BALG Group wealth candle/rite

I was suppose to do this back in Feb before gas got all crazy and whatnot.

I believe this was something Bime (Bune) was wanting…

All I knew was it involved a gold candle somehow.

Later on I found this thread by @C.Kendall

Imagine my shock. Lol

Anyways, I’ve done most of this with my own additions and twists.

What you’ll need:

Quite simple really, you just need the sigil I came up with for this.

My suggestion would be to do as follows:

(I skipped this step) make a honey jar for wealth and abundance, and place the sigil on the jar somewhere.

Then, place the jar atop an opened and activated Abramelin square that looks like I’ve done here preferably (write the name Oriens atop, and below Mammon…):

That’s it basically.

I had something a bit more elaborate in mind where I’d provide a meditation and invocation, but I can always do this again.

Otherwise, the sigil alone will suffice and you can burn a candle atop it (preferably green).

Good luck y’all.

I’ll be lighting or putting the candle out over the course of days, and will give updates here. My intention though is that this transcends time.

Just focus on the sigil and calling in weathand abundance, and adding your energy to the candle/sigil/rite.

Let us bask in the glitter of gold!

If you’re participating, please post a picture :wink:


The candle is burning once again…

Set your attention to it’s golden flicker, like the sun on the water and liquid gold.

Put your mind upon it, tip the scale and empty the coffers…

(Sidenote: I was actually directed to anoint and dress the whole altar with the oil that was made which I found interesting…)


My initial idea for a meditation with this candle is something like this…

Either using, the sigil, the overlayed sigil upon the golden background I also posted, or a pic of the candle itself…

(Note: you may notice that the top of the sigil looks purposely like a flame, and that flame is nestled in the horns of mercury if you look at it…)

Centering your attention upon it’s flame you’ll focus on that for a bit…and then…slowly, you’ll see yourself walking up to the gate of a village or city, think rpg setting…

Walking in you are warmly greeted and there’s a very lively and festive bazaar or marketplace.

Standing at various podiums or daises are various figures that are distributing money, food, or whatever else to people.

These figures are the various spirits involved.

For instance, you may see a woman who is cloaked in green, and/or other eastern clothing…orange eyeshadow and make up peeking out above the face covering she chooses to wear…this would be the great duchess Bime…

You will go up to the ones you’re drawn to, and recieve what they have to give, and they may impart a message or advice. You will thank them and join the festivities before ending the meditation however feels right.

This could be done multiple times, or just once, as the sigil and whatever you may also be doing with it are activated.

Or as a practice just before bed. Etc, etc.



Candle is out.

I will light it again tomorrow.

For those who wish to sync with the time, I’ll try to light it around 8 or 9 pm central time.

I will then let it burn for 2 hrs give or take. (8-10, or 9-11 central time)


Mind if I ask, where did you find a decent gold candle? Everytime I look for one, they are always more yellow or orange.

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Hobby lobby

Had to use sharpie to mark on it though, cuz you’re just scratching off the gold layer otherwise. Lol not an aesthetic I like.


Had to miss two days cuz I was away from home.

But …the candle is lit again:


Candle is lit again…

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And lo! The final night it is lit and burning!

I fully intend to do this again, just gotta hunt down that other gold candle (or buy one).

I also would like to do something like this with other intentions in mind. (Suggestions welcome).

And so it is… :pray:

I thank the spirits and anyone that chose to participate.


I can’t say definitively one way or the other…

But the property manager where I live informed me the other day that the tenants would be getting new appliances.

I didn’t pry, and didn’t get any specifics, but it seems whoever owns the property got some kind of windfall or something of some sort, and decided to invest some of it into the property.

I like to think they benefited from this somehow in a kind of Magickal, energetic bleed out or ripple

If so, that’s pretty dope I gotta say.


Well. It makes sense to me. You are putting out the energy that you want/deserve/have prosperity. It doesn’t look all that prosperous though when you have shitty appliances, in a tiny apartment out there in that great big world. Seeing is believing right, so to see brand new appliances everyday and know you brought that to yourself, even though you didn’t need it, without doing anything specific for it- simply because to live a prosperous life is to have nicer things- will do what to you subconsciously…?

Well. I think your onto something. I guess is what I’m saying because how my mind reasons out this is a logical if not natural or basic response to the workings you’ve done, is a little wonky in words.

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Do you combine those 2 bg music

Up to you.

I mostly put those up for illustrative purposes.

You can just as easily use something else that gets the same ambience or brings you into that frame of mind.

Infernal blessings~