Weird spiritual encounter

So a while ago when I was starting to learn astral projection, weird things would happen. Maybe I’ll post more stories in the future, but as for now I want to know if anyone can help we identify this entity. While I was astral projecting I saw someone at the foot of my bead watching me. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew the this entity was male. He didn’t say anything but he dis smile, but I couldn’t tell if he was malevolent or benevolent.I have a drawer at the food of my bed and when he walked into my room he started crawling on top of the drawer. I think I stretched the drawer somehow because he seemed to be crawling for a few minute, even though he was maybe 6’5’’ and my draw is only like 22 inches long. When he finally got to the foot of my bed he reached out to touch me but he froze. I think it was because my bed is protected with salt. That’s when I finally got a good look at him. He had silver discs instead of eyes. He wasn’t a shadow he was a very much solidified being.

He didn’t appear to have on any clothes but he was pitch black everywhere. I thought he might have been a shadow person but he had very a very distinct visual difference. If anyone gets migraines they might be able to understand the following description. When I get migraines I see rainbows but the don’t look like regular rainbows. It looks like tiny rainbow triangles that connect to form a chain. This rainbow chain wrapped around his body. The rainbows had every color i them, but green was the overwhelming majority of color. He smiled when he froze but then stopped moving. I woke up after and cleared the space. I didn’t get any malevolent of benevolent vibes from him so I don’t know what to make of it. Can anyone help?

Banish as soon as posible is my advice. Your well being and safety is most important