Potent Wealth Spell : Tested & Highly Successful

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@C.Kendall and I preformed this spell during a mentorship lesson and literally the next day I have 3 job offers🖤Best mentor ever.

Link to my Apprentship with C. Kendall below. If you ever get the chance to hire him as your mentor, do so immediately. It’s so worth it. Life changing tbh. I am so glad I found this path meant for me🖤

This spell is very effective and very potent when preformed correctly.

:fire:Hail the Infernal Empire and hail thy self!


@C.Kendall … You sir, are a master.
Thank you for the posts you wrote, especially this one on a phone. Thank you so much. If I had any money, I’d approach you as a teacher and mentor. We will see if this changes :slight_smile:


You are simply an amazing being I ever aware of, not a human really, highly demonic entity as I see you, who you are really from inside?
Love to read your posts, your videos, your knowledge amazes me at this age how can you hold that much with so much proficiency and with command, simply amazing.
Thank you