Please, I need direction

So, I’m new to this forum, and I’ve been practicing sigil/candle magick for a few years now. However, a recent situation in my life calls for some dramatic changes being made, and I’ve become interested in some more “left-hand” methods of accomplishing that.

Some backstory:
I was dating a woman for over 6 years. 4 years ago, we had some issues, and we suffered a few breakups/messed up situations. But we resolved them, and I grew out of my part of the conflict in the years that followed. We had an absolutely beautiful relationship, based on trust, intimacy, and the absolute deepest love I’ve ever seen. We lived together for 5 years, and built the most amazing home together. We were absolutely inseparable, and talking about marriage constantly. However, this year, she suggested that we try polyamory (literally the same day I was going to ask her to look at rings). I reluctantly agreed, as I knew she’d been wanting to explore her bisexuality for some time, and didnt want to tell her she couldn’t. But very soon after the first time she had sex with the person she met (who was a mutual friend, that said they would back off if needed), she stopped wanting to even hold my hand. She would still tell me every day how much she wanted to “kiss her again,” and even though I’d asked her to stop before it even happened the first time, they continued having sex (once right in front of me, giving me a panic attack later that night) and forming a relationship. She then began dragging up the past issues we had from 4 years ago, dragging my name through the mud with my friends and family, and then telling her whole family I was a “cheater” (though the only time I was ever with another person was very briefly when we were broken up 4 years prior). The “third” started parroting and manipulating her into seeing patterns that didnt exist, and told me to my face she wasnt leaving unless my girlfriend specifically asked her to. My girlfriend of 6 years, now looked at me as if I was the scum of the earth, despite loving me enough to marry a week prior; and broke up with me.

Since then, (3 days later), the two of them entered a relationship. My ,now, ex blocked me on every possible avenue of communication, except my phone number, which she only kept free to tell me when she was coming by to get her stuff. And even then, she kept bringing the person she left me for to my home, and treated me very coldly, as if we hadn’t ever even once cared about each other. Her new girlfriend, laughing at me the entire time, as I became more and more depressed and hurt by this.

Now, I’m only telling my story because I wish to know EXACTLY which curses/evocations would suit my situation. I do not wish my ex harm, and I would like to bring her back with love if possible, as this whole situation was extremely out of character for her. But I do wish to see this third person suffer a bit. She destroyed something very precious to me, and while I’ve had some time to heal and get my emotional state balanced, my hatred for her is still palpable.

My question: Who can I evoke to bring these things about? What curses exist to completely wreck a new relationship/harm only one individual within it? And, are there any real Love spells/curses that would help me bring the one I love home QUICKLY to reconcile (though she moved away)? I dont trust the things I’ve seen online, and it seems most people are just selling crappy scented candles as a fix.

Sincerely, I appreciate any response. But every day that passes, this situation grows worse. I need help, and I need direction. I have already decided over time that this is the route I’m taking. So please don’t just tell me to move on. I need real Intel here.

Thank you all.


Did she? Or was she approached? Because you make it look like she was approached. And if she was…well, you know the rest.

To be honest… we have several of this “bring my ex back” posts. Every week. Sometimes every day. Most of them don’t get their exes back. And that’s probably for the best.

Since you have experience with it, do sigil and candle magick.

I think I read in the Goetia Pathworking grimoire (by Corvin Hargrove) that there is a goetic demon who ca break up couples, but I’m not sure if I read it there. And if you’re going to break up a couple, I don’t think you can be sure only one person is going to be harmed. Quite the opposite.

The best thing anyone can tell you is to move on, but since you don’t want that, then there is not much more for me to say.


PS: You have to make an introduction. It is a rule in this forum. And all this info about your ex doesn’t qualify as such.


Oh, I didnt realize I was supposed to introduce myself. I’ll make one. And I’ll check out the spirit mentioned too. Thank you. I’m just looking to weigh my options more than anything.

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I’ll let you in in something the regular users of this forum know well:

People usually don’t get their exes back. Sorry to say it, but it is the truth. And the few who do, don’t really seem all too happy.

BUT… I think I know one exception. Just one. I’m trying to be straight up honest here, so don’t get too much hope; I don’t mean to give you false hope.

The one guy I believe pulled it off did it with assistance from Satanachia, a really cool demoness. I have worked with her (for stuff not related to bringing an ex back) and she is cool.

You’ll need her enn and sigil. If you promise something to her, do it. It seems she likes chocolate and scotch.


I know it’s very unlikely. And I do appreciate the honesty. But I wont really be able to forgive myself if I dont try everything I can.

And wow, I just read up a little on Satanachia, and she does seem pretty badass. I’m curious as to how you’re to prevent yourself from using your own energy in the ritual though. But yeah, she seems pretty useful in the mind control side of things. Theres a lot of sigils out there, so I’ll have to do some digging to find the right one.

