Parasite help- 16 years of torment

Wow! I have never heard of anyone having a similar parasite as I have been dealing with for over 30 years! Only this parasite is an obeah woman and her son. I did not know that a demonic person could induce an unseen entity and send it across the seas to another country to stop my marriages, have people hate me, have ALL my friends turn against me, have me lose my 5 properties, including my home multi-million dollar home, to leave me homeless, and penniless at age 72. I had worked 2-3 jobs, while paying for college and an apartment in NY city. This woman attached herself to me, begging for something. Food, help to write letters, money to pay her rent-three months behind. She then asked if I could mortgage my apartment to ‘lend’ her $9000!
I met her at Simon and Schuster where she was the receptionist. I was receiving a Masters in Publishing and wanted to do my internship there. When I was leaving, she picked up my card and asked if she could, ‘call you sometime.’ I was busy studying and working, and she was half my age, but reluctantly, I said yes. She call incessantly. Lots happened. She hacks into my computers-taking all out of them, she hacks into my phones, tv, my life.
I went to college to find out more about how to fight her and her demons. I just receive a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences. Science is now catching up with how it works. I shall win with this jealous creature, who is not a complete human-and never will be.
Here are some ways to defeat the creatures-

  • Be strong-willed
  • Don’t be scared. This gives them energy. Know that fear, anxiety gives them energy. They are spirits, developed by someone’s (material) energy. Be calm.
  • Bathe every day in water with a lot of salt. They detest salt. I think the scientists know why, but I shall find out soon. It could be that it gets into their etheric bodies and hurts. I know this because I actually experienced this first-hand.
    The sorceress had just put all my computers out, emptying them of all my books, etc (I am a writer). I had had the last iMAC connected to a printer. The night after the computer had been disabled, I saw in the darkness a round, red ball of light dancing around the room. I watched as it landed on the ON button of the printer. I rushed to the printer and turned it off, and plugged it out. This nasty, evil woman wanted to put it out as she’d done with the computers.
    The next morning, I put a plastic wrap over the printer, put it on my bed, and poured tons of salt over it. I was downstairs, when I heard someone hacked and spat twice. It was loud. I realized it was her. I ran up the stairs, and I felt a ‘woosh’ of air as she passed me rushing down. What I saw was astonishing. The entire top of the plastic covering the printer was wet with slimy spit.
    I wiped it with paper, and saved some to later have a DNA test. How did she get to my apartment in Paris, when she lived in New York?
    This proved several things to me about how they work.
  • Salt is dangerous to their health
  • Their 2nd (ethereal) bodies have substance
  • they can travel to anywhere
    I can tell you lots more of my experiences, and how I cope. I wrote a little book on some of the atrocious things I experienced, as a fiction. It’s free on Amazon for q short while,
    It’s, “The Receptionist, With The Wicked Smile”
    As I find more answers to getting rid of these entities, I shall write about it.
    I wish you a quick solution to this ‘thing.’
    M-P Corelli
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Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like the parasite around you affects your outside world and surroundings in terrible ways. The parasite around me only affects my physical body. I’m not sure which is worse, but I wouldn’t wish either on my worst enemy.

After 16 years I am beyond the fear stage. Agreed though, these things feed off of fear and attention.

Please keep me posted of your further findings.

I’ll certainly keep you posted. I hope someone from the group will be able to help you soon. By the way, she does attack my body. So far, I’ve bern able to keep strong. She’s pinched my arms till they were black and blue, I was unable to sleep. Her friends also came at night and twist my head as I try to read. It was the living hell.
I will try to join a group in London that teaches how to get your own ‘thought forms’ to use as protection. I was on my way to London, when she made them stop me and send me back to Paris.
I send you some positive energy.

