Parasite help- 16 years of torment

I know this topic has been covered here, but I’d like to share my story and maybe get some personal help from those who are experienced.

This is a very long story but I will try to keep it concise. 16 years ago I used a ouija board and a “ghost” or spirit came through to a friend and I in her basement. My friend fell asleep and I ended up talking to it telepathically myself for hours. It came with me and was in my head harassing me for weeks. Lots of poltergeist shit happened (posters came off the walls, loud noises no one else heard, saw orbs spinning in front of me, etc). A friend told me to send it to the Light yada yada, and it did leave when we did that. But it is like something bigger was “behind” it, if that makes sense. The poltergeist stuff stopped but this other thing was still around. It got sexual with me and in my awe and ignorance of trying to process what was happening, I just went with it to see WTF was going on. It was able to speak through me and move my body if I let it. It has told me it’s name, or at least the name it wants me to believe it is.

Fast forward to today. I have tried numerous methods of exorcising this piece of shit. The LBRP always seems to make the parasite back off a bit. 3 people have tried exorcising it with me, to no avail. It twitches my body on a daily basis. I definitely do not let it speak through me. Though when I try to banish it, it throws a tantrum and will speak angrily and laugh, saying how it will never leave. If I try to do any meditation, I have to be extremely cautious and I can’t believe what I see or hear because this parasite will communicate and trick me.

My will is strong. The things I’ve gone through for this many years would have surely put most people in a mental hospital or the grave. I will fight this parasite until I either die or I remove it.

I’ve explored the Christian route. Through the years I’ve come to understand that this parasite is not a demon that “wants my soul for Satan”- it’s just an annoying parasite that is extremely stubborn and powerful enough to stay attached despite my willing it out.

If you’ve had a similar experience, or have gotten rid of these kinds of parasites for others, please send me a PM or respond here. I’m interested in hearing any and all suggestions.


Wow! I’m so sorry to hear all this. Hope soon you’ll be fine…

I hate to say this, but my only suggestion would be it find a new „host“
Basically what I mean by that would be to give this thing a reason to find you „useless“ . I wouldn’t mind doing it for you, for free. I’ve done stuff like this before, but please also make sure you haven’t developed some kind of attachment to it as well. Unfortunately some people do develop these attachments, despite it not making any logical sense.


Thank you for reading and for the response. If you can help, I am willing to try for sure! Please send me a PM if you have some time. (I’m newish here so I don’t think I can send initial PMs?)

People have suggested years ago that perhaps the parasite won’t leave because I have some attachment to it, that I won’t let it leave. Which I suppose could be true. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that I want from this parasite. I know that it has nothing to offer but annoyance and torment. I want it gone the same way someone would want cancer cut out of them. I wish for beneficial entities around me- not ones that drag me down. Would love to ascend in my spiritual growth but this thing keeps me from progressing.


Oh my Goooooodness… You are definitely a hero man :muscle: im soked to read all this story and of how many years you fight against this parasite.
I would suggest you to pray to Archangel Michael, he could definitely help you


Hey man if you want me I can try with a few rites for you. You can private message me so I can give the details of everything.


Bro this sounds like something worse than a parasite. We had a similar entity in my town which was giving its targets brutal deaths. Like you I underwent an exorcism but the spirit was still loose so I asked for the help of a magician who bound it elsewhere. Maybe you should do the same.


Make sure you avoid booze and most mind altering substances.

I’ve heard and meet some people going through what you are going through and the degree to which they take over varies but is always worse when they are on Bender and more controlled when they aren’t.

I’ve never heard of anyone getting rid of them when they get that attached, sometimes they will lay dormant for some time, but they are still there waiting.


If you say that it twitches your body on a daily basis, try avoiding diet sodas, chewing gum, because the artificial sweetners like aspartame are neuro-toxins, that can cause seizures, jerks, twitches. Maybe that’s the culprit, not a spiritual parasite.

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Thank you for responding. IDK if I’m a hero, but my soul is strong I guess. I’ve always wanted to try evoking Michael but I am scared to try because the parasite interferes in anything involving meditation or telepathy. I’ve prayed to Michael for help when I went through my Catholic phase. But I could try something on a daily basis maybe.


Thanks man. I can’t send PMs though as I’m new. I can only respond to ones I receive.

Yeah it could be something worse than a parasite. I refer to it as a parasite because it’s nasty and annoying. I know it’s limitations as it seems to only affect me and nothing or anyone around me. I’m hoping someone here will be able to help me.

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You nailed it with advising to avoid booze etc. I quit drinking almost entirely because it definitely kicks things up. Did LSD 1x, small dose with a friend, and that was the absolute worst. It was however the only time I was able to visually see the parasite in any form, and it appeared as a swarm of moths.

My stance is that I in effect allowed the parasite to attach me, and therefore I have the power to break that attachment. I sure hope it isn’t impossible to get rid of.


Lord Uphir and Azazel are experts in parasite removal. They work together when performing these astral surgeries.


Best of luck honestly, I think they can be beat if people want them actually gone, I’ve just never met them, instead they try lure others into their trap.

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Sacrifice it to a demon / angel / deity you like. I can help with that if you want.


Go to Amazon look Josefina maccarty exorcism book.


Thank you I will look into Uphir. My sister lives with me and she has Azazel’s sigil tattooed on her. I would love to connect with these beneficial entities.

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I would love to sacrifice this annoying pos. I’m willing to accept any help that anyone wants to offer.

Thank you for the suggestion. The book has rave reviews. I’ll get it, the info will be useful no matter what.

Yess! Try to repeat his name and ask for help, he will listen. You can also call archangel Raphael, to protect and heal you!
Take their sigils and their prays and try please… Don’t give up, nothing is stronger than them, you just need the right things to do!
Please keep us updated :pray: