remember exactly when) i called this representative and asked the status and when they’ll be paying the bank back but his initial response was more like “so what do yu want to do?, Pay off or have us sell de place?” And i thought but wasn’t that already desided? So this dude tells me …it could take a long time to find a buyer and for us to return the money…the whole conversation gave me the vibes that if I have the money 16000-17000 dollars based on current exchange rates…i could just call them and say .i got the money .and still have the house back…and maybe implement the original intention that id stated i needed help wit. Now I’m not sure what to think of all this…but things still seem very much possible…or atleast it seems that way.

Would be happy to know what yur or the forum’s thoughts are on this .

Once again thanku for everything

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Hi everyone

Last Tuesday I performed a ritual to King Clauneck to assist me in unlocking financial success in my business. So far I have seen no results and I know it’s still early days, I try by all means to let go of the results as thinking about it can work against the outcome.

I bealive I made contact to Clauneck because I felt some presence during the ritual, additionally when I was done with the ritual I put out the fire in the candle when it was around halfway finished. But when I checked the following day, the candle was fully consumed without any flame at all.

Now I would like anyone who works with King Clauneck to check for me if he received my request, and also if he is willing to help me.

Thank you


Meant to get this done Friday, but I’m a mess. :sweat_smile:

It so happens that I have a tiny but of “slut water” left. I used some of it to anoint the candle in Astarte’s name.

Astarte came through very early on when I initially read your request.

I got flashes of being in the position of a strong feminine presence (Astarte) with a lovestruck man at my feet.

I carved targets name and bday upon the candle with some writing about what’s wanted (and would fit).

With all that said, may he be wrapped around your finger, may he stop beating around the bush, and may he come to you as his goddess!

So mote it be.

Your will be done, my will be done, our will be done.

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Would greatly appreciate if you could assist me in a matter related to a similar situation .

Gotta be more specific than that.

Don’t beat around the bush.

So I too met this guy online and he was on and off , coz he had been heartbroken preciously.

Then he just drifted. Though I really like him still , and he seriously liked me back then but had this fear I would turn out to be the same like his ex and so took 10 steps back.

Any help regarding reconciliation would be great.

Hi can anyone help me?

Hi. I was wondering if someone could cast a spell to help me get back my ex, or at least finish his ongoing current relationship. Many thanks.

Hi All,

Wish you all a good day.

Just finished a call with me boss’s boss and was told the promotion I was so looking forward to in the coming quarter will not happen because of a technicality. Was hoping this would happen considering the hike and new role it would have lead to, considering the debt closure and above that, the much needed professional growth that I’ve been waiting for since years now. But now it’s bleak, especially if it does not happen in the coming quarter then will have to wait for it for a long time again. Because the project I’ve been working on for the last 3 + years is now concluding and I’ll have to start over again with whoever turns out to be my new bosses and prove my abilities to them from scratch.

Not sure what to do anymore, if anyone could help me realise my promotion aspiration in the coming quarter or worst case the last quarter of this year, it would mean a lot to me. As my immediate boss says there’s still hope (honestly I don’t know if there is if I’m being rational based on the information available to me). But there’s almost always something that can be done in all are daily life situations no. Because there could be more to the story that’s above my pay grade to know about, and if yes then there really could be hope.hence, sharing this on this thread with hope for a positive outcome.

Thanking anyone who spent their time reading this to help.