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So I’ve had a similar experience as you. My room has always been inhabited and I’ve always heard voices only when I was falling asleep. Or I would twitch so strong I would wake up, and I used to have really bad nightmares. It seemed though that whatever I did only warded it off for a period of time, but it would always come back, and then it showed itself to me. It was in the form of a man made of solid shadow. Like everything was black on them except for interlocking triangle shaped rainbow and a silver disc in the center of they’re chest, and silver disc’s hit eyes. Like i said for a period of time nothing worked. And then more and more demons appeared, and I faced many psy attacks for many nights. It’s been like this for about 10 years until I started working with my guides. A few methods later and it was gone. So here’s what I did maybe it’ll help you. The first thing is to clear your room every night. Nothing fancy, I put holy water or moon water (sometimes combing both) in a spray bottle, charged it with my intent and just sprayed the room. The important thing was that I had the door closed but the windows open when I did this. Then I carried a protection charm around at all times so it wouldn’t attach again when I was going through my daily life. So then I started working on my chakras, which were closed and imbalanced h he whole time. This helped me to strengthen my energies and to empower my spell working. Any spell work I did I did during the day, because the spirit wasn’t present during this time. I didn’t do any banishing rituals after this point because they didn’t seem to last, but something else I unknowingly did helped tons. I first did a protection charm so I wouldn’t get attacked again, but I also did another battery that basically gave off energy so that the spirit would come back every night. However the energy that I feed him, was the negative poisoness energy that i attracted during the day. I created a spiritual battery that would store all the negative energy I gained during my daily life, and discharged it before I went to sleep every night, but I wouldn’t affect me because of my protection charm. The other most important thing that I did was created another battery that was used to drain the energy of the spirit whenever it was present. This continued for a couple of days maybe a couple of weeks, but eventually it gave up and never came back. But, looking back, maybe it went to feed on more energy, so after a couple of days when it’s weakened, create a spirit trap that will contain the spirit on its next visit. Then perform a spirit binding and trap the spirit in an object and do whatever you want with it. I suggest maybe a cast a draining enchantment on the vessel, so that it absorbs the energy of the spirit within. Bury it would be your best bet, just make sure it’s somewhere not close to you, and that the vessel won’t get damages because the spirit could escape. Also cst a cloaking spell on yourself, so that the spirit can’t find you, and for extra measure cast another clearing and protection spell on yourself and you living space. Importantly though, make sure you purify the energy from both of the batteries, because the spirit can still pull influence through it. Smokey quartz is good for purifying, or just get rid of the batteries. Hope this helps
Edit: Also before any of this preform a cord cutting spell so that it loses its per over you.

  • Tholom Oster

I’ve seen the same thing as you and it’s attached to me. Do you know what it was?

I believe that its a different race of beings. A parasitic race but not a demonic one an definitely from. A different dimension. One of the things that like stood out about him, was that he gave me a lot of migraines. Looking at him I was getting a migraine, and when I used to get terrible headaches, I would see what looked like chains made of light. But they were triangles and rainbow colored, and they would snake around my vision. And he had a really creepy smile.

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Here’s a link to a post I did about him:

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That looks kind of what I saw in mediation one day except it was a rainbow/iridescent looking pentagram in the stomach area of this shadow being who had horns on his head. I couldn’t see the eyes on him though.

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I wasn’t too sure if it was wishing harm or trying to help me grow, but im trying to develop a method to summon an entity through memory, if you wanted to join me that would be cool. We could even try it with your spirit as well if you would like. I keep getting the same message from my guides that if I could create a relationship with them, I could learn a lot of new information.

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Yeah I’d love to!

You wanna PM?

Yes please.

Here are some things I think could be interesting for you: THIS ONE did a great effect on me the first time I used. Cleaned thing that the banishing with angels didn’t. I highly recommend this one.

Also I would go to a well known magician to deal with this. I think there is people that can help you exorcise this thing.

keep staying strong!!!

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have a Robert Bruce book where he suggests the LBRP at the end of the book. I started doing that after I got his book. It seemed to help but I have done it other times when I am being severely harassed and it doesn’t help.

Someone recommended the Damon Brand book and I just acquired that and read it. I’ll try the rituals in there as the reviews on Amazon were very good, in addition to a few on here praising it.

Had never heard of the Hekatean banishing rite but I will check it out too!

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Let us know how you are going. :muscle:t5::muscle:t5:

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WORD. Wish I had her book when I had to do my first exorcism. Or, like, the five ones after that.

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I’d say try and starve it. Some parasites or parasitic-ish entities can get pretty powerful, but their power inevitably derives from the host. The goal is to get a rise out of you, because they feed off the energy created from those strong emotions. So much like dealing with your average middle school bully, a big step in the right direction is to not give it what it wants. That can be waaaay easier said than done, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes entities will move on, or at least have a weaker hold on you, if you deprive them of their “food”. Ignore them, don’t buy the bullshit they say to try and scare you, whatever it takes. If need be, an uncrossing may also help to plug up some of those ways they can fuck with you. Though be very careful if you go that route. The aftermath of an uncrossing can really turn your life on its head, and may make the situation worse in some ways.

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I know how you feel brother beats chest raises arm, makes makes fist hot one myself… just tried to contact Agares about it and I got a response… but she was busy for the time I was trying to make a appointment for… anyway what got her attention was by dramatising the ritual! I.e. you need to put flavour into! Experiment based on their interests and see if that aids in getting their attention!