Seriously man, thanks for the info!

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This should be the right sigil.

ENN: Furca Na Alle Laris Satanachia.

What do you mean by this?

Yea, here’s a little game/intel you should pick up on after this. When a woman says anything like “let’s have an open/poly relationship” she’s been cheating or thinking about cheating on you for weeks/months…but she just doesn’t want to hide it anymore so this is the move they try to make. Before you even finished the sentence, I knew she’d dump you for this new person. The plan was never to hold on to you both…It was to create a smooth transition from you to her.

See if you want this to work out OP, you need to understand how you lost attractiveness in her eyes to begin with. The fact that you want her back so bad that you forbade anyone to tell you to just move on tells me what likely led to her wanting to jump ship in the first place. Now please listen to this because its integral in getting her back. You need to let go of this bitch in your mind. Yeah, i call her a bitch because the way she treated you and tried to manipulate people against you through lies is a bitch move. You really shouldn’t be this hungry to get her back. She probably left you because you were too emotionally available, too clingy, etc. If you don’t believe me…ask the opinion of another woman like @Lady_Eva …I think she will get the same vibe that I got from reading this.

Now @ReyCuervo is right when he told you most people here don’t get their ex back via magick, but he didn’t tell you why that is. The reason is typically because the operator cannot let go of the situation or the girl they so desperately want back…and if you can’t let go after any ritual, the results will struggle to manifest. So ironically, the way to succeed is to let go of her to the point where you aren’t too sure if you’d even take her back if she came running back. The magick itself isn’t difficult. Any obsession spell will bring her back. The biggest factor when it comes to bringing an ex back is the obsession of the operator. As for the woman who stole her from you, I’d cast an intranquil spell on her and have the intranquil spirits torture her mind with thoughts of being with you until you release her…but of coarse, you will never reciprocate the desire. This would serve two purposes. The first is that you can sufficiently get revenge by attacking her heart, as she fucked with yours…and secondly, the fact that this girl will be trying to be with you now instead of your ex will make you look more attractive in the eyes of your ex. Remember, women dont want to be with men that other women dont want. They are driven heavily by social cues, and it would only make you look better, especially if you couple it with an obsession spell on the ex.

Hope this helps. If you need a strong love spell, you can go with this


Why do you believe, the demons dont help to bring the exes back, no matter how much someone is evoking and ask them for this? Is it that they don’t want or they can’t??


It’s not that they can’t. They can. In fact, it’s good to go into the ritual with a strong desire for the result. The problem is that once the ritual is over, you cannot lust for the result. But this goes for all rituals…not just the ones involving love. As for the why, there’s several reasons…but one of them is that you need to release the power that you’re calling forth…and when you dwell on result in a way that suggests you’re becoming impatient…It suggests a lack of confidence in what you’re doing…and that can hold the whole thing back.

This article goes into more detail


P.S. to the OP …If you want to use the intranquil spirits, go here


hey man what you need is ADVICE, talk to a badass demon and ask him what the fuck you should do, you’ll know then… my advice is to turn the odds into your favor, however you’d like… i.e. pure dominance

good luck and welcome to the left brother!

I LOVE your post. I too simped over a woman for quite some time. Like, a number of years. Once I had finally reached that point where I wasn’t sure if I would take her or not were she to come running back, I had discovered a witch offering love spells that seemed powerful and to fall within my ethical parameters.

I was excited by the prospect of finally having a means of being ABLE to get what I wanted, although I was no longer sure if it was really what I wanted. Still, just finally having the OPTION excited me.

I went to sleep that night and recieved a powerful grave warning in my dreams right before I woke up, so it was fresh on my mind. As long as I live, I will not forget the warning:

“If you want her you can have her, but then you’re stuck with her”

That has made me REALLY apprehensive about it.


Just something I read, I’m sure it’s nothing if you havent had any issues. Thank you very much man.

Fascinating. I’ve been told of the spells you mentioned in your post, but I’ve never actually seen them in detail. Thank you so much Verdo! You’re awesome!

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m truly amazed by the level of information shared on these forums, and I’ve been researching quite a bit about different evocations/demons to enlist. I just wanna make sure I do it right lol

Dude, seriously, thank you. This kind of direction is exactly what I need.

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

Τhank you for your reply!! Yeah I know the rule of no lusting… And its so important eventually!!
About the I. S. Though, they say its really dangerous. Both for the target and for the caster, what is true in the end…?!

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It’s something you have to be careful with yes…but more in terms of the unintended consequences. It can make someone obsessive to the point of becoming a stalker. It’s really meant to relentlessly torture a person until they are released


So It does affect the free will of that person right? And this is the point when it becomes dangerous for the karma of the caster… :flushed: