Potent Wealth Spell : Tested & Highly Successful

Potent Wealth Spell : Tested & Highly Successful.

This wealth spell is potent to say the very least and is highly successful, the intricate planning and prep work is essential to the potency of the magick. This can be used to manifest money rather quickly, it can also be used for increasing success in business.

The Sigils Of The Spirits Of Wealth & Gain.

(These sigils and descriptions of the entities are a credit to E.A. Koetting and aren’t of my own findings, credit given where credits due).

  1. Ghob - Ghob is the Elemental King of earth. Although he is often described as a generically Tolkien dwarf, Ghob just as often appears as a tall African man or as a fur and skin clad mountaineer. Mastery over the element of earth, especially when paired with fire, water, or wind can allow the Sorcerer to create or quell tornados, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and several other calamities.

Studying the element and its powers under Ghob will also allow the Evocator to cause the earth to deliver up its treasure and bounty. Everything from gardening to investing can be learned as an art and understanding rather than a struggle when working with Ghob.

  1. Pendralion - When summoned, Pendralion comes seated on a large throne. He possesses a younger appearance than most astral dignitaries, yet such does not distract from the air of nobility that he carries.

Pendralion has complete knowledge and influence
over the currents of material power, wealth and stately
influence. His instruction, if followed, can alter the course of empires and set men up as kings.

  1. Iadon - Demon having power over all forms of wealth and abundance. Iadon comes quickly to the call of the adept. His face is usually covered in shadows which seem to move with him. The only of his features clearly visible are his eyes, which are rarely focused on one object at a time, and the glint of his jagged teeth when he speaks.

Iadon seems gracious, as he is very quick to aid the
magician in acquiring wealth. Beware, however, for
although the demon always gives more than is needed, he will take back more than is had. It is not wise to hold company with Iadon for longer time than is needed, as he holds strong sway with those with whom he is familiar.

  1. Lukorst - Beneficial Angel able to bring any amount of gold, silver and pearls as may be needed. Lukorst appears as a tall man encompassed in golden light. This light is the force which attracts all beneficial things to both him and to those that he leaves his essence with.

Lukorst will respond to the request of the magician
with haste, and will supply him with as much wealth as is needed. It is advised to only ask for what is necessary; however, as this Angel holds no respect for greed.

  1. Salas’ash - Salas’ash is able to bring money to you rather quickly. The greatest shortfall is that he is not able to generate continual success in any endeavor, or in general, but is able to deliver a single sum of money within hours, or at longest within days.

I have seen that it is important when working with
Salas’ash that you not demand any particular amount of money. Simply release your desire for financial gain to him, and he will deliver all that is needed.

  1. Halah’thor - Halah’thor is a Demonic Lord who appears as a refined gentleman, his hair neatly trimmed, his face clean shaven, and dressed in a tuxedo. In questioning him on his appearance, he has revealed that through the ages he has assumed the presentation of the era’s common conception
    of wealth.

Halah’thor has the power to help you establish a
career that will not only provide for you financially, but
will also align with your greater destiny.

“If you are creating certain prosperity for yourself,
this alone is not your Empire,”

Halah’thor told me. “Every aspect of your life must be made perfect, and perfection in this manner is not misery, but is joy and sense-satisfaction in all things that you do, all things that you have, and all things and people in your life.” Indeed, Halah’thor can materialize an enviable existence in which you are wealthy, happy, passionate, and moving in the direction of your own destiny.

  1. Magick Square For Manifesting Wealth & Money - This magick square although not a single entity can be used for calling forth the powers which are contained herein to bring forth wealth. Often viewed sometimes as formless power or multiple entities such as a house of spirits/legion.

The Rest Of Required Ingredients.

  1. Gold Candle
  2. Three Green Candles
  3. Basil
  4. Cascara Sagrada
  5. Alfalfa
  6. Thyme
  7. Jar Of Honey
  8. Lancets
  9. Written Petition
  10. Soil
  11. Abundance Oil
  12. Pestle & Mortar
  13. Coins Or Notes (Money)

The Instructions

Begin by first taking your pestle and mortar out in front of you, hold your hand over each herb and close your eyes. Sensing the dormant energy within, once felt inhale deeply pull the dormant energy from the herb into yourself. Hold your breath as this dormant energy enters you it will become active, hold the breath for a few seconds feeling it intensify within you. Breathe that dormant energy back into the herb, repeat this four to five times.

As you do this state the following

“Creature Of Earth, Spirit Of (Name Of Herb) I Activate You Now, I Awaken The Dormant Potential Within You. Come Alive Now, I Rouse Forth The Magickal Power Within You. To Bring Forth Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity And The Gain Of Money, This Is My Intent, This Is My Decree, So It Shall Be, Awaken, Awaken”.

Once you’ve done this with all herbs throw them into the mortar, begin crushing and mixing the herbs together and add a dash of soil and as you do this state the following.

