Qliphoth initiation

Ok so I am kind of new, and I heard about the Qliphoth and wanted to try initiating myself in it but I heard you would have to go through this so-called “veil of the profane” I don’t know how I can do it

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And a brave thing to want to dive straight into Qliphothic initiation. This is no joke, it’s shadow work hyped on a cocktail of LSD and Meth. I am currently transitioning from Arab’Zaraq into Thagirion
In a very rational theoretic explanation, you pass through ten hells. These hells symbolize ten states of being which normally provoke very unhealthy traumatic responses that makes people go in circles or downward spirals. It takes a lot of careful examining, processing, learning, solving and integrating to master these states. One of the reasons why this is also called The Tree Of Death is because it takes a lot of parts of yourself that need to “die” and be reborn into something more beneficial to you in order to grow and evolve. Death and death-energy is very important in these initiations
My own theory is that you could even initiate yourself in a similar way through the seven temptations or seven deadly sins.

I haven’t heard of The Veil Of The Profane. I did cross the “Gates Of Daath” under guidance of Belial before doing my first opening ritual. This is your first symbolic death, crossing from the masculine ruled side of existence into the feminine ruled side. Kenneth Grant called it The Nightside or Universe B

Two tips I would like to give you, hoping this would make it a little easier.
Make sure you have a guide through this. I use Hecate as a guide and invoke The Goddess on a regular basis to make sure I embody that energy and guidance while going through these trials. Lucifer is another very powerful one to guide you through this.

Make sure you have some healthy outlets in place for when things get emotionally tough, because they certainly will. There will be a lot of unresolved muck coming to the surface.