Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Do you want me to cast a calm spell for you?

Anything you think is right calm spell or any other

Okay tell me if you feel anything


do you

No not anything till now. Lets wait for the morning

I think I also have to clear my thoughts as well and look in to deep.what i am looking for.

Can someone cast a love spell and a communication spell for me?
I’ve met this girl online and we have great chemistry, and anytime we do get to talk it’s an amazing time, now she knows that i have feelings for her, but she’s being quite well guarded with how she feels about me, and through talking with others who are friends with her, she really bad at keeping up on messages. So I’d like to ask for a love spell to to strengthen any feelings she has for me, and a communication spell so she will message me more and give me more opportunities to hang out with her.
I can provide any info you’d need, but I don’t want to post it in the open

Hey ppl

Idk if this is the correct thread or not but can anyone here read my natal chart? I have my natal chart done but I don’t know how to read it.

Requesting interpretation/reading help of my already created natal chart.

Hello everyone!
I would really appreciate your help with an obsession love spell. I feel like me and this guy had great chemistry and we were really like minded but lately he just ignores me… I’m angry and sick of it.
I want him obsessed crying at my feet.

Hi everyone my request is a reading from any spirit i done a love spell with Azazel Sallos and Dantalion at the same time and the person invited me to the date but now she suddenly become cold toward me idk what happened we had a great time with eachother can someone ask Azazel or Sallos or Dantalion about why this is happening i thought i finally find a love but everything went wrong im really confused