The Beast Stirs Waiting to Awaken

Lately I have been feeling restless yet weak. If it wasn’t for psychic vampirism I wouldn’t be walking around like I have been. I would be in bed. Lately I’ve been spending my down time (non magickal downtime) watching horror movies and any movie that catches my fancy. When I watched “Wolf” with Jack Nicholson, something resonated deeply. I feel that stagnancy in my life and I can also feel something dark and primal lurking at the surface of my consciousness, biding it’s time until it can surface. I’ve decided to begin workings with the dark and chaotic gods. New workings based on reawakening the primordial part of my brain and claiming that beast power as my own. I will become the beast. The werewolf. I will be working to undergo this transformation into something more free and wild. Have any of you done the same? What are your experiences with this?

Sounds cool. If I may ask, what are you aiming to achieve with that practice exactly and how is it going to help you?

[quote=“thodoris1008, post:2, topic:8606”]Sounds cool. If I may ask, what are you aiming to achieve with that practice exactly and how is it going to help you?[/quote] I want to understand the beast within. And I hope to harness its power in ritual and in everyday life. To become fearless.

Yes - in core shamanism, you meet a powerful mentor/aspect of your own soul (the jury’s still out, because we’re all different) in the form of an animal, and then you learn to incorporate it in your life.

This does usually include incorporating aspects of that animal, and its known behaviours.

These are some exercises:

1/ dance your animal - find a soundtrack, or nature sounds, that resonate with it, assume its form mentally/call it in, and dance to these.

You’ll feel stupid and pretentious doing it, and you’ll judge anyone who has done the same, or is in (as I learned it) the group doing the same.

Deal with it - that’s your culturally programmed need for “cool” kicking in. Cave paintings, and the use of animal masks in magickal riltes globally suggest that our ancestors had no such brainwashing holding them back.

2/ get academic - learn how the anatomy of all mammals (and even birds) shares common features: wings are hands, hooves are nails, and paws are fingertips. Lie down and feel the dimensions of your body change, until you share that anatomy.

3/ live it, and feel it - the wolf has been suppressed for far too long, so ask your beastlier self what it would want, how it would act, etc. You don’t have to start pissing up lampposts, but there’s probably a useful message for you there if you begin to consult with it on things.

If I had to take a punt on “what is it” I’d say it’s the alchemical marriage of id & super, super-ego, the one that transcends social programming and accesses the mass tribal or racial consciousness, and looks out for their best interests via the primal raw power of the allied id, the animalistic self.

These birth an enlightened animal form that can be acquired, studied as both allegory and real being, and worked into one’s personal spiritual practices and life experience. :slight_smile:


Evoke Belial without circle and banishing. You will feel like wolverine and people around you will fear your rage.

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Update: I’ve been feeling the effects of my working. My libido has increased along with my confidence and fearlessness. Tonight was a full moon and according to my dad it was the hunter’s moon. I did my ritual and I could feel my aura change. I have awakened the inner beast. I dogsat for a few days and the dog whom normally hates strangers, actually followed me around as a wolf follows its alpha. I have also become restless and I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep. But I don’t feel any energy loss from this.

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Final Update: The ritual has been completed. I have undergone a change that even crosses lines to the physical. I looked into the mirror this morning and saw someone else looking back. I almost looked feral and still look that way. Even a friend said that I looked different but she said that she liked it. I am becoming more and more fearless but the downside is that my anger seems harder to control. If anyone is interested in the method of how I did this, let me know.


Hell yes, please! :slight_smile:

I know a lot of people on here would be interested, I have my own methods but can ALWAYS learn more.

Have you looked into trance postures yet by the way? I love using those and find they deepend animal-spirit identification.

The anger - maybe try imposing wolf-like mindset and understanding of what’s appropriate and what’s not, they’re not mindless beasts, finding that wolf “stop button” might be useful?

There are some documentaries online about this guy who lives with wolves, I can’t recall his name offhand but he mastered the body language and self-control + pack status issues, there may be something useful there?

Hell yes, please! :)[/quote]

Echoing hell yeah!!! Such a profound transformation, FM! Cudos.

Well the first thing I did was to find some wood to carve runes in. I carved four runes into the wood, each symbolizing primal power or transformation. Next I activated each rune, chanting the galdr and blooding the runes. To close the ritual I asked Odin the bless the runes and grant me atavistic transformation. I wrote an incantation that basically called the wolf from my unconscious mind and recited that along with meditating on the runes for several nights after they were activated. I also incorporated chaos magick sigils using phrases like “I will understand and live as a wolf”. I charged them by placing them on my altar when I did my nightly atavism rituals. I did this for two weeks and during these two weeks there was a lot of full moons and visibility of the moon.


I suggest a pact with Azazel it worked for me with pretty much the same thing

@Franco Have you or someone you know done this?

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@ardinos Can you elaborate on your experience?

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it made my mind one and let me closer to becoming what i will be

What ritual you did to increase your confidence and libido as well as awakening the inner beast?
These 3 are my goals that i am trying so hard to awaken.

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Same thing could be obtained through necromantic sorcery but in reality I would have to say that there many ways to reach for that. For example, good entitites for that are entitites that have animalistic/warlike potential for example, Belial,Asmodeus etc…Here is a working that I personally did with Belial:Working with Belial

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The problem is that i dont know how to call them outside of chanting their Enns.

@H.L.Daniel I wanna know what kind of necromancy you’re practicing because death energy will initially fuck you up and drain you. You’ve gotta build a tolerance to it. @BlackMagik I didn’t even work with demons to achieve the goal. Just bind runes and sigils over about two weeks combined with visualization and meditation.

Psst… Check your kik

Well, the thing is, I incorporate necromantic sorcery with different pathworkings. For example, I incorporated necromantic workings in a blood magick ritual with Belial, just a couple of days. And yes, it does mess you up but as long you keep balance in your necromantic practises and not succumb to the current too much too soon. Spirits of the dead can´t be the focus of your practises in the long run if you are not going to get any breaks. Those are the only things that I sometimes have a problem with. I don´t even agree with the style Dante encourages the casters to embed themselves in saturnian necromancy because that indeed fucks you up without any chanse of perfect comeback. I prefer perfect comebacks and that includes extreme physical healing and psychological healing which in turn entails a lot of knowledge and understanding about yourself(For that I recommend keeping a journal of your life).