Random drawings / *art* / doodle POST IT IN HERE!


Random symbols, pictures and stuff
-when they come to your mind, and you would like to share them: DO IT.
*Do it here!

Things you draw for no reason.
Or things that first came to your mind -maybe bundles of information you just read or heard,
but then came by your hands -or whatever tool into manifestation (of any kind).

Showing Art
Occultist Artists/musicians

This is relavent to my interests…


The following is everything.
-From amazing to terrible, from original to the millionst copy… yeah.


Well done great work.


I don’t want to be rude -because i’m currently not in the mood for that
and want to remind to you ALL:

:wink: ok?

~When we share our crap (ART,doodles/random drawings) , we could inspire many people to… “something”?
I don’t know.:thinking:



Wow, you have an extraordinarily steady hand! I wish my pen work was that neat!


Well i was at a “Fachoberschule”(its not college, because your college is like our middleschool), i was in the section of graphical and media design.

And i felt kinda obsolete there, because the most people had also grey/green/hazel eyes,
with weird golden or whatever “dots” around the pupil. And even nicer than myne.

They all were more attractive, more successful, more wealthy AND healthy.

I felt like a joke.

And the stuff they did was awesome!

[spoiler]-You could totally see, that they all had WAY MORE MONEY(because i had none) and a greater relation to their relatives, because some of them were 16 and allready living somewhere else.
–And i didn’t had a bank account until i was 18, and was even more isolated because i didn’t even had a mp3player, while everyone was buisy to type into their new smartphone.

…it sucked.

At the “Fachoberschule”, was it obvious to me, that i could have been FAR MORE progressed, if i would have had money, or just the needed support to get equipment for animation and digital art… I could allready have some youtube-thing and patreons …but no, i’m still fucked, and don’t even get the stinking job as night porter. Because… no reason at all.

Those people there, they animated/ they edited/ they designed…and they lived. Wow…
They were creative, because thats what they like to do, and how they wanna express themselves and spend their time with.

I didn’t really had a choice -isolation. To draw and to design shit is what i can do -there is not much else. I can cook -experimentally, because the permanent lack of money forces me to try new things.[/spoiler]

And my handwriting is like a more rough version of the “kinda standart” way woman like to write -i’m curious why this style is so common. Is it because it is nice, but still something you can read, without having studying hieroglyphs prior??

Anyway, enough about me:





LONG LIVE THE PAPER BIRDS, :pray::rolling_eyes:


I have folded close 2000 of these over the course of my life :slight_smile: pretty sure i met my husband soon after the 1000th one


I also fold one for the restaurant server any time i go somewhere where the flatware is rolled up in a paper napkin and taped. I use the little tape bit, and the crane turns out about 1cm across


People will remember you for the eternity,
as that origami crazed bird woman.

~May your legacy live on.


This is probably not the kind of art you were thinking of, but it’s an art form I enjoy immensely:




I thank you for your inspiring post!
~I mean: “To inspire people”, is the whole point of this thread. :3


And thank you


Do i have to remind you guys, that this thread is for everyone???