Please help me. Healing a fractured mind and how to stop your psychic powers from harming you

I am in need of serious help you all, becouse i feel like i am dying or soon i will be if i won’t get any better.:disappointed:
Does anybody in here knows how to heal a fractured mind, becouse i think i injured my mind by doing exercices in franz bardon’s book and especially by exercices when you need to transplant your consiousness into other objects, animals and people, i was succesful at all these exercises, but i injured my mind and i don’t feel like myself anymore and i keep “blacking out” and feel like my brain is dying and i just want to stop it and feel "normal and like myself again. ;( How can i heal my fractured mind? And does anybody know how can i stop seeing and hearing spirits, becouse it is driving me insane and i don’t want to have these powers and "abilities’ anymore. It is “too much” for me to handle at the moment and i am going insane fast becouse of it. If anybody knows how to heal a fractured mind and stop your psychic abilities and powers from harming you, please respond, becouse these days i really feel like i am close to dying, becouse my powers got out of control and my mind is “spinning” too fast and i even went to hospitals becouse of how serious and bad it is, but they just think that it is panic attacs and gave me medicine for anxiety, but it doesnt help me much, becouse my problem is spiritual not just physical. Please help me who can and understand what is happening to me.:disappointed: Thank you in advance. I feel very scared right know, becouse i don’t know what to do and what is going to happen next and will i ever feel normal again. ;(


Try reading any fiction books you liked when you were younger, or any young adult fiction, the older the better, and things which do not contain any supernatural, magickal, or even science fiction themes.

This creates a fictional world-within-world, inside your mind, which helps your consciousness harmonise, and adjust to the equally fake “reality” we live in, and which you have become slightly out of synch with.

Old TV shows or movies you remember from your youth or which are extremely old fashioned (and again, nothinbg remotely weird or magickal) are a good second choice, as well.

Librivox also has audio recordings of classic books, try this - kid’s stuff, with a nice prickly herione: LibriVox

Don’t open the sigil or anything, just call on Varnaxis, face west with his sigil on a screen or drawn out, offer him these things for his safekeeping for as long as you need to be releived of them: VARNAXIS : Demon Of Dark Ascent

He was human more recently than most other spirits and will understand.

I found that tramadol (prescribed) placed an almost complete block on my senses, however it is habit forming and is a controlled substance in most countires afaik. I’m just mentioning this in case it’s any use.

I’ve had moments in the past when i felt totally overwhlemed and things just would NOT shut up, or shut off, as well as de-realisation and dissociation.

You CAN get through this, it’s a hazard of the path and you are NOT alone. :heart_decoration:


I would suggest to watch reiki videos. Get some salt and put around your bed just a few pinches.

You need to built up your mind protection.


This is a great video to start with.

Use your WILL power to order the spirits to leave you and your house alone.


While the fiction trick is the best method I have ever found, these are also things I have used with success:

  • if you have an ASMR trigger which works for you, try setting aside time to watch videos with the most immersive material you can find, to ground back into your body

  • lie flat on your back, on the bed is fine (bend your knees a bit if lying flat places too much pressure on your lower back) and place a piece of iron pyrite, or anything made of iron, or anything made of stainless steel, or any kind of natural black stone, on your pelvis so that it is over/in the region of your base chakra. That list is in order of preference; iron pyrite is the best for this, if you have some, but the others will help as well. Don’t use knives, forks, or anything sharp

  • hold both your hands out around level with your shoulders, arms stretched out straight and palms down, then slowly bring them up and inwards, resting your left palm on your forehead just over the ajna chakra, and then bring the right hand over that as well, stating “I am closing down my vision, my mind is now at rest” three times over

  • avoid weirdness in general and try doing some gardening, housework, crafts, or any physical task which has a beginning, a middle, and an end, at which the work you set out to do is completed

  • walking with bare feet on the ground, ideally grass but a few steps on the pavement outside your home is better than nothing

  • place things made of ideally, iron, or (second-best) steel at the four corners around your bed. Don’t use knives or anything sharp like forks (spoons should be okay). Used iron horseshoes are best for this, if you can find them, and salt as @Purple suggests is also good. Iron in general can be helpful, if you know any local structures made of iron that are safe (not in the middle of a storm, or near any busy roads, nor railway tracks) then go and grab a hold of one of those and visualise the energy grounding out through it

  • hug a tree. Clichéd, but effective. :green_heart:

These things may not individually do the trick all by themselves, but adding them on when you can will help anything else you’re doing. If I can think of anything else we’ve used in the past, I’ll add it here. :+1:


Thank you so much for your very informative, thoughtful and helpful response! :kissing_heart: I am litterally in tears, becouse i dind’t think that anybody was going to answer me so seriously and put so much effort into helping me. Thank you very much, it really means a lot to me and i am going to do all of these things now and i am grabbing iron and doing everything you said…becouse i was now just laying on the ground shaking uncontrollably, even started vomiting from unbearable headeache, crying and suffering, from hearing all these spirits and feeling very dizzy, dissociated with the world and not myself and though going to the hospital again, even i know they can’t help me deal with this, becouse they don’t understand what is happening to me and they didn’t help me before and their medicine wich they gave me diazepan also didn’t help. Maybe i should try taking tramadol as you said if it really helps to block all these senses go away. I already done some of the things you mentioned here and i already feel a little better and stopped shaking and freaking out and my headeache went away also. Thank you very much for your help. You literally are saving my life and my sanity. Thank you. :heart: Thank you so much for trying to help me and letting me know that i am not alone in this and that there are other people who are on this path who are also experiencing these horrible side effects of psychic powers. I just didn’t know how to deal with all this. :cry: Thank you a thousand times. :kissing_heart::heart:

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With a bit of luck you won’t need it, it’s nasty stuff and from what I have read can be sneakily addictive insofar as you don’t realise it’s really doing much, but then when you stop taking it you feel like hell, so best avoided or restricted to one try, really. :wink:

Not worth risking a cure that’s worse than the problem, but still, I have mentioned it because one single 50mg pill made me feel walled in concrete for hours.

Trees, iron and so on are safer, definitely over a long period. I say again, you are not alone, and you haven’t done anything wrong, this is a thing that happens occasionally and one day it will just be a memory. :palm_tree:


Thank you very much for your thoughtful response and for trying to help me! :heart::kissing_heart: I will try to do all of these exercises you showed me. I know that my aura is very weak, becouse i always get spirits attached to me especially after walking outside in places where are lots of people and then when i go home and try to sleep, those spirits start talking to me and won’t let me sleep in peace and it is very annoying. Yesterday i walked by some old monestary which looked very “ghostly like” and i felt drawn to walk to that place, but i couldn’t, becouse outsiders aren’t aloud to be walking in there, but just looking at that monestary got me like “mesmerized” and i felt a lot of spirits there and later yesterdays evening i heard those spirits speaking and growling in my head in spanish and old latin, becouse the monestary is in spain, so i always here spanish spirits talking in my head, becouse i live in spain now, but i don’t understand spanish very well so most of the time i don’t even know what those spirits are saying or want from me, but they always feel very uneasy or even agressive towards me and i just want them to go away and leave me alone.:disappointed:

These videos are really something special, i really felt calmer and “safer” after watching them. Thank you for sharing these videos and techniques. :heart:


You are welcome.

Here are a couple of playlists.


if it helps you, Call to Lucifer, or Mikael or Jesus or Raphael, Shout at the Heavens and the Hells and say Lucifer please, I need your help, Michael please I need your help

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Are you sure you caused this or could there by a psychic attack involved as well? It sounds like one.

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My aura and energy is also pretty hurt, im not going to lie, i have had nightmares and disturbances, and i am also suicidal due to the fact that it is hard for me to lead a normal life, but I am not giving up, and despite me being not familiar with Lucifer and a little scared, he had come through and helped me, gave me strength and talked to me, told me that i need to be stronger, that I need to take better care of myself, have faith…


I think it could be both.

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“HELLS” and Lucifer have answered me for sure already in the past when i was completely hopeless and in desperate need for change. He gave me strenght, redirected my life by turning my life “upside down” first destroyed everything that i had and known and then opened the roads for better life possibilities for me and always leaves me “signs” and number 13 to know that it is him doing it. Michael and Raphael are also the ones who i call in need of help and they also usually answers my calls.

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Yay! :smiley: then try to reestablish connection with them no matter how hard, assuming you had lost it, anyway stay close to them :slight_smile:

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Lady_Eva Wrote a great advice.

I had a very similar expirience from what i call “Overreactive third eye” or physic senses that happens becuase you had many intense expiriences in a short time.

meditate on your third eye with an healing and balancing intention see the indigo colour in front of you and heals you and balances you.


Yes you aren’t alone with this. A few years ago I couldn’t deal with my visions anymore and blocked everything successfully. But sooner or later you will come back to it. Face the problem instead of running away, and you will get stronger.