Parasite help- 16 years of torment

No my left leg wasn’t twitching when I read your message. I was just focusing on the Raziel sigil and I feel pretty peaceful atm.

I’m open to all suggestions and ideas. But I definitely do not believe this parasite is me. I’ve had too many interactions with it, suffered way too much to believe it is me. It is a separate entity. I’ve never heard of soul star chakra, what is that?

Your soul star chakra is above your crown chakra. Your earth star chakra is six inches below you.

Well @Iamhim I appreciate you sharing a new perspective. However I’m not thinking anything when I’m being twitched, I’m laying in bed trying to sleep. Also this parasite has pretended to be numerous different entities throughout my years of trying to meditate or connect to beings that can better me. It has lied and tricked me more than once. I really don’t see how that would be beneficial in any way. I want it gone. I never had any problems until I used the ouija board and made contact with this parasite’s apparent lackey.

But I did have a spirit that was giving me hell as well, I banished it. You can too, easily, I can show you how. And that spirit was in my throat chakra, did the back of your neck ever hurt badly?

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If you want I can banish it for you as well. Every spirit you evoke will be at that moment in control of the twitch. Communicates with you thru it. But from what you explain, you do have a negative attachment right now.

My neck never hurt except from when I, or others, would do exorcisms on myself, and the parasite would thrash my body all around. I try very hard now to avoid letting it thrash me around when I am banishing it.

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Ok, I can give you very specific instructions. First of all, do you know how possession work? Spirits attach to a specific chakra.

I’m willing to hear your suggestions yes. I believe this parasite is attached to one of my lower chakras, but I could be wrong. I’ve done a lot of research on possession, including 16 years of firsthand experience :confused: But I still don’t understand how it exactly works.

I actually consider what I’ve gone through to be oppression, not possession.

Sorry about me saying you don’t have a parasite the first time.
Ok, this is a powerful method I learned from Ahriman.
You’re gonna use Raziel for this, since you are currently utilizing him.

Set up a triangle upside down with three candles, red red and black at the point. Put raziel sigil in the middle. A cup of water and some offering. And some incense.
1)Focus and generate some energy for a couple mins.
2) once in your zone summon raziel, something like raziel I summon you 3 times,
3) by the third time start feeling energy building up
At your root chakra, destruction energy, the color is black.
Thick black energy, (black consumes).
4) once that energy is building up and thick and strong, start moving it up your chakras, and watch that energy turn each chakra black one by one, and let it spin black and then as get it all the way to your crown chakra but do not turn the crown chakra black.
5) watch it shoot through your crown chakra to your soul star which is gold, like the sun, .
6) once at your soul star, watch golden energy gather and build up, and bring it back down each chakra, first they spin gold and as that energy descends to the next chakra, the prior chakra returns to its original color.
7) bring the gold energy all the way to root chakra and then sit it there and watch tendrils of energy come from the base of your spine and enter the ground. This is grounding yourself.
8) then you can ask raziel to help you ascend, and to destroy all the energies that stand in your way and plague you.

Ps: root chakra returns back to being red once the higher energies are grounded.


I also have a sigil for removal of harmful entities and negative influence attachments. If you want, I could post it. But the method I gave you is powerful. I usually use the sigil and this method to rid myself of any attachments I may have picked up, curses or hexes sent by other people and that sort of thing.

That was a lot to type out, thanks for sharing it with me. Visualization is a challenge for me because the parasite tries to interfere in anything that involves quieting my mind and focusing. But I can give it a shot. I’ll need to get candles in those colors first.

What sigil do you have for removing negative attachments?

It’s a personal sigil, it’s powerful, I’d just have to find it, I’ve used it for myself and others as well. I could look for it if you like. And you don’t necessarily need candles for this. You’d draw it out on a piece of paper, preferably wax paper, but any paper will do, preferably in dragons blood ink, but a pen will do. You flash the sigil with your third eye till you feel/see it glowing, and place it at root chakra and watch or feel the sigil come off the paper into your root chakra and follow the rest of the directions I wrote you Earlier.

That’s alright, you don’t have to find your sigil. I’ll use Raziel’s sigil if I do it. I’m really leery of doing anything like this though because the parasite always messes with me when I do. I wanted to evoke Michael, but again, afraid of the interference. I think I need to use methods that are less visualization based but that’s because of what I’ve done in the past.

No worries. You can also use the egg method.
Get raw egg, cleanse it with incense or water, start at your head and pass the egg on every inch of your body all the way to your feet. Saying “this egg absorbs all negative and harmful attachments” repeatedly. You might even feel it. When you’re done crack the egg into a tall glass of water. Don’t get any of it on you. Then you can read the egg in the water, blood, blackness or bubbles signify different things, you can find it online. When done dump the cup in toilet and flush. Light you chakras up and pass the egg through them as well.

Here are a couple threads that might be helpful


I like that, I will try that egg method! Do the negative entities go into the egg?

Thanks, will check out both threads :slight_smile:

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Yes. You should feel the egg pulling out these Harmful energies/ entities.

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Am very sorry to hear it…

I had a parasite thing in me messing with my mind and jerking my body, moving my face. My incubus helped me fight it and I went to Murmur to kill the parasite. I say evoke Murmur for help.