Partial Physical Shapeshifting

I will message you then.

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Something based on some alchemical stuff.

I more or less flooded my eyes with solar energy to provide fodder for the transformation, then used lunar energy with the intent to cause the change I wanted programmed into it. It only lasted for a day, but I didn’t intend it to last longer than that.


I agree with what others have said about energy. If you’re a scientist, surely you can understand the transformation of energy. You can learn how to do it yourself, with a lot of practice and patience. I haven’t done it in the physical plane, but it’s not one of my immediate goals. Good luck to you.


Blockquote[quote=“charles9, post:4, topic:35382”]
I recommend to begin having many conversations with this gentleman [Marbas].

I have made a few unsuccessful attempts at contacting Marbas, actually, as I have read the Goetia a few times and saw the bit saying that he can “change men into other shapes”. I never tried a formal/ceremonial ritual, but I have chanted his enn. I once could have sworn I felt a presence, but that might just be wishful thinking.

I am certainly aware of the risks. The limiting factor here, though, is that I haven’t been able to establish two-way audible communication with Marbas despite several attempts. @charles9 Do you have advice on how I should proceed with that?

@FraterMagni What sort of new physical characteristics do you mean?


Continously working with and invoking Hekate for nearly a decade(through primal craft), created a green circle/star around my pupils. Originally had blue eyes with some black lines. Fast, physical transformation is a really advanced skill. I’ve never met anyone who has actually mastered it, but I do not doubt that these people exist. Though they would be just a step away from immortality/godhood.

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@luxfero Thank you so much for replying. If I may ask, can you elaborate on the ‘calm and welcoming’ form you took? More importantly, though, I must ask - can you help me learn to contact the spirit that helped you? I don’t know where to begin, but I am ready to do whatever is necessary to pursue this path.

One of Connor’s old posts. It ventures into physical transformation territory.

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Interesting; I’ll have a look.

I don’t think that this is an advanced skill.
I never had a full manifestation from an evocation unfortunately but I can do glamour spells.
My skin got clear, shiny and my eyes have an other colour.
Two people even asked me (1 day after) why I am shining…and so on. They don’t know that I am using the craft. That is why I don’t think that this is high magick. I think being able to do an evocation with full manifestation or shapeshifting is high magick.

Already done… Vampirism is my interest…

Thank you, I’ll look into that!

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why is there a pdf copy available when i looked it up on google as one of the first results lmao

You can contact spiritual clans of Shapeshifters (hyena, fox, eagle, stag, scorpion, raven, bear, panthera, wolf etc- keep in mind that the latter three are strictly… genetically heterosexual. Their genotype is different than human one. Plus, wolf shifters cannot multishift due to their role of leaders of Volheim Shifter clans) All true Shapeshifters are MUCH larger than their animal counterparts. For example, a Wolf Shifter will be much like here on this picture, or similar:

Bear Shifters are even larger :heart_eyes:
Etc. Each kind of Shifter have their own unique characteristict, distinct for every Shifter species