“In The Name Of Ghob, King Of The Earth I Add This Treasured Soil Into This Concoction, To Infuse The Unearthed Treasure Of Mother Earth And All Her Earthly Kingdom, So It Shall Be”.

Add a few droplets into the concoction and mix them with the pestle, as you do this take the sigils out in front of you of the spirits. Gaze into the sigil and begin gazing into it with your scrying vision, charging and activating the sigil as a gateway to the spirits energy, presence and power as you do this state the following.

“(Spirits Name) I Call And Summon You Forth, Hear My Call, I Open This Sigil, I Open This Seal, This Gateway. (Spirits Name) I Call Upon You To Issue Forth A Abundance Of Success, Fortune, Wealth & Gain. (Spirits Name) Come, (Spirits Name) Come, (Spirits Name) Come”.

As you state the above, charging it whilst you focus on your intention, spread the sigils out before you. Using a lancet add your blood onto each sigil and state the following as you do so.

“(Spirits Name) I Give Onto You My Blood, My Life Force, A Share Of My Power, Take It As An Offering, A Sacrifice And A Empowerment To The Spell I Involve You In. I Seal This Calling Upon You (Spirits Name)”.

As you do this burn a sigil one at a time, leaving it in the stone mortar, all the ashes of the sigils are then to be mixed in with the herbs. Hold your hands over the mortar and state.

“These Enchanted Ashes They Shall Be The Energetic Link, The Anchor To Ghob, Pendralion, Iadon, Lukorst, Salas’ash And Halah’thor”.

Now face the North and place three green candles in front of you in the shape of a triangle of manifestation, I’d suggest anointing these in the abundance oil. As you do so close your eyes and envision the candle glowing a bright green, as you do this state the following.

“I Anoint This Candle As A Pillar Of Wealth, A Lamp Of Fortune, I Consecrate And Infuse My Power Into You”.

As you do this envision the energy within you being infused into the green candle through the motion of anointing the candle. Simple visualisation, breathing and energy work should do the trick. Once you do this with all three green candles place them before you, sit in front of them and meditate upon them. Hand outwards and visualise a green energy inside a candle in front of you, eyes closed and allow your internal vision to enter into the candle and the green light inside of it. Envision this light is a river of what we consider to be fortune, luck, success, wealth and abundance.

As you do this hold your right hand towards the candles and push your energy into the candles before you envisioning the candles sharing their light. Forming a fiery green triangle as this happens place your right palm flat inside the triangle, keep visualising and constraining that energy as a astral triangle and state the following.

“I Forge And Create Before Me Now A Triangle Of Manifestation Forged By The Powers Of Wealth, Abundance And Fortune. By My Power And The Powers Here Present I Solidify And Fortify This Blazing Triangle In This Realm And All The Realms Above And Below”.

Now take the golden candle and anoint this too in the abundance oil and sit down for a moment, before we move forward recite the following chant.

“Ventana Kel Vu Masta El Tuem Kama Zah”.

This is a demonic tongue I channeled from the demon Fastos, for more information on this chant and its usage you can watch this video below.

Keep reciting that chant over and over, pushing more energy, exhausting more and more of it into the recitation as you do this. Envision seven fiery golden embers from afar gravitating towards you. Slowly they will approach and it should be visualised as such gaining momentum as they approach, then visualise as they enter into your immediate vicinity.

Envision these golden fiery fiends gather around you, as they encircle you state the following.

“Grand Demons I Consecrate This Golden Candle In By Your Power, I Call Upon Your Aid And Energy And Infuse It Into This Candle Here And Now”.

Hold it in both hands raise it upwards and visualise the seven golden fiery beings move around you faster and faster until they appear to be liquid gold. As if you are sat within a tornado/vortex of fiery flaming gold, envision inside this golden current around you. See inside the current a swarm of coins and notes, in various currencies such as dollars, euros, pounds, yen etc. Hold the candle upwards and as you breathe in feeling the natural vortex of breath pulling in the energy around you directly into the tip of the wick.

Visualising this golden current literally being sucked and usurped into the wick, see it become infused into the wick, into wax, into the candle (personally I visualise it entering into the molecules, particles and even atoms of the candle). As you do this recite yet again the above chant and feel the presence and power of the chant reaching a critical mass in the candle until its glowing almost like a spear of golden light.

Now state

“I Consecrate And Empower This Candle, Be It The Lamp Of Wealth, The Pillar Of Fortune, The Rod Of Treasure, The Golden Watchtower Of Abundance And Riches”.

Once done take the top of the jar of honey by melting the wax of the candle drip a few hot droplets of the wax onto the lid of the jar. Press the candle on the lid and hold it hard yet steady and still in place allowing the wax to dry and harden.

