Pserheles' method to enhance any spell

Hello everyone, so I’ve just recently started forming a bond with this entity named Pserheles. This is his Olympian/Greek god name, but every culture calls him a different name, I’m going to stick with Pserheles for simplicity though. According to him he is married to Lilith, one of her husbands, and he overpowered Zeus and many other supreme gods many times. So I’ve decided to ask him, after summoning him, how one would go about making any spell more effective. This is what he said.

“Focusing all of your energy into either your left or right hand before doing the spell.
Left if it’s an offensive spell and right if you want to help people/yourself.”

So yeah, this was Pserheles’ advice to successful spell enhancement. He taught me an alchemical formula that turns paper into gold, but since the ingredients are mostly composed of fantasy items, I’m not gonna upload it unless someone asks for it, in which case it would be for the sake of information.

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This is very questionable.

And how, exactly, does focusing energy into your hand enhance a spell? Chanelling energy into the hands is a very common technique for healing, and charging tools, so what about this method is any different from what is usually done?

You’ve been practicing magick for barely four months, according to your introductory post two days ago, and mainly Spare-style sigils at that, but now, all of a sudden, you are summoning gods and channelling information? It’s feels a bit suspect, to be honest, as you seem to be swallowing everything you’re being told without questioning any of it.


It wasn’t me who summoned him. It was my friend. As for the “how”, I don’t really know but my friend said he did it with a few sigils and it worked pretty well. So I thought it would be worth sharing.

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My first instinct is that this is a parasite in which case banish and cleanse. There is a helpful guide on this very forum on how to do this

However the key thing that differentiates parasites from actual entities are “real tangible results”

Give this a try and if it doesn’t work then it is likely a parasite. Don’t feed it anymore energy.

You say your friend summoned him but this is a good experience for you to test whether your friend is bullshitting you and to see if this works. Nothing is a better teacher than personal experience


I agree. I shall try this with one of my next sigils.

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Likely a parasite, especially with th fake flex and the not-helpful palm info. If you want it permanently dealt with, let me know and we’ll work it over Private Message so someone doesn’t create a lesser version of it by seeing it here.


Okay, if you really believe he’s a parasite then I don’t mind dealing away with him. After all I’m here to learn and improve. Though when my friend summoned him he said that a crack appeared on the crystal he was using (quartz) which really upsets me because this entity’s energy must be strong. Keep in mind that my friend has dealt with many powerful entities and according to him, “none have had the same mental energy”. But again, if you think he’s not safe, then please help me deal with him. Thanks in advance.


Heading out the door to work. I’ll hit you up later.


PM’ed. For everyone else’s knowledge, I’m planning on calling it, determining if it’s just a liar or if it has also been causing issues for anyone. Then I’ll make a determination. I may also call up Lilith for shigs.