Now empty some of the honey as it will overflow otherwise and then take the concoction in the mortar and add as much as possible into the jar of honey. Once done add a small petition of your desire for wealth, gain, abundance or what you want into the jar. Next hold add into the jar a few coins or papered cash and state.

“I Add Into This Spell The Energy Of Money, Gain And Currency”.

All things have energy even physical cash, so adding this into spell is literally infusing that energy into the spell itself and this is one of the main reasons physical money is often used in money magick. Next gaze into the magick square and focus on your intention, gaze and scry into it like a sigil, activating and opening it. As you do it envision that you have exactly what you desire, don’t visualise how you’ll get it but just imagine having it, how it makes you feel, the positive sensations that overcome you. As you do it certain words of the square will dissappear and reappear, whatever word reappears first say that word outloud.

As that word then dissappears another word will reappear then say that word too, keep doing this until you feel the presence or energy of the square itself.
As you do this place your right hand on top of the square and state.

“By The Magick Contained Herein This Square, I Call Upon The Ancient Powers Present To Bring Forth That Which I Desire”.

Now fold the square three ways outwards and then place that square into the jar, now at this point hold your right hand over the jar and feel the combined energies all blending and intertwining as one. Until something else seems present, a new spirit which is the spirit of this spell born of all the spirits, items, elements and powers. Carefully screw the lid on and I do mean carefully to avoid breaking it or removing it from the lid. If it does fall off then you can just melt it and stick it back on again.

Now hold the jar spell with both hands and close your eyes, visualise the energy within it focusing on how it seems to be intensifying the more attention you pay on the spiritual cocktail which is brewing in the jar. Place the jar in the triangle and light the greens candles, visualising the green astral circuit flowing through each candle. Creating the perfect environment for this kind of magick as well as causing the energies of Riches, Treasure, Abundance, Wealth and so forth accumulating more and more.

Leave this jar to accumulate more and more before you now, light the golden candle before you too gaze into the flame and at this point i’d suggest performing this guided meditation fuelling you with a tone of energy and power to take this spell to a whole other level.

As this divine light is burning throughout every cell of your body, every inch of your spirit and energy system. Gaze into the flame and exhale releasing a fiery ray of this magickal light into the candle flame, pushing this power throughout the entirety of the candle and the jar. As you do this I’d suggest uttering a statement of your intention such as.

“I Rouse Forth All The Powers, Energies And Forces Woven Into This Spell, By The Powers Here Present I Summon Into My Life. Fortune, Success, Wealth And Abundance, By The Force Of This Magick I Manifest That Which I Desire, So It Shall Be, So It Is Done”.

Of course if it’s something specific tailor the statement of intent to the specific desire but don’t be too specific in terms of amount of money for example. As you keep funneling that invoked power into the spell push not only that power into the jar but also your desire, your intention, the vision of your desire and your will. Now imagine that the power before you is no longer entering into the jar but now it’s so intense it’s beginning to rumble and erupt before you. Visualise it erupting like a astral volcano for lack of a better terminology, that the magick explodes outwards like a huge beacon through the ceiling, upwards into the sky and outwards.


If you cannot use a abundance oil I recommend something else which in my honest opinion works much better in money magick “The Demonic Elixir Of Wealth”, this video below is a tutorial/DIY to create it.

As the beacon from the spell emits outwards through the world know that it will align all circumstances, situations, instances in the present and future and even other people present too. Simply meditating on it and know that this spiritual beacon will attune all reality to ensure that which you desire comes to fruition.




Thank you for taking the time to share this @C.Kendall, it is very helpful. I told myself today I was focusing solely on money magick and this post pops up. What a great synchronicity.


That’s really long :sweat_smile:


You’re more than welcome and I look forward to hearing your results keep us updated if you do it :blush:


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No freaking way Connor. You have my Upmost respect for doing all of that on your phone. I would have been scared of the forum acting up and losing it all.


In all seriousness @C.Kendall will this work for online business too? (I haven read it all yet so forgive me if you said that some there in this). I am trying to make it so that my online ventures are successful.


I don’t see any reason why not

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…that’s not how Wealth Magick work.

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You read it right … Wealth is something else then just self hypnosis or integration of certain entities. If it was that simple lots of people will be multi millionaire using Magick that easy.

I guess you can say that to everything

If thats how love magick would have worked no one would have been single

If thats how Baneful magick would have worked no one would have had any enemies

if thats how money …( you used this one )

if thats how study magick …food magick … and every other thing in the world

but also note that

people out there manifest their desire

not everyone is strong enough to do it
not everyone has that kind of will power
not everyone is open to other reality (LHP)
not everyone believes that they can do it
not everyone is confident even if they perform magick


I’m glad somebody has some common sense :relieved:


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You said this spell is good for business? I assume you mean people who have there own business right?

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When you have all the ingredients in you house and you can do it right away :smiley::black_heart:
Hail the Infernal Empire :fire:

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